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Enthroned lyrics

Album: Carnage in Worlds Beyond [2002]

 01  Boundless Demonication
 02  Infernal Flesh Massacre
 03  Spawn from the Abyss
 04  Bloodline
 05  Jehova Desecration
 06  Diabolic Force
 07  Land of Demonic Fears
 08  Radiance of Mordacity
 09  Graced by Evil Blood
 10 Carnage in Worlds Beyond
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Boundless Demonication
[music: N.Daemon/Nornagest, lyrics: Sabathan]

Reduce to ashes
After seven years deep into the shadows of existence
We are reborn to take this world
Spells and bounds are ready to take your soul
You`ll be trappes in your thorned cage!!
For the second awakening, the seven swords of Ninnagesh
Are shining in the face of God
Let the unholy horde bring the plague!
Fear our revenge!

Descending from the somber skies
Renegate priests from the order of demonications,
unleash upon mankind, a lustful force to see the world decay,
within filth and torment, paradise falls into Hades

[Lead: N.Daemon]

Prepare for agony, we set the world on fire
Unlock the spirit of destruction
In the name of Satan`s might

[Lead: Nornagest]

We break the chains, the seal of conversion
Feasting the beast in his pleasure of blood...
...degrade the mortal race...defile the heart of God!!!back to top
Infernal Flesh Massacre
[music: N.Daemon/Nornagest, lyrics: Nornagest]

A shadow is walking by my side...holding a gun
Looking at me with somber eyes
Step by step caught in the ground
Each strides synchronised on me...every wills, every faces
The manifestations of my soul, materialized in black
No love, no compassion exist in our blackened heart.

Is there a place for affection in my being???
Hatred under will, massacre of mortality
The blood which taint my face
Is the evidence of our inhumanity
Ligaments of guts around the canon,
the proof of our dedication,
our father purification process.

Shoot!!By commandments from hell
Kill for pleasure, burn human leather
Explode!!Their chest...
We are the resorliers of life!!!

The blood which taint my face
Is the evidence of our inhumanity
Ligaments of guts around the canon,
the proof of our dedication,
our father purification process.


Now that my body is trapped
Behind the walls of human justice...

[Lead: Nornagest]

The shadow is still there, as I look at it,
from the head `til my feet
the voice still whispering my name...back to top
Spawn from the Abyss
[music: Nornagest, lyrics: Sabathan]

Lord Alrinach, fill storms into rotten sky,
Set pits on fire, burn martyr masses
"Here comes a world of uncontrolled oppression in chaos"

[Lead: Nornagest]

Can you hear the damned bells, talling for the end of these days?
Can you feel the Hellfire`s beat raging under your feets?
The earth shaking, Legions from the abyss rush to retaliate under the mark of Satan`s empire.

Blasting spawn breeding fear and terror
The gallows are waiting to get the holy souls

The abyss open wide, leads the existence across the wicked damnation,
let the blood run free on the invincible strenght of our horde...
Of our horde...

My regards upon this prophecy has become my enjoyment;

A desire to feel some living flesh grinding under our metallic jaws
is grwing with me...

Tearing appart angelic hearts in offer to the Horned One...
In offer to the Horned One!!!

A final age of anger rises through the Beast
This is the 666th generation since the Earth`s last collapse...
Hellbent for a reign of heathen entities.

The abyss down this world reduces existence to ashes
Let the blood run free on the heretic plateau of our force

[Lead: N.Daemon]back to top
[music: N.Daemon/Sabathan/Nornagest, lyrics: Nornagest]

Is there a will from God which says:
"Men shall not do what they cannot do"
That the values of a nation or a single being are measured by a
obedience degree, based on that will?
That the destinies of a nation or a single being God`s will manifested,
as a dominion like a principle of punishment or reward based on that obedience measures

[Lead: Nornagest]

Bloodline-a certain kind of parasites: priests
Raise this "heaven" the place where weakness is law,
Your reflexion shall be thy dagger, your dedication the spear
through the heart of the holy king, until he dies!!!

The blessed whore shall recrucify her son,
This is not where he belongs!
Only death decided how the story ended, only the cross was reserved
to the filthiest rubbish, let his guts cover the hopeless sun,
down in the worlds beyond.

