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Everlast lyrics

Album: Forever Everlasting [1990]

 01  Syndicate Soldier
 02  Speak No Evil
 03  Syndication (Remix)
 04  What Is This?
 05  The Rhythm
 06  I Got the Knack
 07  On the Edge
 08  Fuck Everyone
 09  Goodbye
 10  Pass It On
 11  Never Missin' a Beat
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Syndicate Soldier
Here we are, my friend.
Once again
I'm inclined to rhyme one time.
So won't you lend me your ear?
Cuz it's clear
That this here has no pain
If this song was the blues you'd be sheddin a tear
Like a baby
Is shoulda held back.
Some of you look shocked
I guess you couldn't tell that
I was here to drop knowledge
College is irrelevant
My next move,
To prove I'm smooth but still intelligent
Lessons with sheer precision
First hear me out then make a decision
On whether everlast knows what time it is.
Does this song belong in the rhyming biz?
Yes, I think so, cuz I'm a pioneer
Blazing the trail across a new frontier.
I'm growing lengths of growing stregth as I get older.
Cuz I'm a syndicate soldier.

All affections left behind,
There's two more gears to grind.
Before I'm through,
I'm sure that you will find
A new respect for the rhymes I inject.
Through your eardrum,
Don't play dumb
Just let me get to the point of my address
Unless you feel you can't go.
This song is on the tables to make you dance, so
Get up, and if you don't, leave the premises
I'm rula-ku so you can call me a genesis.
Born to perform and please a large crowd
Of people at night and to my right is el-o
The scale is brother,
Known for being treacherous
A sucker made a move and that's the reason
Fletcher was forced to put his head out
He got too close to me,
Two by my side
And that's that's how it's supposed to be.
These are my brothers,
And they've been around me
Since back in the days when the syndicate found me.
They are the people deserving of credit.
List my name, gained fame, and made sure I wouldn't let it
Go to my head
I keep my feet down
Unlike sucker's from the past I beat down.
The fatal mistake was to break on my confidence
Overall, their fall was due to overconfidence.
As we go, the ego's
All start acting up
With statements
Of greatness, the rhymes aren't backing up.
Talking louder as they get bolder,
But there's no defense
Against a syndicate soldier.

As we reach the final stage,
Something got engaged,
In a conflict,
That's sick with violent rage.
I gained fame,
From my name, everlast.
How long can this hype about a devil last?
A star was formed, but everyone took it serious.
Now it's seems, I'm seen as delirious.
That's okay, I'll stay under rated.
And good things will come to all who have waited.
For the brother of a lighter skin to begin
Droppin' knowledge with weight,
Cuz you rate paper thins.
Science is one thing, knowledge is another.
What do I mean when I say that I'm a brother?
Being a brother is a state of mind
For all those who chose to remain unblind.
Growing wisdom as I get older.
That's right I'm white and I'm a syndicate soldierback to top
Speak No Evil
I'm in the studio with my brotha
The half asiatic
You know the fraction of black skin and a smidget of white
It's my brotha kool nick
And we about to drop some science on the this track
About God and what not and the world...
Step up and bow your head
Be greatful your hungry for knowledge
I'm serving a plate full of 12 course meals
And a black plate of of wax through mc's
Sit back and relax
Try to digest the data that I feed you
I'm actin' this way 'cause I'm bred to the color of my skin
Something I take pride in
Still my people insist on hidin' the american dream
And it's like the home of the free
And mom's apple pie
I got whiped for the meltin' pod
I guess not
Kid stuck up for his rights and got shot
Yah, I speak no evil 2x
Yo, nikc do me a favor
Step up!
[kool nick]
His world is crazy
It must be sick
Be like nick
Get ricious real quick
Jews, muslims, buddah baptists
Brought up like the merry christmas
See salvation
Every pinch of rhyme is from my heart
And I meant this
Jesus...scattered his blood for me
He hung on a cross
You know that story
Nowadays a lot of people are trying to worship satan
But your gonna fry in hell
I'm never burning up the forcast
No change in weather
Damn the devil would never twist this mind with the mark of the 666
Thanks God there no one equal
That's why I say no evil 2x
Listen to the story of my savor
And how he gave up life to let uslive
That's a hell of a gift to give
Kick it e
Now as I take a look around
I don't see many people down
With my cars...ha, that's scary
Tryin' to diss the son of marry
You being lord take the bait
And fall into the trap of satan
Then your life's over with no sequal
That's why I speak no evil 2x
Yo this is weird rhymin'
Strange brothers are gettin' shaked on the streets with gold chains
Some smoke crack, cocaine, and jumbo fried
When they talk mumbo
How can this be society
I front the place where none of us want to be
Peopel gettin' judged by the skin tone
It wasn't liek this way back with the flinstones!
Some times I get kept back because I'm half black
People can't except that, yo except me for what I am
What did I do
Becasue noneof us give a damn
All they want is to drive a mercedes
Half a million dollars...
And live like the brady's!!
But anyways time is winding
Not grinding
Lok in your heart and start finding peace and love
No matter what your grade is understand the knowledge at hand and believe this
I speak no evil!
Word up
We got my ma lofy in the house
Man, my boy chris
My brother low-dog
My brother bry
My lady t
Yo we got shawny, you what's up
My brother e over there
Hahaha you know I speak no evil!back to top
Syndication (Remix)
Everlast - Syndication(remix)

