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The Exploited lyrics

Album: Fuck the System [2002]

 01  Fuck the System
 02 Fucking Liar
 03 Holiday in the Sun
 04 You're a Fucking Bastard
 05 Lie to Me
 06 There Is No Point
 07 Never Sell Out
 08 Noize Annoys
 09 I Never Changed
 10 Why Are You Doing This to Me
 11 Chaos Is My Life
 12 Violent Society
 13 Was It Me
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Fuck the System
Exploited - Fuck The System

Verse 1:

It doesn't really matter
What you've got to say
They never fucking listen
To you any way


So fuck the system
You can bring it down
So fuck the system
We can bring it down

Verse 2:

Future is chaos and anarchy
The misery continues
It's the governement way

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 3:

Get up and stand up
And fight back now
They didn't want to listen
But they'll listen now

(Chorus Repeat)

Verse 4:

Thousands of homeless
And more each day
The misery continues
It's the government way
Fuck the government

(Chorus Repeat)


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