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Everdark lyrics

Album: Gravesite Rites

 01  Gravesite Rites
 02  Hellfires Touch
 03  Chanting
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Gravesite Rites
Welcome To Our Gathering
Once You Enter You're Eternal
Come To The Tombstone Acre
Your Soul Shall Be His
We Love You But Tonite You Die
You Have Been Chosen
As The Sacrificial Victim
In Our Gravesite Rites!

I Can Taste The Blood Already
The Night Is Young Like Virgin Flesh
What Is Pain You Shall Feel
For Only Death Is Truly Real
By The Order Of The Black Goat
We Offer Your Souls To The Horned God
Bleed Upon The Mass Desecration

"Prepare Your Flesh For His Taking"

Dark Silhouettes Move Toward Us
Shadows Amidst The Fog
Winds Of Demonic Coldness Blow
Red Eyes And A Growling Voice
Tells You Not To Fear ...
For Death Is The Beginning
"Yes Death Is The Beginning"

We Must Confess Our Morbid Desires
The World's Sepulture Shall Be Reality
We Rejoice The Death Of Christ
We Celebrate The Fall Of The Heavens!!

Blasphemous Intent, Chants Of Hell
Whores Of Vile Sodomic Pain
Sacrilegious Cult, Pissing On The Church
Legion Of The Unpureest Perversities ... Perversities!

Kill All Who Defy The Order
Blacken Them Out Of The World
We Are One And One Is Many
Deface The Words Of Christ

Let Your Life Be Free Of Hypocrisy
Rejoice And Live Under Blasphemy
Join Us And Our Splendor
Laws Of Death And Unholiness
Unholiness! On The Tombstone Altar ...back to top
Hellfires Touch
Whore Of Lust
Sacred Child Mistress Of Sin
Arouse Your Ambitions
For Tonite Your Real Life Begins

Enticed By Nocturnal Skies
The Moon Calls You Out This Eve
Chosen Your Cold Tombstone
Lay Out Naked Flesh Upon The Altar

Sell Your Soul To Me
For I Own Your Desire
Under Hellfires Touch
You'll Burn In Sadistic Fires!

Slut To The Beast
Temptress To My Evil Wish
Forced Osculum Infamy
Sworn Alligence With A Kiss

Raped Seal Of Your Virginity
The Pain Of Sodomy Breaks Your Barrier
Branded Your Flesh With The Mark
Facial Created And Blood Drawn Under The Sign

Under The Sign - The Mark Of Sin
Fellfires Touch - Burns Your Soul
Hellfires Touch - Makes You Mine
Midnight Skies - And I Will Own Your Soul!!!

Whore Of Lust ... [See Above]

[Chorus]back to top
"I Speak Words Of Hatred"

Designed My Masters Revenge
Assigned To Gods Creation
Affix The Evil Blessing
Crucifix Avoids Your Salvation
Assertion Of Intense Pain
Desertion Of Christian Promise
Crawling In Your Blood
Fall In Agony From This ...

Evil Priest Chants ... Backwards
Morbid Prophets Forsee ... Darkness
Fires In Hell Rage
As Allies Of Chaos ... Speaks

A Death To Live Again
Offer Thy Sacrifice
The Goat Shall Rise
Blood Spilling On My Altar

Spells That Haunt Your End
Tells The Truth Evil Will Conquer
Radiate The Wrath Of Sathanas
Devastating Hatred Reigns Forever
Broken All Your Futile Hopes
Spoken Incantations Of Your Demise
Defy Foolish Jesus Christ
Deny The Maggot Whom I Despise

Chant Blasphemy
Die Jesus Christ ...
Death To The Heavenly
In Virgin Blood
We Chant Blasphemy
For I Am Chanting Blasphemy!back to top
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