(Wait a minute)

Dope new styles of rhyme, not breakin science
Down with the Rhyme Syndicate alliance
You're on the tip but in the crack of a whip
You know the saying about ships and slips with a lip?
You'll be sunk while I be gettin drunk
With the bottle of rose I keep in my trunk, punk
Don't try to get none, know where I'm comin from?
I don't care if you do got a gun
You better step off before I go off
And don't dare bug, riff or show off
Cause then I break hard, you think I'm a fanatic
Speak my rhymes in English, not breakin no mathematics
Cause that's for other people, boy, I ain't got 'em
But in almost every other rhyme I can spot 'em
Get off it, get off the bandwagon
Runnin the same old styles you keep draggin
Everlast is here with rhymes ready to drop
Hey yo, here I go again

I'm the foreman of this rap, this rhyme style construction
You're on the eve of destruction

(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin) (4x)

Step forward face up, meet the grim reaper
You're aimin for the top as the ladder gets steeper
To my man Divine I send this dedication
To let him know that with his help I got a Syndication
With the dope rhymes I write, the styles I recite
Don't follow this leader, I'm not your guiding light
To the groove I'm smooth like a hit from a buddha
I might smoke an herb but I won't sniff or shoot up
Not hangin with gangs or messin with thugs
Not slingin no caine or dealin no drugs
Cause I'm straight like an arrow, the path I follow is narrow
On the rise Everlast will sore like a sparrow
Through the sky, so don't ask me why
If you're dazed and confused you must be high
So before you try and break make sure that you're sober
Cause I'll snatch your crown, boy, then I'll destroy ya

(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin) (8x)

To all you new jack MC's writin your rhymes in haste
Get dissed, put out of business, don't it seem like a race?
Face death, your final breath jumpin up in my face
I'm a single not a pair, not a deuce I'm a ace
As you hear the treble clack hear my bass tone kick
Take three out in a snap like a flat hat trick
Everlast is educated, energized for endurance
Properly protected with a 100 g insurance
For my mouth (mouth) (mouth)
Wet my whistle at a party with a Coke and a stout
Take heed duck MC's cause Everlast has the clout
So break north, suckers, the top's why I came
Don't wanna hear beefin, cryin or complainin
From you or any other party or set
The pied piper of rhyme, it's time to pay your debt
Pay the piper, the sniper, who wanna get hyper
On the microphone there's no other type of
MC gettin with the E
Down with Divine and DLC
Def Lyric Creations on radio stations
Everlast reigns supreme and I'm in Syndication

(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin) (4x)

Hey yo, come here, lend me your ear
Everlast is the name of me and my gear
So get up, get with it, come on, admit it
The rhyme I just spoke, you wish you did it
Like I do and you tried to
But I'd quit while I'm ahead if I were you
But I'm not, I'm givin all I got
Get the girls on the floor, make em hot to trot
For the Caucasian Sensation there's no hesitation
Everlast reigns supreme and I'm in Syndication

(Wait a minute)
(Keep on singin, keep on singin)

(Everlast is here with)
(Rhymes ready to drop)

nach obenback to top
What Is This?
This is Everlast (6x)...

