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Exodus lyrics

 1985 Bonded By Blood
 1987 Pleasures Of The Flesh
 1988 Fabulous Disaster
 1989 Good Friendly Violent Fun
 1990 Impact Is Imminent
 1992 Force of Habit
 1998 Exodus
 2004 Tempo of the Damned

· 'Til Death Do Us Part
· A Lesson In Violence
· A.W.O.L.
· And Then There Were None
· Architect of Pain
· Bitch
· Blacklist
· Bonded By Blood
· Brain Dead
· Cajun Hell
· Changing Of The Guard
· Chemi-kill
· Choose Your Weapon
· Climb Before the Fall
· Corruption
· Count Your Blessings
· Deliver Us To Evil
· Deranged
· Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
· Exodus
· Fabulous Disaster
· Faster than You'll Ever Live to Be
· Feeding Time at the Zoo
· Force of Habit
· Forward March
· Fuel for the Fire
· Good Day to Die
· Heads They Win (Tails You Lose)
· Impact Is Imminent
· Impaler
· Like Father, Like Son
· Low Rider
· Me, Myself & I
· Metal Command
· No Love
· Objection Overruled
· One Foot in the Grave
· Only Death Decides
· Open Season
· Overdose
· Parasite
· Piranha
· Pleasures of the Flesh
· Pump it Up
· Scar Spangled Banner
· Sealed With a Fist
· Seeds of Hate
· Shroud of Urine
· Strike Of The Beast
· Tempo of the Damned
· The Last Act of Defiance
· The Lunatic Parade
· The Toxic Waltz
· Thorn in My Side
· Thrash Under Pressure
· Throwing Down
· Toxic Waltz
· Verbal Razors
· War Is My Shepherd
· When it Rains it Pours
· Within The Walls Of Chaos

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