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Enthroned lyrics

 1995 Prophecies Of Pagan Fire
 1998 Regie Sathanas: A Tribute to Cernunnos
 1998 Towards the Skullthrone of Satan
 1999 Apocalypse Manifesto
 2001 Armoured Bestial Hell
 2002 Carnage in Worlds Beyond
 2005 Xes Haereticum

· Alastor Rex Perpetuus Doloris
· Armoured Bestial Hell
· As the Wolves Houl Again
· At Down of a Funeral Winter (Chapter 1 & 2)
· At the Sound of the Millenium Black Bells
· Bloodline
· Boundless Demonication
· By Dark Glorious Thoughts
· Death Faceless Chaos
· Deny the Holy Book of Lies
· Diabolic Force
· Enslavement Revealed
· Evil Church
· Graced by Evil Blood
· Ha Shaitan
· Hertogenwald
· Infernal Flesh Massacre
· Jehova Desecration
· Land of Demonic Fears
· Prelude to Satan's Avengers
· Premature Satanicremation
· Prophecies of Pagan Fire
· Radiance of Mordacity
· Retribution of the Holy Trinity
· Rites of the Northern Fullmoon
· Satan Never Sleeps
· Scared by Darkwinds
· Skjeldenland
· Spawn from the Abyss
· Spells from the Underworlds
· Spheres of Damnation
· Tales from a Blackened Horde
· The Antichrist Summons the Black Flame
· The Apocalypse Manifesto
· The Conqueror
· The Face of Death
· The Forest of Nathrath
· The Scourge of God
· The Ultimate Horde Fights
· Throne to Purgatory
· Under the Holocaust
· Walpurgis Night
· When Horny Flames Begin to Rise
· Wrapped in Fire

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