Step up while I inject an overdose of intallect
An overload of my vibrations better yet a new sensation
I was lost but then he found me no corruption dissed around me
I was taken to a higher, level of funkdifia where souls of men were burned
They were taught but did not learn about the ricious laws of God
Who threw the seeds over the side, takin' roots and tryin' to grow
Though the process might be slow please stay with my question

What is this? (This is Everlast) (5x)...

[Scratch] Wha wha what wha what is thi wha what is this? (2x)...

Not speakin' on my physical, mental or my horror
I'm speakin' on my soul for the burn would beat you whore
There's no such thing as love of your life, it's the hands of the God
So don't treat his ricious laws with blatant disreguard
In order to follow the Lords path here is what you must do
Do onto each of your brothers as you have done to you
This golden rule is all you need and you'll be rewarded
The man that don't will pay the price and believe me you can't afford it

This is Everlast
What is this? (This is Everlast) (3x)

[Scratch] wha what wha what is is thi this?

This is for the one-two war of over who's God is the right one
Can it be the Asian one, the black one or could it be the white one
The answer to the question isn't controversial
There is only one God and his love is universal
If you sit in great redemption all you need to do is ask him
Then you will be both prepared for a life that is Everlasting
So take heed to the word's I'm sayin', grab a good book and get hip
To the teachings of the holy coral or the Bible's holy scripture

What is this? (This is Everlast) (5x)...
What is this? (This is Everlast) (4x)...
Who is this? (This is Everlast) (2x)...
WHAT IS THIS??!! (This is Everlast)

nach obenback to top
The Rhythm
The rhythm is both the songs manicle
and it's demanicle charge...

The rhythm (20x),
I'm Everlast born to be a caucassion
but it makes no difference what persuasion you are
As long as you know how to get up on the floor
and start workin' a sweat
To a musical measure that makes you move
as soon as the needle drops into the groove
So get up and dance to the gift I'm giving,
forget about your troubles get into the rhythm

The rhythm (Talking about the rhythm) (10x)...
Yo, yo, you know what the world needs?
The rhythm (Talking about the rhythm) (10x)...

You linger for the rap singer,
when Donald D brings the party to the deal
my presence is felt world wide
You don't dance to this it's suicide
Put your hands into the air on, the M.C. cop,
the girlies are pipen' hot
Natorious Lama is how I'm livin'
don't step to me step to the rhythm
Step to the rhythm

The rhythm (Talking about the rhythm) (10x)...
You make me feel so hot like I said before we need rhythm,
The rhythm (Talking about the rhythm) (5x)...
All we need is rhythm...

Listen to the tracks that rolls,
watch the mic as it glows
The lethal weapon got you trapped in this dance mode
Ice-T's throwin' words at you like dodge ball y'all
You gotta move get hit, if you get hit, you fall,
no jokin', no boastin' and no bragging
Grip the mic like a .44 magnum,
dust you off if you suck 'cause I ain't
You want me to write soft rhyme's,
Sorry, I can't,
I write the rhythm

The rhythm (Talking about the rhythm) (10x)...
We need rhythm for the world to have peace and unity
We must first have...

nach obenback to top
I Got the Knack
You got it (13x)

Get up everybody
And listen to this rhythm
My name is everlast
I'm always on time
I got what it takes to make this rhythm complete
When my dj cuts
He never misses a beat
I'm down with the syndicate
And there down with me
I'm also down with divine
Terry b.
Dj lethal
And my brotha kool nick
Kid jazz
Bangle and cut master quick
I worked hard and long to master this traight
And the cult of my sound
I get paid
To sleep on it now my time shall come
That's why I'm numba 1

I got the knack (7x)

