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Fenix TX lyrics

Album: Fenix Tx [1999]

 01  Flight 601 (All I've Got Is Time)
 02  Minimum Wage
 03  Surf Song
 04  All My Fault
 05  Jolly Green Dumbass
 06  G.B.O.H.
 07  Ben
 08  Speechless
 09  Philosophy
 10  No Lie
 11  Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste
 12  Jean Claude Trans Am
 13  Rooster Song
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Flight 601 (All I've Got Is Time)
I think about the places I have been
And what I've seen
And all the lessons I've learned in between
Twenty some odd years and nothing's changed
I'm still the same
Still learning from this never ending dream

This life it teaches me of many things
Like disbelief And trusting in dishonesty and love
It keeps me dragging on and on
But something's wrong
And I just can't seem to figure out the scheme

Another time might make you crazy
But that's all I've got is time (x2)

Satisfactions never guaranteed
And you agree
It's best to live inside our memories
And if I make it to the otherside
I'll be satisfied
And I'm never coming back for anything

Another time might make you crazy
But that's all I've got is time(x2)

This life it teaches me of many things
Like disbelief.....and I'm never coming back for anything

Another time might make you crazy
But that's all I've got is time (3x)back to top
Minimum Wage
Politically correct and mentally erect
I'm doing everything I can to conserve the best
But life ain't nothin but a bowl a grits and this united states proud crap
Makes me sick
People tell me don't make a name for yourself cause that's the only way you're
Gonna get outta this hell
I'm gonna try and try and try and do all that I can but
I'll never understand it's guaranteed
I'm making minimum wage
I can't survive this day and age, home of the free land of the brave, I can't
Survive this day and age it's guarenteed I'm making minimum wage
I'll take a work strike over a tax hike any day of the year and
I don't care about anything as long as those striking ain't bottling beer
Give me a gun let's go get the xxx he wouldn't mind he's protected by the
I've got a green man in my backyard
This time the goverment has gone too farback to top
Surf Song
Hanging out at the beach one day
And I heard someone say that if i
Was cool I'd be surfing
That's when I decided I wasn't gonna be some punk kid
Gettin sand kicked in his face and losin all the chicks
I wish that I was cool
I wish I was surfing
I wish that I was cool
I wish I was surfing
And every single day

I wish that I was cool
I wish that I was surfing
I went out and bought me a board
I even got me a bungee cord
When I finally caught a wave
Got washed into a daze
How much practice can it take
I mean I've already seen point break
And if keanu can do it then
Well I can tooback to top
All My Fault
I guess we've had our fun but it seems our fun is over now and that's all right it's all right
Time for me to move along and after all is said and done
I'll be all right it's all right
Tell me something that's sure to break my heart 'cause everything's my fault
And I know I deserve to be alone 'cause everything's my fault
Here we go again unsuccessful to make amends
I've tried as hard as I can but I can't seem to understand
I guess it's over now your honesty has all run out
I just can't seem to see how the hell you can make believe thats it's all rightback to top
Jolly Green Dumbass
Well all the things I've said to try to make it work have all been bent or misunderstood
Everything was taken the wrong way
Now you're making things so hard
Now when you think of me you get bent outta shape pissed off at all the choices that you've made
Everything is going the wrong way
And it's making things so hard
You always kick and scream so hard what can I do to calm you
Down why do you make things so hard you gotta stop sneaking around
I guess for you a new life has begun
I'll sit at home and watch reruns
So I'm gone all the time what difference does it make togetherness
Doesn't seem to amount to anything everything is all screwed up and
Now I'm making things so hard
Sometimes I think about the way it used to be you're not the same person that you started out to be
I haven't talked to you in days and I guess it's not so hardback to top
Sometimes I think of what I could've been
And then I kick myself
Knowing that I've ended up
Just like him and
There's other times it doesn't seem so bad
We always used to say
With him dead there'll be no one in our way

