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Enslaved lyrics

Album: Blodhemn [1998]

 01  I Lenker Til Ragnarok
 02  In Chains Untill Ragnarok
 03  Urtical Gods
 04  Ansuz Astral
 05  Ansuz Astral
 06  Nidingaslakt
 07  Nidingaslakt
 08  Eit Auga Til Mimir
 09  An Eye For Mimir
 10  Blodhemn
 11  Vengeance In Blood
 12  Brisinghamen
 13  Brisinghamen
 14  Suttungs MjD
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I Lenker Til Ragnarok
Eiteren drypp, jorda skakar
Eg vrir meg i smerte, lenka til berget

Eg er din angst, eg er din pine.
Tema meg du freista, du fanga meg i garn.
Eg let meg ikkje rokka, eg er kaos
eg er din skam.

Eg er din vste visdoms bror,
og din fiende til din dyande dag.

Bunden eg er, men eg ler av deg.
Tru ikkje eg er til for tena deg.

Eg er av ei verd du aldri (i ditt liv) kan skjna,
for eg er vondskap, eg er urkraft.

Ein dag skal me mtast p Vigridsletta.
Ein dag er eg fri for lenker og eiter.
Den dagen vil du skjna kvifor eg blei til,
kvifor latteren gjallar i natta.
Den dagen skal me kjempa vr siste kamp,
og ta kvarandre av dage.
# ...Sola svartnar, jord sig i hav
p hummelen bleiknar bjarte stjerner
Ryken velatr fra veldige bl
Hgt leikar flammen
mot himmelen sjl... #

(Musikk: Ivar Bjrnson)back to top
In Chains Untill Ragnarok
The ether is dripping, the earth is quaking
I am writhing with agony, chained to the mountain

I am your fear, I am your torment
You attemped to tame me, you caught me in nets
I will not be budged, I am chaos, I am your shame

I am your highest wisdom, and your enemy
'til your dying day

Bound I am, but I am laughting at you
Do not believe that I am here to serve you

I am from a world you can not comprehend
'Cause I am Evil I am the Primal Force

One day we shall meet at the fields of Vigrid
One we I shall be free of chains and ether
That day you will understand
The purpose of my excistance
Why the laughter is roaring in the night
hat day we will fight our last battle
nd end eachothers days

#The sun turns black, ground slides into the sun
Brave stars are fading in the sky
Smoke rises from great fires
The flame plays up high
Against heaven itself#

(Music: Ivar Bjrnson)back to top
Urtical Gods
Activate the aggression that exposes the
Denying the existence of praying to
Seek gnosis in the forbidden
Drink from the wates of knowledge
And see what lies you breathe

Absorb the vital spark of deities false
And ressurect the true gods
To whom strength and wisdom is the key
And not the lectures of folly
Annoint your sould with pleasure
Apposed to mummifications through impotence

The truth is unconscious, asleep
Waiting to be summoned, to be worshipped
A neglected phallos, banished from thought
A weapon overseen by the creator
But cherished by those of the path
Unlock the beast


(Music: Ivar Bjrnson)back to top
Ansuz Astral
- Skipet fa fr kai
Aldri vil ho vende att;
ho er trygg i stjernenatt

- Reisa har vrt lang
Han som sd kjem draumen til;
tek han dit han draume vil

Vidare fr tanken;
fri fr kjd
Ingen svar, ingen sirkel
Evig fdsel, evig dd

"...Eg tok og eg fekk
Eg fall, flaug og gjekk
Det vart mrkt og eg sg
Djupt ned, kor det tyste rr..."

Me vandra fritt og langt
Lyset kom, og synet svann
Husa er tomme, og himmelen raud;
Skipet legg fr kai

(Musikk: Ivar Bjrnson & R. Kronheim)back to top
Ansuz Astral
The ship left for the sea
Never will she return
She is safe in the starry night

The journey's been long
The dream comes to the sleeping
Brings him where he longs to dream

Further from thought,
free from the flesh
No answers, no circles
eternal birth, eternal death

"...I took and received
I fell, flew and walked
It was dark and I saw
Deep below, where silence roars..."

We wandered far and freely
The light came, and the sight faded
The houses are abandoned, and the sky is red
The ship is leaving for the sea.