You got it
Everlast is in effect
Gettin' full respect
I collect big checks
1's, 5's, 10's, 20's, 100 g's
I'm pullin' honeyleft and right
Day and night
You gotta see this
There all on my dick
To get a sip
Of this white performer
That can get whip
But I'm not out to get paid
Not laid
All across the country
My records gettin' played
The radio stations
Clubs and renkores?
All the shows, I make'm do encores
Sweep for me now
For my time shall come
My name is everlast
That's why I'm numba 1

I got the knack (5x)

Ah, yah, check this out
Step up place your bet
I'll serve your fortune
But first I must issue just one word of caustion
Don't have misinterpertations? on my song and rioting
Everlast is on the rise my voice is nice and moist
Resighting choice?
Vocals respected world wide
And feared by locals
Popin' junk out your punk mouth
Makin' bets it's too late
For regrets
It's time to pay your debts
It's the name a poetic God with skin on his head
So sleep on it now
Everlast last forever
That's why I'm numba 1

I got the knack (10x)

Now there are too many people in this world tryin' to play me like a fool
They dissin' me
Tellin' me what records sellin'
What kinda records hittin' the charts
You sound like him and her
But you sound retarded
Take very little time writin' rhyme
It's confusing to see so many peopel cry
Some think that it's a sell out
Rhymin' to this beat
But everlast take any groove and make it complete!
I got the knack!!back to top
On the Edge
I'll assure you and ensure you you're the one I love
All the Gods up in heaven sent you from above
Sent you down to Earth just to make me smile
Don't you know you're the only thing that's worth while
In my life, be my wife, don't turn me down
You're the best, so say yes and I will never frown
You know you got me on the edge of happiness and despair
Doesn't matter if I slip cause I know you're there
To catch my fall, all in all I'm havin a ball
Whether we're dancin and romancin or leanin on the wall
When I'm with you, girl, I could never be bored
You're so fine and you're mine yes, I thank the Lord
Every minute of the hour, all hours of the day
There's one thing I been dyin to say
I love you

You got me on the edge (2x)

We met by chance, I walked in when you were workin
I gave you a glace, advanced and caught you smirkin
At me, the E-v-e, you know the rest
I asked you for your number and began my quest
To conquer your heart, body, soul and mind
You came around and I found that you were one of my kind
So I laid the same old drag, whispered in your ear
But that didn't work and I started to fear
That you might be too much woman for Everlast to handle
In my eyes no girl could hold a candle to you
I was confused - hey yo, what's my next move?
My boys said, "Relax E, and act real smooth"
But that approach wasn't workin and I realized
That this girl was really different
That scared me a little but it also intrigued me
I wanted to know if you were serious, not tryin to lead me
On, so I confronted you and asked you the time
You said you felt the same way for me and that you'd be mine

You got me on the edge (2x)

So there we were, a match made in heaven
I was thinkin about you girl, 24/7
Every minute, every hour, all day and night
In my bedroom or the shower or when ridin my bike
You're on my mind all the time and my rhyme's redefined
Secret letters to you and they're boldly signed
By me because I love you and I always will
And the thought of bein without you girl, makes me ill
I love you, I need ya, I'll clothe ya and feed ya
You'll never be lonely cause I'll always be there
We'll be together side by side
And when I'm out with my boys I brag about you with pride
I took a picture of you wherever I went
Took you anywhere you wanted, no matter what I spent
I have to admit girl, your lovin was def
But it tore me apart when you left
But now I realize I'm the one to blame
I took a thing like love and turned it into a game
And even though I regret it, I couldn't let it
Show cause I didn't want you to know
The pain that I was feelin deep in my heart
But now I think I'm ready to make a new start
With you

You got me on the edge (4x)

Well, we've been through a lot together
Throughout the stormy weather
The only thing I'm sure of is love lasts forever
I know my love is true and I know you love me too
There's only one thing left for you and I to do
Regain the bond that we once had
And once we accomplish that girl, we'll both be glad
I'm better off for it, you can't ignore it
The love that we feel, we both cherish and adore it
So let's stick with it through joy and through sorrow
Take it one day at a time and not worry about tomorrow

