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Extreme lyrics

 1989 Extreme
 1990 Extreme II: Pornograffitti
 1992 III Sides to Every Story
 1995 Waiting for the Punchline

· Big Boys Don't Cry
· Color Me Blind
· Cupid's Dead
· Decadence Dance
· Flesh 'N' Blood
· Get the Funk Out
· God Isn't Dead?
· He Man Woman Hater
· Hip Today
· Hole Hearted
· I Rise 'N Shine
· II Am I Ever Gonna Change
· III Who Cares?
· It ('s a Monster)
· Kid Ego
· Leave Me Alone
· Li'l Jack Horny
· Little Girls
· Midnight Express
· More Than Words
· Mutha (Don't Wanna Go to School Today)
· Naked
· No Respect
· Our Father
· Peacemaker Die
· Play With Me
· Politicalamity
· Pornograffitti
· Rest in Peace
· Rock a Bye Bye
· Seven Sundays
· Shadow Boxing
· Smoke Signals
· Song for Love
· Stop the World
· Teacher's Pet
· Tell Me Something I Don't Know
· There Is No God
· Tragic Comic
· Unconditionally
· Warheads
· Watching Waiting
· When I First Kissed You
· When I'm President
· Wind Me Up

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