Remember the time he caught us in your room
Your hands were down my underwear
And your tig ol' bitties glistening in the air
With the zip of my pants
Well I headed for the door
And with the swing of his fist
You were ailaidlaid out on the floor and

Involuntary Self defense
Call it what you will
How can we go on
Where do we go from here
Involuntary Self defense
Call it what you will
How can we go on
Where do we go from here

Running all the way home
Scared just like a chump
I turned up the Judas Priest
So I could get my gangsta groove on
And the baseball bat called to me like a drug
Breaking the law Breaking the law
I'm gonna kill your mother's fucker with a Louisville Slugger

Involuntary Self defense
Call it what you will
How can we go on
Where do we go from here
Involuntary Self defense
Call it what you will
How can we go on
Where do we go from here

Involuntary Self defense
Call it what you will
How can we go on
Where do we go from here
Involuntary Self defense
Call it what you will
How can we go on
Where do we go from hereback to top
Ask me a question
I'll tell you all I know you ask for my advice and then you take a different road you traveled oh so far left everyone
Who cared far behind left us all behind
How could I have ever saved you the only thing I'd ever done was cared
How could I have ever blamed you you never promised that you would always be there
I'll never know what you were thinking on that night you saw him on the road and took the angel for a ride
He gave you confidence as you yearned for your own praise then took your soul away
Take a different road take a chance to know
There's so much more than winning
Take a different way wait another day
Now it seems that it's too late and...back to top
I never said a thing to hurt you
It's what I didn't say that made you cry
And in all honesty I never would've deserted you
I never dreamt that you would say goodbye
I'll close my eyes tell anoth-er lie think of yesterday think of everything you said
There's nothing left to say
It's just another day without you here and it seems a long long time since you went away and I fear
I'll dream another dream about you all that I can do
I'll dream another dream today and I'll dream my life away
I'll close my eyes so I don't have to see you leave tell another lie anything to keep you hereback to top
Nothing good can ever seem to last but it's goodness that delivers us our past nothing good can ever come of this I'm sure
But sometimes you are granted just one wish and every now and then there'll come a time when you are lost in your own
Mind and then you'll understand just why we were put here on this earth and why nothing good can last nothing good
Can ever seem to stay but it's great to see those great things fade away nothing good will ever come of this I'm sure
But in the end we are all still innocentback to top
No Lie
Take a chance on me she said I'll be here for a while
I should have seen the lies through her smile why didn't I lie to you
All the problems that you've had you'll blame them all on me take away my eyes so I can't see
Take a chance on me again
I'll try and make it right but I won't hear another lie tonightback to top
Apple Pie Cowboy Toothpaste
How many wrong turns can I make
I'd give a million dollars just to see her smile on top of me
But if she won't give it up well that's o.k
I never liked that drunk ass bitch anyway
When she does it's on there she goes she's pissin on my floor
How many trips to the e.r will it take she gets her stomach pumped and runs to buy another case of the michelob cause
The lonestar just won't do and the beer tastes awfully used st. idesand even special brew (insert hi-fi hard core
Supa-dupa fly gangsta rap here)back to top
Jean Claude Trans Am
And if I ever hurt you I swear I never meant to so please don't hold it against me but in the heat of passion I forget to sympathize with your virginity how can I sit still every time you're nea
And how can I forget you're always reminding me all I need'd a taste you're such a terrible thing to waste but I know you have your reasons I'll wait for the day that I acn hear you say call me
U need someback to top
Rooster Song
Big cock, he's so damn big
Big cock, he even ate a pig
Big cock, a big cock for your mouth.
Big cock, and on thanks-giving
Big cock, is what you'll be given
Big cock , a big cock for your mouth
Big cock, he's so tasty
Big cock, sop him up with gravy
Big cock, a big cock for your mouth.
When I'm alone all I can do is think of you
And all the ways that I can give you... big cock.back to top
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