You got me on the edgeback to top
Fuck Everyone
Everlast - F**k Everyone

I don't do work I do damage, everytime I pick up the mic I manage
To diss someone or get somebody pissed
Take off my coat, clear my throat and begin to dismiss
All you fucked up punks that pollute mankind
Give me the mic take a hike, give me a piece of mind
Don't shout shut your mouth I'm trying to think cleary
You say my rhymes are dope check it out
This is nearly the start of something big like startin' a fire
You think the party is here, I'll take the level higher
I'm Everlast get off your ass you cut my rug you understand my game plan
You say man that kid bug, soya blood cotacs if you like the key
Now I'll stomp your head till you're dead or at least till you bleed

Fuck everyone!

It's the Syndicate I say what I want to,
I say, "Hey fuck off punk" just to taunt you
Into believing the ryhmes I say are meant for one thing
And that's achieving my goal
So I can stroll where the fat money rolls,
'cross the bridge over trouble waters
Pay the toll with no bother, no fuss,
In God I trust but the rest pay the cash that's a must
The reason I'm teasin' you is it's pleasin' me to see how funny this can be
When I grab the mic I'm like a three wheel bike
I'm always on a roll, I'm always good as gold,
So before you smack lip stick and try to talk shit
I'll tell you now the battle's over and the joint is lit so quit

All hell breaks loose and it's a little known fact
T hat I attract and cause a crowd to react
Like an atomic explosion of the pacific ocean
The crowd gets large and I got this notion
All I wanna do is speak my rhyme and get paid
'Cause I'm in a trade to not be played and watch suckerss get slain
Put out of business, come on what is this, you came too late, boy
Class been dismissed, canceled, terminated put on a natural brake
North, find a new school to attend 'cause you know I'm goona say what I wanna
I'll grab the microphone and let my knowledge be born up, intelligence
Excellence, razor sharp wit, it's known shit, it's always gotta be legit
And up to par no matter who you are,
I know I'm not the best but I still leave scars on your brain cells
What the hell...

Fuck Everyone!
Everybody...Fuck'em... (2x)
Every everybody fuck'em!

I got Tipper Gore protestin' my lyrics,
Fuck that bitch I don't need a clearance
To write my rhymes, speak my mind,
You can't censor me the public's not blind
It's time they knew whats goin' on,
You shouldn't have the power to stop a song
Even if you don't like what you hear
Even if the song is strikin' fear into your heart
Body, soul and brain it's my opinion so it's my domain,
Fuck all those standin' in my way
Step to me and you'll have to pay what I say so pay your debt
You fuck with me and you'll have regrets

Fuck everyone...
Fuck'em (2x)...
Fuck'em now...
Fuck the fed now fuck'em now...
Fuck'em everybody!
We don't want to hear bullshit niggers...
Fuck Everyone (2x)...
Now, fuck you HAHA...
FUCK'EM!back to top
Na-na-nahh-na, na-na-nahh-na, hey, hey, hey...goodbye! 2x
Goodbye, goodbyeit's over
We're through
It's done
Our relationship is no longer one on one
So I guit girl
I don't need this
I'm disgraced
'cause in my face
You spin
I quit stepin' out wit another guy
After givin' you my love I deserve to know why
How long has this been going on
How long have you been doin' me raw
You thought I didn't know
You thought I wouldn't go
Well, that's why I'm makin' this song
To say goodbye
Na-na-nahh-na, na-na-nahh-na, hey, hey, hey...goodbye! 2x
Pack your bags
Get out of site
I won't see you with a man on another night
You try to play me like a fool
But now you see you've been schooled
By the e
And it's plain to see
You thought you had luck like a four-leaf clover
Well, your luck just ran out
Home girl it's over
I hope you had a lot a fun
Were you lyin' when you said I'm #1
Well, I guess it don't matter
It makes no difference
I cought you wit' a smokin' gun
Or so to speak
Girl you a natural born sneak
And the hand you delt me was really weak
But that's alright, you won't see me cryin'
I brush a girl off when I catch her lyin'
So when I toss you out
Don't dare ask why
Don't try to return wit' a tear in your eye
That's just my way of sayin' goodbye...
Na-na-nahh-na, na-na-nahh-na, hey, hey, hey...goodbye! 2x
Using me
Confusing me
Inside you abusing me
Wise up girl
I ain't playin'
You try to make it better by sayin' let's hit the hey
And make love
I know your loyal but I can't take the stress
I don't need the termoil
You told me that you love me
But that's a lie
You know that I care
But I must say goodbye!
Who is it you thinkin' about when we kissin'
And when we all alone is it him you missin'
I couldn't stand the feelin'
When I see a man in my spot
Next to you
So what you want me to do
Forget about it
Like it never happened
Turn the other cheek
And wait to be slapped again
Until you through with me
But you will see
I will be the first to say b-y-e
So when I toss you out
Don't dare ask why
It's just my way of sayin' goodbye!back to top
Pass It On
(Ladies and gentlemen we have)
(In the house tonight I think they got somethin they wanna say)

