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Every Time I Die lyrics

Album: Gutter Phenomenon [2005]

 01  Apocalypse Now and Then
 02  Kill the Music
 03  Bored Stiff
 04  Easy Tiger
 05  Tusk and Temper
 06  The New Black
 07  Champing at the Bit
 08  Gloom and How It Gets That Way
 09 Guitarred and Feathered
 10  L' Astronaut
 11  Pretty Dirty
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Apocalypse Now and Then
You got me right where you wanted me
So what do we do if I can't hold this pose for too long?
Do we shoot again, or does the whole operation shut down and we go back to the board?
I practiced all my lines, oh yea I'd feed every child in the world
But it's a one night stand baby
We gotta keep on
If you got it all then you got it right
I'm gonna do what you say and get way out of line
Nobody's gonna stop me now
It's not how it looks unless you saw nothing
We all agree this proposal's been sentenced to death
Are we baiting the right hook to catch your attention?
The media needs another blackout
We've been calling
Flooding hotlines
We've applied mascara to the radio but that's just a quick fix and we need a little more
Does it matter to you at all?
Are you listening or have you tuned out?
We've gotta get it together
But first we drink and we take it all apart
Everywhere we go we're the local boys and we're back in town
Well that's the way it is
It breaks my heart
We've applied mascara to the radio, but that's just a quick fix and we need a little more
Does it matter to you at all?
Are you listening or have you tuned out?
Get by
Get gone
Get high
Get wrongedback to top
Kill the Music
Kill The Music

Stutter step to the beat of a disparaged lover
Dumb and pulsing we've become
The bedroom door is an old black lung
It's arrhythmic
Uninviting and pliable
With the noble irreverence of shrapnel she came for us
Bore into our head and found thoughlessness
Never minded the faithless courage of shame or the bravery of oblivion, I'm on her mind and I'm never coming back
If two timing is what it takes then we both know one take is all we need
We're not equipped to stay unloved
But it's all we've got and we're not at all alright
Come on baby and give me the creeps
Either you or I or both must go
Either you or I or both must go
I'm on her mind and I'm never coming back
If two timing is what it takes then we both know one take is all we need
We're not equipped to stay unloved
But it's all we've got and we're not at all alright
There's no difference between being holy and alone
That's why I'm eagerly fleeing the scene
Lead footed
Baby return the favor and leave somebody you love
If they come back they're drunk and they're lonely
We all get lonely
God forbid we indulge when at sea
Just the tempest, the temptress and me
Naturally bored thriller
Nobody knows the trouble I've been or the exacting improvement of sin
I'm handing myself over
I'm turning myself in
War has no glory like a woman ignored
So here's to the empires polluted with dead
And the truckers wives who erected them
I know the stripper's real name
Stop me if I'm wrongback to top
Bored Stiff
Bored Stiff

