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Every Time I Die lyrics

Album: Burial Plot Bidding War [2000]

 01  The Emperor's New Clothes
 02  Your Touch Versus Death
 03  Prom Song
 04  Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
 05  Morphine Season
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The Emperor's New Clothes
all ways lead to the queen what cards she still holds she plays like a
hangman her house is full of the broken hearted a suicide king and a pair of
rusted spades she is gone a bit mad she wants her roses painted red but
we've yet to find the shade God save the queen she wears her suit on her
sleeve her hourglass shape is a funhouse reflection heartbreaker don't let
her find you here confidence is the cancer of this courtyard it'll split
your head if we don't get to the flowers red death by division don't call it
jealousy it's an exercise in infection control insanity's masterpiece split
at the seams shakespearean virgin your world is a stage but your charms in
the basket they gave the ax to an amateur I haven't stopped laughing how am
I supposed to line this up kneel down vanity everyone's waiting we all want
what's swollen depressurized look at the floor look at what you've done
narcissus your reflection is heartbroken red your savior wears a charcoal
veil these are the colors of her courtyard these are the suits that split
the days two handed engine runs itself through the bone when the ego lands
it rolls heads will rollback to top
Your Touch Versus Death
eyes of celibates burning images worn down rotted lies lips dried peeling
eyes separate our lives dead underneath your skin this blood's not mine you
fucking whore you don't deserve my Gods you're a deified angel you leave me
sickened in prayer it's the residing disease in me that sheds it's halos for
whores it leaves my wrists cut with jaded tongues your eyes freeze my fire
of innocence whores addictions souls salvation I said it I'm so tired so
saddened I'm no coward please bury me they broke my wings in an attempt to
divide a sickness from comfort of open wounds wide eyed I diedback to top
Prom Song
strung by vein to running mouth your whispers are the catalyst somebody
please breath lies my blood's not thick enough I can't hear my heart beat
when you shut up still waiting for last rites still waiting on a goodbye
kiss to sever the dead flesh and walk away a part of you please don't tell
me you're useless with threaded lip my hands went numb to feel like you I
should have known you were no angel by the way you said my name I'm running
out of perfect moments I've grown tired of clothing the blood to whom it may
concern you'll never keep my scars from healing you'll never leave my
bridges burning consciousness comes and goes like the routine of three lost
words lovers lay dead and when you're bound and gagged I defy you to define
me it's the only way to feel like I'm still breathing I long for fresh air
cleansed of sedition the waters listen closer that I tell them everything
then take a deep breathback to top
Home Is Where You Hang Yourself
sign my farewell with the chimes of clock radios 7a.m. sun reveals a failed
cherubim dangling from the rafters like a sentimental ghost floating midway
between the curse of the sky and you this noose carries what atrophied wings
can't don't you want me disenchanted a deader shade of sorry buried from the
neck up in a slipknot dragging my feet through the dead air suspended a
fallen chair length from the ground when you found me when they finally
found me this halo fit my throat I am your contorted angel writhing at a
loss for wings swelled tongues tell of brighter eyes a severed spine of
better days like the deafened clicks of a blue lipped off the beat pendulum
I just wanted to be something more than enough of my God I don't think I'm
breathing Jesus Christ when did I stop breathing oh my God I can't hear
myself breathing this is all I know of flying my eyes set on you like stains
in memory of romanceback to top
Morphine Season
looking forward to a flatlined love affair the comfort of a dire
lovesickness I've come to cherish bed sores and the salt in my own tears my
beautiful affliction your kiss festers like a boil I find myself ugly in
your eyes of asylum scenery have you come to take me away take me away
darling you are a disease that spreads like sunshine the vultures make a
halo while they wait for me to die your fingers crawl like flies on peeling
flesh paralyzed you warm me in a cold sweat deadened but moving in seizures
loving in fits of disillusional blurs don't you come near me buried above
ground and rotting you can't take the corpse from his cold this is not a
sickness if I beg it's an addiction throw your flowers to the fever I'm an
abscess with a heartbeat an armspan of dirty needles and a rusted peices
flowers mask the decomposing passion is watching how fast I can deteriorate
desperation is a clotting incisionback to top
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