I'm here to uplift, I don't bug, I don't drift
Away from my subjects, not even if
My music stops or my beat is gone
I'm just here to express myself and pass it on

(So funky)

Speakin much words of wisdom, Everlast has the jism
So sit back, relax, kick up your feet and listen
To E cause that's me, no others can be
Half as fine, I blow your mind with an m-i-c
Get off the tip quick, boy, you're makin me sick
No other partner could be smarter than my man Kool Nick
Understand, he's my man with the plan
We come to parties with the posse just to gain some fans
The posse is strong, the lines are long
People flockin to my shows just to hear a song
Like this, it's not a diss, it's a mouthful of bliss
Throw your hands in the air and blow me a kiss
From the crowd cause I'm proud, I say my name loud
Everlast pounds sounds like a thundering cloud
It's not rock 'n roll, it's hip-hop music
It's got a lot of soul if you learn how to use it
Well, I'm here to tell suckers go to hell
Others tried to take me down but they're the ones who fell
Ignorance was their downfall
Take it a little at a time, don't go for it all
At once cause that's stupid, it don't make sense
Just relax and move your body, don't look so tense
I'm not here to diss nobody, I'm just havin some fun
Everlast last forever, that's why I'm number one
So pass it on

With a forty in my fist breakin out my list
Of all the suckers I'm cold about to diss
There's none to match me or even catch me
Off my guard, so that they can scratch me
Off the MC all-star team
Everlast is number one, that means I reign supreme
Cause there ain't no others, listen up brothers
Just because I'm white don't mean that I'm another
Sucker on the microphone frontin and fakin
Not Mexican, Asian, black or Jamaican
Just a sensation made to be caucasian
Get ready brothers, here comes an invasion
Don't try to stop it, you got a rhyme? Drop it
You might detect that respect's my topic
I won't rush it but I'll discuss it
Go ahead and pop your shot if you think that you can bust it
But I'ma go on, I'm gonna talk some more
I guarantee you won't be bored if you get on the floor
And go for yours and say that you get it

Get up, get out your seats, get on the floor and get with it
And listen to the rhyme I like to call mine
I re-rehearsed every verse and soon you will find
Not one mistake, so don't try to break
Or talk about takin out the dope rhymes I make
Just pass em on

You're goin wild for my flow and style
I don't stutter, I utter words versatile
I'm entertainin with my brain and always wearin a smile
I don't front, I don't fake, I run the whole mile
You clap cause my snap is like a crocodile
Whether I'm on stage or in my domicile
I'm not fiendin, I don't smoke, I tell you I'm no joke
You're schemin for my lyrics cause you know I did dope
Don't give me no Mot, pour me a glass of rose
And I'll say 'skal' to your health and then I'll blow you away
Not Simple Simon on the ( ? ) just rhymin from Long Island
The rungs on the ladder of success I'm climbin
Fierce like a lion keepin ducks tame
Murderin two-bit MC's until none remain
Cold gettin dumb, I'm number one shinin like the sun
With a mic in my holster and I'm on the run
Gunnin down MC's and writin on the walls
I'm ready for a showdown if you got the balls
Commence, face my offense cause you're makin me tense
I make a lotta dollars but I make more sense
So pass it on