I was wrong, close one
I am wrong
I said it
I was wrong, I mean it
Did it stick? Come down from there
I know it's hard to swallow, when your head is overturned
Hey there girls, I'm a cunt
There was venom in the heart of the dagger
They found a worm in your pearls saying prayers
All is finally infested, unless we blossomed in the in the cankerous air
Then only hell can help us
I got off, just once, you were right
I admit it
We weren't soft, just better
Do you flinch? Keep that radio dry, I'm sorry you were all mine
Let the boys find your body
Let love gnaw the meat from your bones
Admit the arrows, suffer the hot flash
We come together now
All together nowback to top
Easy Tiger
How you gonna get up if you ain't never been down?
How you gonna move on if you ain't never had enough?
Give the signal
Advance the pill pushers
Administer a change purse full of thorazine
Show this girl a little bar courtesy and keep her senses clear of the scene
We've found a gentleman caller who goes by the name she's been weeping for
Turn her over
Easy in easy out
We've nearly got this situation stabilized
Just some winces to eradicate
Take a deep breath
Cut the blue wire
Keep your fingers crossed and pray she's been detached
She stirs and I'm emasculated
Doctor! Doctor!
Give her the blues
She got herself a varsity letter by loving you
Breach and clear the abandoned back seat of the Cadillac
We've been altered by the local authorities that regret has been seen on the grounds teasing the dogs, making the rounds
There's a heart shaped bed in the honeymoon ward that circulates dust
Twitches and vomits in fits like the damned
Comforts none but the sloth
Yet we pay by the hour for the bricklayers view
Johnny, dream of your gun
Goddamit it Commander, she's a hopeless case
Note the time she arrived
I didn't think we would lose another one to the sound
There were too many fangs for us to tame
Someone fetch her blue eyes
From a restroom wall downtown
She stirs
We underestimated
Doctor! Doctor!
Give me the news
She caught herself a cause of the wilds by loving you
She caught a bad case of the wilds and she flatlinesback to top
Tusk and Temper
Bedeck your gown in bricks
There's leeches stealing across the stage
Come hell or ocean water I won't end up without
Applaud the gall of the black cloud groping a drunken teenage vow
As saline drips from her prom dress, damp hands are desiccated
There's a wolf at the window of the second floor who kidnaps your date with a new car
We both want the same thing
Bad poetry and assaults at the bar
Just try and stop me
We are the only one in the world
Prepare the ballroom
Quicksand in front of the coat check
Waltz with the scarecrow in the spotlight through the rye
I was born a wanted man
But I'll die a sailor's wife
God help me pick the lock to her room I have to make this right
Scream the hounds to sleep for me
I'm creeping around in your head like a vine
Your spit is the meat of the rose harvested by the dull
Let fly the doves, unhook their leather wings from the fog
Put your foot and mouth together for the sweethearts of Vietnam
In a photo taken of us, at the recpetion held at the jail
Loverboy is breaking up just off to the right side of me
I will stop at nothing
I am the siren that sings you home
Is that clear?
I will stop at nothing
I am the tooth in your jewelery box
Is that clear?
Let pry the crows
Unhinge their crooked beaks from the clock
Put your foot and mouth together for the sweethearts of Vietnam
Bolt the gate and head for ivory tower
Adoration is cutting the phone lines to your heart
Love is here
I am the snarling and starry-eyed
We both want the same thing
Better aim at the stranger in our yard
Just try to stop me
I am the blinding light of your life
Prepare the body
I've been better but thanks for asking
Wait with the scarecrow for the spotlight in the rye
I'll eat you alive
The calm will come againback to top
The New Black
Baby, you got me all wrong
And maybe I am not at all down and out
I'm high and I'm in
Don't you know who I am?
I'm the jaded one with pop insensitivity
When I finish struggling, we can make our way to the dance
floor and stand like strangers in an elevator stuck between stories
I always find myself in the middle of your stories
With the cameras as a witness I will suffer
Everything I do is wrong
But by God I do it right
We don't dance no no no
We got class
No we don't have any fun at all
It's the new style and we know it
We're not stunning, we just stunned and we're lying for a living
Don't you know who I am?
I'm the real thing with the low-key sensibilities
I don't need what I've got half as much as everyone covets it
If loving me is wrong, then god damn you do it right
It turns us on to turn you downback to top
Champing at the Bit
We drew a crowd
The crowd drew the blood
Fawning swindlers
There's a shark in the stream where the newborns are baptized
Who let the flatterer into the gallery on our sweet sixteen? Take him away
Get him against the wall for the witnesses
This is doom in a borrowed suit
It's a pickup line at a funeral
Cannibals along side the catwalk
But it's ok we're got old blood and our veins are rooted to the hornets nest again
New love is tasteless
We're wearing down
This is the year of the party crasher
What is charm? Where are the heroics?
What is harm to the perfumed wrists of the stoics?
Designer impostors find us twitching in the claws of the snake
A fin is circling around the floor
It appears we've lost our way
The tide is swelling and we've fallen asleep on the shore
Get inside
Someone's yelling fire in the theater
Oh dear god. Everybody stay calm
Tell your husband that his screaming just invited it in
The horsemen are crashing through the gates
We had better learn to play dead
Our hands are reeking of rapture
It's dripping from our chin
The tragedy of infant hearts
But it's ok we've got old blood and our hair is woven to the same hotel again
We're wearing down
This is the year of the party crasher
It's you and me for the first time in history
We're historyback to top
Gloom and How It Gets That Way
Pull the car over you're frightening the kids
What did you promise us about grinning in the rear view mirror without your fake teeth in?
Keep your glass eye glued on the end of the highway up ahead of us
The collision is always licking it's lips
You weren't supposed to open the door
Just keep the plane from drifting off course
We'll attend to the terrified first class convinced there's a hoof print on the bow
All hail the wounded heart contingent who've given us something more than faultlessness to sing about
Long live prosthetic live wires
The faulty mechanism of hope has disintegrated
Your captain nailed his feet to someone else's ship at the sight of me
Do what your mother tells you and put down the sheriff's horse
The choir on the black box rejoiced splendidly, singing hallelujah the king is dead
The king is deadback to top
L' Astronaut
Drifting on refuse paraded through the town square
Waving to the families of victims of the flood
Straddling the front door of a Catholic orphanage
I decorated it myself
Thank you, you're too much
It was nothing
We should all just thank god I'm alive
Don't shout I get a little confused sometimes
I can't make out a word you're saying
I've got a 21 gun salute playing over and over and over in my head
Can't it wait? I'm on call to be somewhere
Somewhere I'm not
In case the cleaning lady has found my head
Forgive my delay lieutenant, I'm the man the whole county requires
Take your gun out of my mouth
You are ruining my appetite
Get your bear trap off of my neck
I'm already running late
Your distress is confounding the tightrope walker
Just so we're clear, you're saying we're all lost?
Maybe I'm wrong but weren't we just dancing?
Oh, the way we moved had every marauder curious
Sniffing at the trash in our shoes
Sharpening knives on the grindstone watch gears
I don't miss that much about anything you said
After all, we've never met
I'll get it right, and stick my tongue down the throat of the moonback to top
Pretty Dirty
The great American mischief has muted our hearts and our rhythms are met with the
inharmonious grunts of electric guitars
It's all but too much
Nobody out there believes the obscene are reprieved
Everybody get fed up
My baby better get high, I've got something I need to confess
The dead men talking are longing for so much more than simply the obvious. Cut us off.
We're suffering, hysterical, lighting flares from the foot of her bed. I've been begging
you for less mercy than this. But the only thing you need to know is that you never wanted
to know. Take it off, take it back, or take cover because we're nearing a nerve. Dead is
wasted on the patient so make haste and head for the wake. Now the hornets inhabit the
hearts we've abandoned. We are gone. Cast aside our clothes like funeral roses, and dance
straight through the psalm. I'm dead in the water. Don't come for me. I was once alive in
the deserts eyes on the day it wed the sea. I drew a chalk outline around your city.
Hushed the sobs in your halls. But we both know it's killer, baby he'll outrun them all.
There is so much shame in how little we've gained for so long. Now the sky is falling.
And you're just repeating every word I say. You are not listening close enough. It's a
catastrophe. You have not been concentrating. Pay attention there will be an exam
Build an ark
Come bring us back to the ruin
Drifting out of our heads
Taped off the sky above your city
Dusted for prints on the chapel wall
But we all know that it's killer, baby I will outrun them allback to top
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