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Evol lyrics

Album: The Saga Of The Horned King [1995]

 01  The Present Age
 02  The Chant Of The Witches
 03  From The Unknown Domain... (The King Awakes)
 04 Through Foggy Plains And Mystic Woods He Rides...
 05  Prologue (Waiting For His Coming)
 06 The Eve
 07  The Return Of The Horned King
 08  The Feast
 09  Sorrow Of The Witch (Path To A Greater Knowledge)
 10 The Saga Of The Horned King
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The Present Age
Living in a world of solitude, submerged by falsity and ignorance,
where man live for his own, forgiving his Source,
this is our Age, Godsless, as Nietzsche said,
but Gods will never die, and the time will come,
when our Forger will rise in front of his creatures,
and the Revenge of the Black Souls, banished from this Society,
will take place..."back to top
The Chant Of The Witches
Darksome Night and shining Moon
East then South then West then North
Harken to the Witches' Rune
Here I come to call Thee forth

Earth and Water, Air and Fire
Wand and Pentacle and Sword
Work thee now to my Desire
Harken ye unto my Word

Queen of heaven, Queen of Hell
Horned Hunter of the Night
Lend your Power unto my Spell
Work my Will by Magic Rite

Power of Land (and) Sway of Sea
Might of Moon and gift of sun
Do as I will (and) let It be
Chant the Spell and It be done.

EKO, EKO, ARADIAback to top
From The Unknown Domain... (The King Awakes)
(Slow voices by Prince of Agony)
(Instrumental)back to top
Prologue (Waiting For His Coming)
ALONE, in a world of light
ALONE, in the reign of christ
THE BEAST, resting in the deeps of Ade
THE FEAST, I'm preparing

MY HANDS, stained with blood
A CORPSE, bleeding at my feet
THE WIND, rose from the North has dropped
THE SLAUGHTER, now begins

FATHER, You come at last
SATAN, You are here for us
THE BEAST, in the deeps of Ade awakes
THE END, gets near

WE SERVE YOUback to top
The Return Of The Horned King
Spirit of the Unknown Domain,
Father forgotten by your children,
A long journey You endured,
through stranger reigns now here
As an ageless Soul upon Stormy Oceans
You travelled to reach your lost sons.

Master, here we are
Waiting, for Your coming
Lost, is our Source
Mislaid, is our Goal

"Oh my King, You're here at last.
I swear by Your Dark Throne my total obedience,
I seal this Oath with my blood.
Make whatever You want of our lives,
they're yours, and so this world".

Finally He arrives to the Place
where His people live
Rage when He sees another Lord
on His jewelled throne
For years the battle lasts
leaving only corpses and dust
at the end our King slays His enemy.

Master, here're our Souls
Meaningless, as we born
Slaves, to the Dark Domain
Fighting, for our Black Faith

"Darkness fills the Air. Stench of putrid things in it.
(Ancient) monuments to a forgotten christ are burning,
his followers are hanged on every tree, their flesh is food for the birds,
their Souls are the dish of our Lord".back to top
The Feast
(based on an existing Tarantella)
(Clavichord performed by Roberto Scarpa Meylougan)
(Instrumental)back to top
Sorrow Of The Witch (Path To A Greater Knowledge)
I wander
With my mind
My true strength
My free hand

Find the Way...
Reach the Pain...

Then a day
I realise
Where to dig
Where to find It

"Beyond the Pain I pass, senseless to this body,
my Soul is free to wander in the Realm of Nothingness,
and here I find the Essence, banished in a Rubin Tower,
Yes, I find It, but I cannot catch It, 'cause my Body is calling me,
More Pain I need to go beyond the Wall of Flesh,
the Gate to a greater Knowledge is not open yet".back to top
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