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Evereve lyrics

Album: Stormbirds [1997]

 01  Embittered
 02  Fields Of Ashes
 03  Escape... ...On Lucid Wings
 04  Martyrium
 05  The Failure... ...The Downfall
 06  Dedications
 07  Stormbirds
 08  As I Breath The Dawn
 09  Spleen
 10  Universe
 11  ...A Part Of You
 12  Valse Bizarre
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... So we have left behind the ceaseless change the ceaseless change of Seasons,
embittered by the inevitable maelstrom that draws us towards the fields of winter
where crows burst out in their scornful cries.
And our eyes fall on the realm of much prouder but neverthless even sadder creatures the realm
of the Stormbirds...back to top
Fields Of Ashes
Our life flourished amid a brown Mother Earth
Broke through the rocks, broke through straight towards the sun

Stygian light winks through the clouds
Retched into this heart of mine
Shines onto my life from nothingness
And I ravished the rays of sunshine
Unfinished we participate in the run of life, our inner strife
Hidden inside us the need to end, to end our pain

One with nature, spoilt, without a zest for life
Sparkling bodies embraced by ebony nights

"Sometimes all our words are inadequate for the burden of our hearts"

Once ashes we will be and still the hunger for a new life
Or a soon coming death
And the dust we will crumble to will be the companion
Of the four winds wailing over our souls

The ashes still the hunger of a new coming death
The dust is the companion of the four winds from our heartsback to top
Escape... ...On Lucid Wings
Another desperate night
Another weary fight
Another guardian angel
Vanished in a lake of flames

Another pale grey stream
Another shattered dream
Another voice that whispers
"... Escape, Escape, Escape... On lucid wings"

Another cross to bear
Another mask to wear
Another cold wind blowing
Over a ploughed ground

Another orphaned field
Another broken shield
Another voice that whispers
"... Escape, Escape, Escape..."

I shall kiss the glowing fun
Carried away forever
I shall taste the golden wine
Carried away forever (forever more)

"... Escape, Escape, Escape... On lucid wings"back to top
Ein kuhler Hauch loscht sanft die Kerzen
Die die kahlen Wande zieren
Was wird die heutige Nacht noch bringen
Werden wir verbrennen oder erfrieren?

Gefahren aus dem Nichts entstanden
Vervolgen Dich in eine andere Dimension
Verflucht, verteufelt, der Verzweiflung nahe
Erleben wir unsere letzte Vision.

Gestrandet vor der Bucht des Todes
In stiller Hoffnung der ertsehnten Erlosung
Die Angst liegt klamm auf unseren Schultern
Wird uns entkleiden bis zur volligen Entblosung


Das Ende selbst herbeigesehnt
Wirft seine Schatten weit foraus
All Menschen von Gott verlassen
Nicht mehr lange, dann das Aus.back to top
The Failure... ...The Downfall
The downfall - a pleasure to watch it in your arms
Flaming red inferno, we relish the dying horizon

With fiery thorns in your hands
You strike stakes of lust through my heart
When all around us is lit
Our love will gleam like the vital spark
Into an ocean of reddish tears
We glide away, unite our souls
My inflamed skin caressed by your hands
The fever enslaves us again and again...

Thousands of souls torches
Extinct, withered side by side
We are destined to celebrate
The cremation of mankind
Slowly devoured by a gorge of heat
Melted away - the bad depraved seed
Screamed out for help, to heaven they cried

"I declared the earth as purgatory"

All I wanted was to touch the sky,
but I was doomed to fail
Like an anguished child I sank down on my knees
In hopeless desperation I await your final kiss

"His locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae"back to top
One touch of your hand can open the heavens
abducts me to long forgotten meadows of desire
Strange, I never believed that one glance of eyes
Would be able to touch me inside like yours did
I always thought that something was buried
Long time ago, deep inside...

One touch...

...And there never was a greater pleasure
Than to stay awake for hour and hold you tight
To feel your silent breath upon my hand
As I push your hair from your face
And I dare not to wake you
For this would make me, too...back to top
Like a storm-driven bird at night
We came flying out of nowhere
And for a moment our wings gleamed
Like gold in the light of fire
And are gone again to the nowhere

The cold grey sea, it waits for me
And the foaming waves call me down
To howling winds and a steel blue sky
But the cold grey sea calls forever

Like gold fall the leaves an the wind
When farewell time, autumn has come
All these years they have passed
Like the wave on the shore of the sea

Time passes, the place I search for
It`s still just a longing inside
Something strange and unknown to me
To be grounded somewhere, no longer
A stormbird in shaking and howlingback to top
As I Breath The Dawn
Pain over my soul, another morning gleams outside the world
A new day`s dew moves in, what do I breathe? What paralyses me?

As I inhale the cold air from the world`s lung
I cast my being far away from me
In a crystal sphere on the ground I see my life
On my knees I kiss the death with all her beauty

In the frosty beginning of the autumn`s dawn
When nature dies away from earth
White fog above the meadows is the border behind my eyes
Let me know that your downfall is my birth

Grey light shines through dead trees
Takes away the brown leaves in the end
My mother`s garden sleeps its lust away
Her will lies motionless in my handsback to top
Quand le ciel bas et lourd pese comme un couvercle
Sur l`esprit gemissant en proieaux longs ennuis,
Et que de l`horizon embrassant tout le cercle
Il nous verse un jour noir plus triste que les nuits;

Quand la terre est changee en un cachot humide,
Ou l`Esperance, comme une chauve-souris,
S`en va battant les murs de son aile timide
Et ce cognantla tete a des plafonds pourris;

Quand la pluie etalant ses immenses trainees
D`une vaste prison imite les barreaux,
Et qu`un peuplemuet d`infames araignees
Vient tendre ses filets au fond de nos cerveaux,

Des cloches tout a coup sautent avec furie
Et lancent vers le ciel un affreux hurlement,
Ainsi que des esprits errants et sans patrie
Qui se mettent a geindre opiniatrement.

- Et de longs corbillards, sans tambours ni musique,
Defilent lentement dans mon ame, l`Espoir,
Vaincu, pleure, et l`Angoisse atroce, despotique,
Sur mon crane incline plante son drapeau noir.back to top
Give me the sleep I need to forget
My pain and my sorrow, my grief and my dept
Give me the sleep I need to forget
Hypocrisy, cruelty, hatred and if

There`s someone to hear me - Then answer my cries
And if you are near me - Please drop your disguise
I need to get out, please show me a way
To cope with my dread and my fear every day

Restricted are my paths, destinations of myself far away
The wheel of life has stopped turning, an angel leads me astray
I am longing for farewell, just a passenger in a boat
A boat called life - after which wave will it lose its load

Void, peace and stillness - Is what I yearned for
Let me be a fallen star - Insignificance is what I will earn

Universe - I want to drift in your eternity
Universe - lay your arms around my soul
Universe - a part of you I want to be
Universe - your star of death I`ve seen it glow

I want to drift into your eternity - Lay your arms around my soul
A part of you I want to be - Your star of death I`ve seen it glow

Prepared for your reception
Your timeless nothingness awaits me
Universe - are you a part of me?
A part of you I want to be.back to top
...A Part Of You
Ich mochte fliechen, geradewegs zu Dir verschmelzen will ich mit Deinem Nichts
Verbrenne mich, reis mich heraus, nimm mir mein Seelenfeuer
Is mein Herz fur meine Ruhe, hinab zieht mich mein Sein
Kein Strang gibt Halt - Erlost und lachelnd gleite ich in Deine Weltback to top
Valse Bizarre
(Instrumental)back to top
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