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The Exploited lyrics

Album: Beat the Bastards [1996]

 01  Beat the Bastards
 02 Affected by Them
 03 Don't Blame Me
 04 Law for the Rich
 05 System Fucked Up
 06 They Lie
 07 If You're Sad
 08 Fightback
 09 Massacre of Innocents
 10 Police TV
 11 Sea of Blood
 12 15 Years
 13 Serial Killer
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Beat the Bastards

Slaves to the system there's no way out
Slaves to the system do you have a shout
Youve got to beat the bastards and beat em now
Sick of policies puting me down

Beat the bastards, beat them now

Just out of school dont have a clue
No income support for you
Cant get a job dont get a chance
Sick of politics leaving you out

Beat the bastards, beat them now

Money power and streight
Teenage kids with nowt to spend
Hungry homeless who gives a shit
Sick of policies leaving me out


You've got to beat the bastards...back to top
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