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Exhumed lyrics

Album: In The Name Of Gore [1996]

 01  Horrendous Member Dismemberment
 02  Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy, Part II)
 03  Masochistic Copromania
 04  Necrovores: Decomposing The Inanimate
 05  Disinterred, Digested, And Debauched
 06  Bone Fucker
 07  Necro-Transvestite
 08  Torso
 09  Dissecting The Caseated Omentum
 10  Death Metal
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Horrendous Member Dismemberment
Nailing the dismembered member to the table,
Hammer gleaming in my sweat soaked palm,
First excruciating blow to the scrotum is struck,
Hammering my genitals into a bloody pulp...
Agonizing self castration,
This hammer my tool of self-emasculation...
Disfigured bludgeoned stump...
Relentlessly smashing my own copulatory organ,
Savagely striking the pulverized mess,
Testicles crushed beyond recognition,
Punctured, pulped, and pounded,
Gouging out the pulsating gonads,
The scrotal sac is lacerated and split,
As the urethra is violently macerated,
My prepuce is now flayed to bits...
Collapsing of the corpus cavernosum,
Completely liquefying the testis and scrotum...
Experimenting with penile malleation,
The excruciating pain causes urinal vesation...
Disfigured bludgeoned stump...
The seminiferous tubules are splayed,
Rendering the organ sterile,
Severing of the epidydimis,
A vasectomy so vile...back to top
Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy, Part II)
Suffering intolerably from bladder irritability,
Emitting septic belches, pungent septic funk,
Unable to function because of bowel flaccidity,
Interruption of rectal reflex, a constipated gut...
Fecal inspissation inspire colonic impaction,
Decaying the discharge, ulcerative colitis,
Bodily waste accumulates from abdominal distention,
Perforation of tissue, diverticulitis...
Indigested splatter,
Regurgitated bolus overflows in your maw,
Atonic bladder,
The state of the kidneys is now piss poor...
Gastro-abdominal nausea increases with the compression of flatus,
Ankylosing spondylitis renders locomotion an impossibility,
Prolapsing of the sphincter following violent tenesmus,
Bile and chyme seep through ulcers into the peritoneal cavity...
Microbes dine on enterolithic crust,
Intestines bloated from bacterial infection,
Crepitated bowels move in disgust,
Escherichia coli mount an insurrection (repeat)...
Congenital mega colon halts manual disimpaction,
Suppositories run over the sealed orifice,
Laxatives perpetuate the swelling of the abdomen,
The catheter cannot penetrate anal agenisis...
The cardiovascular system is infected through osmosis,
Overwhelmed by pathogens and bacteria so rank,
Mephitic claret causes equilibrial stasis,
The product; a human septic tank...back to top
Masochistic Copromania
The sterilized scalpel glistens in the light,
Plasma issues forth as it plunges into my skin,
Slicing the meat,
I gleefully smile,
Covering my body with carefully made incisions...
The epidermis snaps back to make way for a gaping hole,
Osseous tissue revealed as sanguinary fluid flows,
My stomach painfully contracts as I regurgitate,
Glazing my exposed dermis with acidic vomitate...
Defecation in hand,
Clutching moist feces,
Stuffing the shit,
In my freshly made slits...
Splashing about, basted in blood,
Avulsed flesh drips from my lacerations,
My fetish is fed, to skillfully rend,
Sublime pain, masochistic satisfaction...
Blood drenched stool lines my wounds,
The odor of decaying discharge looms,
The fecalith acts as my suture,
My cuts erupt in gangrenous sores...back to top
Necrovores: Decomposing The Inanimate
Laid down amongst several thousand tabanid brethren,
Wriggling free from a post-natal prison,
Incubated in the spume of composting meat,
Blindly in search of a necro-pyomorphic feast,
Burrowing through layers of necrotic tissue,
Pulpous flesh and muscle sinew,
Re-ingesting the digested chyme,
Frolicking in a playground of post-mortem slime...
Writhing larvae are gorged on the lukewarm grey matter,
Overwrought with parasites, a rancid head of splatter...
Cranial atrophy is abetted by gnathostomiasis,
As gamesome grubs take to tumbling down sulcus...
Dipterous infants, White and limbless,
Nursed on carcass,
A pale existence...
Relentless quarrying results in anastomosis,
Actuating the event of enteroptosis,
Through the extirpation of sustenacula,
The thoughtless act of a juvenile brachycera,
The corpse, subjected to cutaneous larva migrans,
Provides temporary dwelling for the pupating clan,
Then, following the harvest of the rancid lysate,
The toddlers lie dormant in order to transmutate...
Subsisting solely as a parasitic anathema,
These maggots, the babes of the Musca domestica...back to top
Disinterred, Digested, And Debauched
I unearth the decomposing corpse,
Splintering the musty casket,
Seething with excitement,
I lay bare the dusty tomb...
The pungent aroma of putrescence,
Penetrates my nasal passage,
Revealing the naked body,
To play host to my morbid whims...
An expeditious dissection of the degenerate anatomy,
Will hasten the deconstruction of the thoracic cavity,
Caseated viscera, abdominal enema,
The cadaveric paste inspires a moment of levity...
I sip the succulent succus,
I nibble the nauseating noma,
Gorging myself on the gore,
An appetance to truly abhor...
Sodomized by an ingot,
Shifting through the shit clots,