(Music: Ivar Bjrnson & R. Kronheim)back to top
Horna gjallar, vinden bles
Trommer dundrar, vinded bles
Med spjut og boge meter til strid
Me gr i bresjen brdre gjennom blod.
Med von om re i galskapens namn
Me vert aldri slegn sjl om me fell

Me reiser ei til Folkvang til,
vanedronnings famn, vre fedre skal
me mta om me fell i dag.
Me flytar ei fr var lagnad sjlv
om vinden ikkje bles vr vei.
Til valfaders hall brdre.

Med heva spjut i Odins namn.
Me skal heva krus i Odins namn
Nidingar skal falla for vre ftter.
Dei treng ikkje be om sollyse dagar.
Ingen hugsat ein trll uten herre
Slegne vert dei nr dei fell.

Me hevar vpen for vr tru
Me slaktar marken for vr tru
Ingen nde me viser
for dei som snudde ryggen til.
Dy skal dei som freista
mura brunnen inn.
ei som for med lgn og svik
Gje oss styrke, gje oss mot
Me skal sigra, brdre gjennom blod.

(Musikk: R. Kronheim)back to top
Horns are resounding, the winds are howling
Drums are pounding, the winds are howling
With spear and bow we go into battle
We are making a stand, brothers in blood
With hope for honour in the name of madness
We will never be defeated, even if we fall

We are not going to Folkvang,
Into the arms of the Vanir Queen,
We shall our fathers if we fall today
We will not flee from our destiny,
even though the winds aren't blowing our way
Brothers, to Valfaders hall

With spear raised in the name of Oden
We shall raise mugs in the name of Oden
Cowards shall fall at our feet
They do not have to pray for sun filled days
No one remembers a slave without a master
Defeated they are when they fall

We raise weapons for our faith
We slaughter the fields for our faith
We have no mercy for those
Who turned their backs
Those who attemmp to close the well
Shall die
Those who lied and betrayed shall die
Give us strenght , give us courage
We will prevail
Brothers in blood

(Music: R. Kronheim)back to top
Eit Auga Til Mimir
Utgards mrke, langt der ute
Eg kjem ikkje inn, eit offer du krev?
Eit offfer eg krev, ingen lovnad eg gjen
Eg kan gje deg styrke, eg kan gje deg dauden
De seier du kan ta meg av dage.
Du seier du kan ta meg av dage.
Men utan meg er heller ikkje du
Skapar av svakhet, meg kan du ikkje truga.
Lr deg sj med det retta auga.
Du dunkle, du freistar f meg i knt,
du taler i gter, og fr meg vred.
Med vrede, du veike, du ingenting fr.
Din visdom eg krev for at du skal forst
Du vil eg skal lida, og end til dy.
Du glymer mi makt, at du er min trll.
Ditt opphav du glymer. Du prisar bedrag
Di verd er ei faginning, ingen heilhet, ingen svar
Orden eg skaper, men du motstrebar meg
Du talar med klrt, kva er det du krev.
Eg krev eit offer, eg krev at du blr.
Du vga trosse dei eldste, som bar deg fram

"Utgards mrke langt der ute, eit offer vart krevd,
eit offer dei fekk, Eit sinn vart styrka, men
lekam gjekk tapt, Klok vert den som veit vga"

"Han ofra sitt auge, for at fjan skulle sj
Han bldde for dei som til slutt lot han r.
Men ingen lovnad ei ga ham, det vart ingen fred.
Dei skal fframleis kjempa, til jorda sig ned"

(Musikk: Grutle Kjellson)back to top
An Eye For Mimir
The darkness of Utgard, far out there
I can not enter, are you demanding sacrifice
I demand a sacrifice, no promise I will give
I can provide you with strength , I can give you death

You say you can end my days
But without my excistence, would you not be
Creator of weakness, me you can not threaten
Learn how to see with the right eye
Obscure One, you attemp to get me on my knees
You speak through riddles, and call forth my wrath
With wrath, weakling, nothing is achieved
I demand your wisdom, to make you understand
You want me to suffer, and even to die
You are forgetting my power, you are but my slave
Your source of origin you're forgetting, your praising deceit
Your world is an illusion; no wholeness, no answer
Order I crfeate, but your opposing me
Your speaking with a cunning tongue, what are your demands
I am demanding a sacrifice, I demand to see you bleed
You have dared to oppose the Ancient Ones that brought you into excistance

The darkness of Utgard, a sacrifice was demanded, a sacrifice they received
A mind was strengthened, but the flesh was lost
He who dares becomes wise

