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Enthroned lyrics

Album: Regie Sathanas: A Tribute to Cernunnos [1998]

 01  Prelude to Satan's Avengers
 02  By Dark Glorious Thoughts
 03  Walpurgis Night
 04  Satan Never Sleeps
 05  The Conqueror
 06  Deny the Holy Book of Lies
 07 Outro
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Prelude to Satan's Avengers
Introback to top
By Dark Glorious Thoughts
By Dark Glory!
Through black arts we ride to thy kingdom,
Father of time.
Will you see us tomorrow,
In the glorious night standing proud groundless...

Our wings will carry your winds of hate,
Across thundering blood red clouds
Fire by fire, blessed through lightnings in times
before light,
We were sets on your prophecies...

Regie Sathanas!!!

Pleasure of flesh, pleasure of sins,
In these times we reveal our supremacy,
To the one who pretends to give a legacy...
By my function in the great order of Agaliarepth,
I'll take these steps once again to raise the temple
of mockeries
An edifice to the nocturnal glory has taken place
in the tormented mind that I possess.
No... Shame passes through my hatred spirit,
which relish this obscure rape of morality.

(Lead BOTH)

Within the halls of thy self-minded church,
The daughter of innocent lays naked,
Surrounded by the scorching black unholy wax...
Running along the virgin womb,
the candles' blood makes her burning desires,
the most perverted ones!
My hunger of opposition appeased,
The lord takes me over and over again...
Fifty infernal breeds, I had to ride the third strike.


So much pain will be given... so much... so muuuuuchh!!!
By my dark glorious soul,
By dark glorious thoughts,
my soul will be fulfiled of strength again...

By dark glorious thoughts!!!back to top
Walpurgis Night
Summoning Nornagest:

"Iah! Shub Niggurath, black goat of the woods, I
summon thee,
answer my calls, answer my soul,

I made the signs, I took the swords; Zariatnatmix, Janna,
Etitnamus, Hayras, Fabelleron, Fubentronty, Brazo,
Tabrasol, Nisa,
Varf-Shub-Niggurath! Gabots Membrot!"

Unholy preach Sabathan:

Father! Dishonour your daughter without shame!!!
Mother! Leave your younger, son to your ugliest desires!!!
Brother! Fuck your sister with all the joy deserved!!!
"Ita, Movet blatos xali huc ut tyche liget oxum lup
cnei futitoris hic!!!!"

Ooohh, dance brothers and sisters dance till our
next dawn...
As our fury becomes our hate, as your hate becomes
our fury,
kill, rape, fuck and destroy as you always wanted to!

Broken, pick of our distractions, April thirteenth
by this night of
Walpurgis Lets sing on the darkened path,
in this place where rock seeds as trees.
Where life is crushed by the beauty of silence...
Oh lord, give us your impress on these hills of Hartz.
Follow our way, follow our left hand path unto the
forlorn lands...


There we'll dance and fornicate again under the
starry night,
and under the mighty eye of Shub-Niggurath the great!
Now waiting the sacrifical hours, majestuous
sacrifice offer up to
the black goat of the woods.
A heart still bleeding, from a child's corpse, a
gift of honour to the
lord of hell, Voor, Kish, Koth...


Under the gleams of the torches, thousands of
brothers gathered
down beneath the black velvet sky...
For a purification in delirium pain and agony...
Ooooh Lord! Join our unholy fornications...

In this Walpurgis Night we remember and celebrate
the memory of
Cernunnos, beyond the realms of death we'll meet again...
We'll meet again.back to top
Satan Never Sleeps
My life, hatred, nights beside your dreams, branding
our souls,
when the forces of hell make total mayhem on earth.
A silence in the night reign with fear in honour to
never lost Satan!
A silence, before the fight which is near.

Invoking you to clear myself oooh! Unholy dark father,
Invoking you to clean the world of the bastard Jesus Christ
Invoking your far from your depths by my own death
dark father.
Invoking you far from your depths by my own death Lucifer!

As malicious as a fool "fire", charged with perverseness
never before seen on earth,
He treats Christians as the lost souls in hell are treated
He has a multitude of names and is capable to
disappear at will,
He will spread more ecclesiastic blood than anyone
could imagine.

Satan never sleeps!!!
Satan never sleeps!!!

Horrible pestilence, total armageddon, made more
marvellous by
the famine before, and the great strife and
tribulations which have
never happened since the foundation of the Christian
church, will
descend upon the land after twenty five years, the
worst of all wars
will be fought and the most evil, of atrocity
committed in the name
of Satan almost the entire world will be defeated
and desolate.

(Lead NORNAGEST)back to top
The Conqueror
(Originally recorded by Sodom.)
(Music by Sodom)
(Lyrics by Tom Angelripper)
Company of heaven has sent us a chosen apostle
To the treasure of the damned
Blessing no longer be poured the mystical lord
Covered with rich headdress
He will proceed his way over the line
Furious as tiger
Once the tower rocked and cracked beneath its lash
Caught inextinguishable fire
Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror
The lord of host gave ear into his sing
Intolerable blackness helms him
Only the lightning from his hand that sits
When usurping tyrants fall
An unsullied maid baffles his seductions and his ire
Pines in the poison
Compassion is the vice of kings
Stamp down the wrelched weak
Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror
You are not of the slaves that perish
Pity them not
Tear down that lying spectre of centuries
Vices and virtues words
We'll hide in a smash of sorrow
You shall fear
Let your rites be rightly performed
With joy and beauty
Conqueror - Conqueror - Conqueror
Conquerorback to top
Deny the Holy Book of Lies
Originally recorded on the first Enthroned album
"Prophecies of Pagan Fire", 1995.
Here's a new version recorded with the new line up.back to top
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