Pass it on, pass it down the line
I can throw with the best and go rhyme for rhyme
With any sucker claimin talent, thinkin that he got some
But what you do not realize is Everlast is number one
Cause Everlast is on a superior level
Go ahead and laugh, call me a devil
I won't care, yeah, my skin is fair
But I still go rhyme for rhyme anytime or -where
With you or any party or crew
And when I finished you're diminished, take a sip of my brew
And step off, clear my throat with a cough
And bust a move to show and prove that I'm hard not soft
And with my DJ Bilal my beat will be furnished
You find with my rhyme your mind will be nourished
With wisdom and knowledge, yeah, I went to college
And if you get dissed I won't apolog-
ize, cause that's a part of my rise
And I go on and on, I go to any length
Just to show that when I throw my rhymes on the strength
I like to see the crowd movin when I come on
I'm just tryin to get my message across and pass it onback to top
Never Missin' a Beat
Listen up, learn, you'll get your turn
I'm sendin this out to all it may concern
The party master Everlast is here
Before we begin I'm gonna make this clear
I take no short cuts, Bilal adds dope cuts
If girls were around I'd grab and grope butts
And if she got a man and he tries to step up
It's ashes to ashes and dust gets swept up
Tryin to step to me, boy, you must be sick
Got a nine in my pocket, takin heads out quick
I make my music loud, my parents proud
There's not an artist alive drawing a better crowd
Than the Everlasting operator droppin a groove
To make you get up and dance while I bust this move
And talk about myself, I don't need a partner
Bilal has the cuts, then I'll help start the
Show, let a lyric flow and you'll know
I make you jump up out your seats, scream and say "ho!"
You fall back down completely exhausted
Once you had the sound, but now it seems you lost it
You're worn out, you can't take no more
Since Everlast and Bilal took control of the floor
So jump out your seat, move your feet cause the beat's complete
I'm never missin a beat

(Never missin a beat) --> George Clinton

There's no need for askin, I'm the Everlastin
My mind is a poll and I'm gonna cast in
The ocean of words and pull out a new rhyme
And if it feels good, then I'll do it two times
Or maybe three, four, or even five times
When I'm done Bilal cuts up my rhyme
He's my partner, not a stand-in
On a 'highway to heaven' just like Mike Landon
And when it comes to battles my boy's a sure win
He's been in more scandals than J.R. Ewing
Busted up more parties than five-o
When it comes to a fight my boy's good to go
So step on stage, we duke it out like men
I beat you down with every word that flows out my pen
And I was the Green Hornet Bilal'd be Kato
Right by my side kickin up dust
And if a sucker acts stupid, grab my gat and bust
You can't run away cause my clip holds ten rhymes
If you been beaten once, I'll beat you ten times
Worse than you ever been beaten before
I don't drop my mic unless my throat gets sore
And that don't happen because when I'm rappin
My rhymes'd beat Gregory Hines if they was tappin
So jump our your seat, move your feet cause the beat's complete
I'm never missin a beat

(Ain't it funky)

Lyrical and linguistic, somewhat artistic
Some call me a devil, others call me mystic-
al like a crystal ball
And if you step to me you'll take a fall
Just like the Roman Empire
Feel the wrath of a devil's hellfire
Callin me a devil, some think it's a diss
To me it's just a name, it's not stones and sticks
You can't hurt me, I got a positive outlook
Readin my good book
Or maybe some philosophy like Socrates and Plato
Step to me with drugs, I just say no
But I'll drink some lemonade if it's ( ? )
I'm down with DLC and the Styler
The D-i-v-Einstein of rhyme
Is down with me cause he knows that I'm
On my way I will not stray
From the path of knowledge that'll earn my pay
I think for myself, I take advice
And if I did it wrong once, then I do it twice
I check my steps, make sure they're correct
And that's why me and DLC get respect
So jump our your seat, move your feet cause the beat's complete
I'm never missin a beat

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