"He gave his eye to see
He bled for those who let him rule at last
But no promises they gave him, no peace became
They shall still be fighting 'til the earth sinks"

(Music: Grutle Kjellson)back to top
Du drap min son, fjemn eg svergar
Du ydela min veg, og fred med mitt folk
Du sverta mitt namn, dei trudde deg

D trudde min lagnad var spott og spe
Du trudde eg med mitt banesr dydde
Du trudde eg aldri skulle reisa meg

Du trudde lyset var din ven,
at du av dt var komen
Du trudde ale ville lystra ddeg
og glyme valfaders gver

Du glymde din far sine vise ord
om svik, lagnad og dd.
Du glymde di plikt
som ein kjempande mann
og drap din bror i sveven.

Du trudde tid lkjar s
襥 餫 뫣 褯
ymde meg og mi heilage plikt,
eg skal drepa eg i vrede.

Blodhemn eg svergar,
Blodhemn har eg alltid sverga.

(Musikk: Ivar Bjrnson & R. Kronheim)back to top
Vengeance In Blood
You killed my son, I am swearing revenge
You destroyd my path, and truce with my peaople
You blackended my name, they believed you

You saw my destiny as mockery
You was me dying with my fatal wound
You thought I would never rise

You thought the light was your friend,
That you sprung from it
You thought everyone would obey your words
And forget the gifts of Valfather.

You forgot your father's wise words
of betrayal, destiny and death
You forgot your duty as a man of strife,
and killed your brother sleeping

You thought time would heal the wounds,
that my people would forgive and pray
You forgot about me and my holy duty
I will kill you with anger

Vengeance in blood I swear
Vengeance in blood I have always sworn

(Music: Ivar Bjrnson, R. Kronheim)back to top
Einsam ho gret, den vakraste av alle
Fanga og lst i ei sorg ingen skjner

Gleden forsvann langt, langt der ute.
Ei brennande lyst, en ingen hp.
Ho lengtar heim, men finn ingen veg.
Ein sorgfull lagnad gymt bak eit smil.

Mardol du fagre for fred du blei ofra
Du solgte din lekam, men fann ingen tryst.
Det som glimrar gjer ikkje fred for deg

Gern du ga deg hen, og slokka mangt
eit begjr. Men, framleis drypp
det om natta gull fr dine auge.

Frya, od skal du finna nr alt er forbi
d skal du bli sluppen fri.
Inntil den dag finn du inga tryst.
Sjl ikkje i glitrande Brisinghamen.

(Musikk: R. Kronheim & Ivar Bjrnson)back to top
In solitude she cries, the most beautiful of them all
Captured and locked in a sorrow no one can conceive
Joy vanished far out there
Burning desire, but no hope
She longs for home, bu tcan not find a way
A dismal destiny hidden behind a smile

Mardol, you glorious, sacrificed for peace you were
You sold your flesh, but found no comfort
That which glitters does not bring you peace

Gern you devoted yourself
and consumed many desire.
But, still in the night,
gold is dripping from your eyes.

Frya, Od you shall find when everything ends
Then you shall be set free
Untill that day you shall find no comfort
Not even in the shining Brisinghamen

(music: R. Kronheim & Ivar Bjrnson)back to top
Suttungs MjD
Jotungubben eg fann
er no attende komen
der f ting eg teiande fekk
med mange ord
eg mykje til gagn
vann meg i Suttungs salar

Gunnld meg gav p gullstolen
drykk av den dyre mjd
vesal ln let eg ho f
ho gav meg trygt si tru,
ho gav meg heile sin hug

Rata-Tonni rudde meg veg
gardt grjot ho gnog
over og under var jotunvegar,
d gjekk det p livet laust

Det vene eg vann, eg vel hev nti
lite den vise vantar
med di Odrere no opp er komen
midt i Midgards fjeim

Uvisst vita om eg end var
komen or Jotungarden ut, om ikkje
Gunnld, det gode kvendet, hadde
vorti min sle ven

Andre dagen av gjekk rimtussa
til sprje rd av rd av Hr
i Hvahalli; etter Bolverk dei spurde,
om han var berga hj gudom,
eller Suttung hadde slegi han ned

Ein eid d svor
Odin p ringen,
kven kan hans trygdeml tru?
Suttung han sveik for (skalde) drykken,
og Gunnld srt han grtte

(Musikk: Ivar Bjrnson & Grutle Kjellson)back to top
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