[Lead: Nornagest]

Bloodline, agonizing "light", the nailed faith is fadin` away
The dream is complete, the reality takes it over.
The opposer is the new order, and will forever be our father

[Lead: N.Daemon]

BLOODLINE!!!back to top
Jehova Desecration
[music: Nornagest/Sabathan, lyrics: Nornagest]

Cut in slice the son of God, thorns around his bloody hands
Nails through his skull...fucked by his cross
thousand spears piercing his lambs
All his reasons are lost, torture in filthy sands...


The salt is penetrating his wounds, his son is dead again and again
he`ll die after life, suffering without end...
For the forbidden sense of torture!!!


[Lead: Nornagest]
[Lead: N.Daemon]

Let him rot on his cross, symbol of all his fucking lies
for the glory of the Goat, Lord of unholy vices!!!back to top
Diabolic Force
[music: Morbid Death, 1989, lyrics: Cernunnos]

Satanas, fallen one by this nail commences, Nazarene,
mutilations, morbid death, suffering awaits him while he is
crucified on the cross...Go away blessed whore...
Blessed whore...blessed whore!!!

Hellish strenght, grand-Goat war, antichrist,
from the pits of Hell!!!
Diabolic Force...Diabolic Force...Diabolic Force!!!
Rising high, grand Goat-war, antichrist,
from the pits of Hell!!!
Diabolic Force...Diabolic Force...Diabolic Force!!!

[Lead: Nornagest]

Suddenly the pest is growing inside me,
the devil invest my soul with all my pride.
The dismembered remains of the nazarene
lies beneath my feet,
now covered in blood, I hold the spear which pierced
his holy heart, longinus is my name!!!

Hellish strenght, grand-Goat war, antichrist,
from the pits of Hell!!!
Diabolic Force...Diabolic Force...Diabolic Force!!!
Rising high, grand Goat-war, we are possessed by his blood
Land of Demonic Fears
[music: Nornagest/N.Daemon, lyrics/vocals: Nornagest]

Existence created by tyranny
This is the place where
Fears met reality
The truth will remain the truth

To believe in god you need
To believe in satan you
just have to open your eyes.back to top
Radiance of Mordacity
[music: N.Daemon/Nornagest, lyrics: Nornages]

Valorisation of hypocrisy
perpetuated by the glorious weakness
Tribulations from below
engendered by the wicked.

The revolution from our altars,
will be the fire towards the sky
Desecration of your believes,
for thousand years of tyrrany!!!


[Lead: N.Daemon]

Hear my bestial mockeries
Profanantion of your secrets
For our thirst of sincerity
Fornication of the blessed whore
for the procreation of Blasphemies

Graced by Evil Blood
[music: Nornagest/N.Daemon, lyrics: Nornagest]

"Versailles, anno Sathana 1666, Louis XIV the most powerful sovereign prevail,
when darkness falls upon the kingdom, the court`s descending within
the palace vaults, gathering for morbid rites"

Let`s start the ritual!!!
Dame Monvoisin, midwife from the Black Order, abortionist, dark masses organiser.
From the bourgeoisie, you brang many believers,
"obscure daughter thou art the matter of my dreams, seduce me with your poison,
infilter my veins"
Montespan, your favourite, her filter was prepared, to satiate her hunger of forbidden love,
a mixture of blood, fetus and goat sperm, gave her sexual voracity with the sun king
and made her "whore to the court".

Three times the dark mass took place for her, in secret the novice was brought to the hut,
in secret where Abbot Mariette awaited...bring forth the innocent victim!!!

"Astaroth, Asmodeus, princes of relations,
I implore you to accept the sacrifice I offer you, In exchange your servent ask the attention
of His Majesty!"

[Lead: Nornagest]
[Lead: N.Daemon]

"To be honoured by all princes and lords of France...
and that nothing I may ask either for my family or servants, will be denied"
Christianity hounded five hundered of your converts, executed or exiled.
After two decades that the pacts were sealed,
your wishes for Montespan forever active will stay.
She all your converts were...

[Lead: Nornagest]back to top
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