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Emperor lyrics

Album: IX Equilibrium [1999]

 01  Curse You All Men
 02  Decrystallizing Reason
 03  An Elegy Of Icaros
 04  The Source Of Icon E
 05  Sworn
 06  Nonus Aequilibrium
 07  Warriors Of Modern Death
 08  Of Blindness And Subsequent Seers
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Curse You All Men
Curse you all men.
Who's coil is strong.
I recognise the sparrows heart,
beneath the theatre of misery.
Disbelivers shalt by dawn,
be forced to forever mourn.
Curse you all men.
That resent my empire.
Cause I have risen again,
at war this time.
The truth I speak, is your decease.
My word is your defeat.
And thou shalt not be able to hide anymore.
The prophecy will conquer at last.
Your sense of reality with mission to kill the theatre of misery.
He has risen again,
armed with the source of sin.
And as humans shalt fade,
he shalt inherit their strength.
Men of the damned,
your will reluctantly secure His eternal victory.
Yes, you are indeed the few,
I am the one.back to top
Decrystallizing Reason
This demigod, unto which you cluster.
You sacrifive the purity of the air beneath your wings.
A slow and painful ritual to burn the youth you lost.
Blasphemers walk among your flock.
Despite your blindfold,
proudly you carry the stone on your back.
You plant your feet safely to the ground.
Blasphemers walk among your flock.
As the stone you have become.
Not once did you cry for the lost ones of your world.
Your care is limited to this demigod, onto which you cluster.
Decrystallize me.
Demigod. I do blaspheme.
The fallen you condemn.
Your heart even free of hate.
Yet, scared to death by their disbelief.
To ordinary common sense.
And with autumn closing in.
Forcing life away.
No mercy wil impale your sin.
Dead are your tears.back to top
An Elegy Of Icaros
Icaros, I dare you.
For I possess the wings of faith.
Though, heavy on my shoulders.
No measurement can prove their weight.
Still, a burden are they not to me.
I am the challenger of gravity.
The fear is not the fate I seek.
My destiny will build upon,
the mighty turbulence beyond.
If I fall I will rise again
Some of envy, some of fear.
Asmonish by the graves of those who fell.
Praise the fool that pure of heart.
Leaps off your finger, into grace.
Icaros, your voice once melted,
Into the choir of the fallen ones.
I have heard, I have seen, the purity of their song.
Your fate embrace.
A manifold of angels.
I summon thee from shattered graves,
and call upon the wind.
Recieve my bow of reverence.
Then spread your wings,
and fly into oblivion.back to top
The Source Of Icon E
The land was created,
in the name of the chosen,
and the waves thrown,
for men to see the one who made men to be.
Prevailed from the source of Icon E.
The waves of fury,
prevailed from the source of Icon E.
Were mine to be ordered to destroy and bury.
No remorse!
The destiny of the wave,
was not to be found.
Nor was I travelling the deadly sea alone.
The sun never rose and my rose was not to be.
For what purpose I gave my return is stil standing alone.
And as the raven dropped a feather on me.
I was again to be the chosen one...back to top
Four eyes as two in one the forward circular view that never ends.
An orbital voyage throughout the endless sphere of all.
Where time is lost and everything transcends.
A graceful presence at stolen time.
As ghosts to the world, ghosts to the world.
For ice, outside, are we apart as cold and eerie mist to the hand.
Ever floating on its course towards the heights of shadowland.
Thus appear the truly sworn.
To be seen,
To be feared.
Yet, not to be reached.
Four eyes as two in one.
Thus appear the truly sworn.
As ghosts to the world.
Thus appear the truly sworn.
For ice outside, are we apart.
Thus appear the truly sworn.
Cold and eerie mist.
Thus appear the truly sworn.
A graceful presence at stolen time.
Thus appear the truly sworn.back to top
Nonus Aequilibrium
For I speak of purity.
I am unconquerable.
In my worship.
I am invincible on my crusade.
However hard the strikes may be.
However deep the wounds.
This blood immortal,
bleeds for thee.
In every breath I hear the silent whisper of your name.
In every harmony,
In every thought.
You make my water into wine.
Remember, I am ever thine.
Blessed was I with the consecration.
To indomitable dedication.
Two bound as one.
In a trinity.
Where I comprise infinite forms of unity.
In unity reborn to a state.
Where all past burdens no longer shall be worn.
I pledge to perfection.
No compromise can touch my woe.
Nor questions reach my faith, in immortality.
In the name of Nonus Aequilibrium.
I am thine.
IX times IX...back to top
Warriors Of Modern Death
All raised to be men.
Given image and path.
Supreme, idolised warriors.
Bright steel, burning rage.
Never too late to try.
Stand tall, never plead.
Live and let die.
I see the spirit of those ancestors.
And reconsider the faith.
A primitive sword can not win my war.
Cold fury, flaring eyes.
Calculated verbal gun.
My pride, justified.
Spiritual steel shines bright beyond the sun.
The pride of the warrior is far from dead.
The colours of death are still black and red.
Though modernised. Blood wil be shed.back to top
Of Blindness And Subsequent Seers
Ever behind me.
Rise a shadow taller than I.
Yet, with a certain resemblance.
How many times do I have to contemplate my own reflection.
And say: I have been blind?
I have been blind.
Yet, I saw the search and dreams of my rejection.
Walking behind me.
Every time,
I am bound to have been granted the gift of better sight.
But my anxiety,
built one more brick.
Fearing again to choose the wrong step.
Vaguely I remember the blurred eyes of someone small.
These strangers often come as blind.
A troubled mind I left behind.
Yet, was it I of my shadow walking in the past?back to top
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