Pelvic fractuing is wrought...
The image of the grumous vagina,
An amorous sight that makes my erection grow thick,
Penetrating the dried meatus,
The crepitated cunt collapses on my dick...back to top
Bone Fucker
The mouldy earth crumbles under my pick-axe, The hardened turf gives up its
morbid harvest, Cracking the earthen crypt with my rusted spade, Disinterrment
of the pieces from where they lay to rest... The arduous task reveals my
unhealthy reward, A long dead stiff is the fruit of my labours, Fracturing the
brittle wooden coffin, To reveal the skeletonized remains that I savour... The
horrendous stench only serves , To heighten my anticipation, Rotted prizes
bring with them , The prospect of gratification... Fellating the femur as my
anus quivers anxiously, I tongue the mandibles as I work myself into a frenzy,
My sphincter twitching uncontrollably in expectation, With a firm grip on the
fibula I commence my anal penetration... My buttocks clenched tightly around
the bone, A wave of sensual pleasure washes over me as I groan, Again an again
I fill myself, squirming in ecstacy, My prostate is tormented by the
splintered bones abrupt entry... This tortured anus is stretched by the
entry of the tibia, I grimace in an amalgam of pleasure and pain, My fetish
for osseus necro-perversion I lustily pursue, My erection engorged with blood
as my anus is strained... My crudely fashioned ossified dildo, An instrument
of supreme titilation, Bizarre necro-sodomy my only end, And I pursue it with
fervent dedication... I gnaw on chalky metatarsals, Grinding my anus on the
musty bones, Me penis lodged in the rib cage, In this grave, I climax alone...back to top
Brutally raped and hacked,
Vagina torn ripped in half ,
Slash and rend, mutilate,
Garrote the bitch, decapitate,
Face ripped off, disfigurement,
Bodily dismemberment,
Guts are spilled, violent death,
Mangled cunt to molest...
Left embracing the carcass I discover my fomentment,
As I unconsciously rub up against her gory habiliment,
The muliebral texture of the soused and silken garment,
The one and only way to find sexual contentment...
Suffering from mammary and vaginal envy,
I fasten around my chest the brassiere of the deceased,
Excising the breasts with painstaking precision,
I pad my bra with a pair of decomposing falsies...
Hastily undress the corpse,
Peel off clothing, quite a chore,
Clutching her bousterrie,
Caressing bloody lingerie,
Grasping for ensanguined garb,
My erection is growing hard,
Buttoning the imbrued dress,
Feminine attire, a bloody mess...
As I adorn myself in my victims blood-stained apparel,
My perverse urges are fulfilled with overwhelming delight,
I ejaculate as I slip into her urine soaked panties,
My carnal desire that of a necro-transvestite...
Encrusted, runny stockings, finery for a fiend...
Donning ghastly vestments,
necro-splattered closet queen...back to top
Blood is spilled, bones are cracked,
Fettered limbs are cruelly hacked,
Relentless brutal maniac,
Violent death, gore attack...
Choke on guts, final breath,
Now awaiting your morbid death,
No more hope for life is left,
When I rip off your fucking head...
Torso...back to top
Dissecting The Caseated Omentum
Feverishly savouring my sordid, charnel chore,
The rib cage and sternum I frenziedly bore,
Skin flayed and stripped as your torso is wrecked,
A grotesquely wrenched cavity now lays bare to dissect...
A granular amorphous mass is all that remains,
Of the peritoneum which enshrouds the rotted stomach,
Tubucular enlargements extend across the abdomen,
The gnarled cheese like clumps I now hack...
Necrotic tissue converted to casein,
Omental bursa caked and dried,
My dissection kit now quite bedaubed,
As I further sunder your rotted insides...
Blanketing the organs that once facilitated digestion,
Transversing the dead bowels like an apron over the intestine...
A dried crepitated mound of viscera,
Innards desiccated during caseation,
I gouge and excoriate my way through the guts,
Now ripped and mangled during desecration...
The disfigured gut now totally wasted,
I regard the disinterred stiff with a smirk,
Decomposed, dissected and dismembered,
I resplendently admire my handiwork...back to top
Death Metal
Arise from the dead and attack from the grave
The killing won't stop until first light
We'll bring you to hell because we want to enslave
Soul will be frozen with fright

We'll break through the crust, leave from our crypts
Protected by eternal life
Lay down the laws from our satanic scripts
Bringing you nothing but strife

Death metal

Ruling your cities, controlling your towns
Entrapped in your worst nightmare
Piercing your ears with the horrible sound
Casting my elusive stare

Lucifer laughs, his needs are fulfilled
The Flames are now burning hot
Bodies are burning, the people are killed
Torture the reason we fought

Death Metal

Kill Them Pigs

Now we take over and rule by death metal
Enjoy our long wanted reign
Blood's what we want and we won't settle
Until we drive you insane

Attacking the young and killing the old
Bleeding with every heart beat
Darkness has feelen and your soul is sold
Claws will dig into your meat

When the sun doesn't rise and the day is like night
Know that your life is at its end
Rendered helpless so scream out fright
Death metal came in the wind
Death metalback to top
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