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Forest Of Souls lyrics

Album: Contes et légendes d 'Efeandayl [1997]

 01 The discret Korrigans 'presence
 02  Esmahilv
 03  Deliverance
 04  Dreams 'challenger
 05 ...When they watched out
 06  Watcher 's line
 07 Song for the automn lady
 08  A strange family
 09  Two disturbing souls
 10  The time of the broken gates part II
 11 La venue d 'un grand brouillard
 12 Le marin des mers de l'Ouest
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Wandering and free, her you come running under the trees of the forests,
when the night over the sky spread the firmament. I neither search nor
provoke harm because this force in me, constrain me to this instinct.
Transformed in lynx you chose children but you will of notkilling is
stronger. I neither search nor provoke harm because this force in me,
constrain me to this instinct. Yet obtusenessand passion prevail in the
areas of your lonely oddysseys of which the existence is perceived in the
villagers 'eyes as an evil and unhealthy threat.
Your naked body moving among the trees of their cultures comes out into a
worrying outline. They liken you to the night and to the ruin of losing
their beloved beings when the moon rises above the bow.
Every second generation into an issue of badly-known women appear beings
like you roaming and becoming a lynx but the chase is given to the very
youngs for like is this line.
Don 't you see, Ô villagers, that this shade made with female flesh now our
children lives, don 't you see that this ginger haired witch consumes their
flesh with an unclean pleasure making them die. Let 's arm to cast her out
by fire and sword.
Here is what claim your enemies for your disappearance, so it 's your turn
to flee. But time of our failure is still up, surrended you 'll be if you
're not yet.
Your death promises to be impending now into an issue of badly women appear
beings like you roaming and becoming a lynx, me who do know it very well
being your own mother.back to top
Oh ...Such a little shape morning amongst the noisy crowd. How could you
guess huge danger that you represent ?
For when the swordfighter appeared, peace was broken. Oh...burden of your
sufferings creating with your spirit a mortal weapon.
Massacring population, devastating the regions of your lonely wanderings.
Here he is the one who ruled in your murdered soul. But I 'm the one who
watched you, who followed you to study and save you, you and the people that
you hurt.
I 've looked for the cause of this madness in huge countries and I guessed
it with my intuition.
Oh...How great is her beauty ! So I 've seen the ghostly presence of your
mother, dead for two winters lost and abandonned by the world.
Oh...Young boy far away from this woman, suffering from loneliness and
anxiety. There in your spirit was the reason for this evil the devastating
deads killing and burning. That 's why she followed me to see you again and
to cure you. How I remember the reunion , making your heart jump towards
life, from this sweet cause the deads were unbound so violently massacring
without mercy, exterminating until the last their bones and their rotten
flesh stained the soil, fallng one by one, choking the air with their foul
rapour darkening the sky.
Exhausted you fell down happy, allowin gyour mother to leave for a journey
without return to the worlds which aren 't ours yet.back to top
Dreams 'challenger
Here is the wild and icy immensity of a desolate life
The one which was mine due to my past
This past of a dead warrior
How can I make this life the way I should have lived it ?
If not by dreams I would subdue. That way we could see me while asleep
silent still but happy
Concquering a part of my wasted past making up for all youth 's pleasures
I saw my mother and my father during the act of my conception
I saw the child I was becoming that picture
I saw once again the dead who were the incarnation of my own pain
I saw once again that man who followed me and watched me in order to help me
I remembered about that shamble and that rescue
But I annihilated those memories recreating from my dreams a new youth which
I should control
Travelling in the broad places of my mind venturing into experiences which I
have not lived
Filling impetuously my emptyness by braving the past through my dreamsback to top
Watcher 's line
As down with its presence announces the start of a new day. Aldrian we are
both here on the road of aventures that my father used to narrate to me.
But that my son is up to you to choose to follow me as I did formely on the
long and ancient tracks of western regions further than the ancestral forest
of whispers the ones related in the old tales that women used to sing before
the venue of the crawling and insinuating shadow.
Our march is slow but careful, facing numerousand cancealed dangers.
At last the black mountain of Erdak unveals where evil in its darkest shape
is kept prisoner. You can see the entrance waiting for you in its silence.
Now it 's up to you to make your way.
There you will find the guardian who in fact is your grand father. I replace
the latter to carry out the task I have accepted. you will be alone amongst
those silent rocks looking out for evil.
With your strengh and wisdom you will answer that role.
-You have to see this monstruosity on your own to be prepared
-You have to meet my father and allow me to follow you far behind.
-You have to let the latter guide in order for me to replace him.
-You have to accept this role when your time will come.
-But you will have to accept the madness setting down in your mind due to
the loneliness.
When your child will be born in your turn you will accompagny it on the way
so you can replace me to prevent the evil to spread from under the mountain;back to top
A strange family
My son now the time of great menace which are the people 's rumour
We are marginalised by their talk and we 're soil by their words
Saying your sister isn 't living in our walls
Now she is living in the woods alone, strolling
What insult for our so pure and straight line !
Thus I summer you to find her
Here was his words but it 's enough of all this stillness
It 's enough of our father 's closed rigidity
Our sister was right to leave and have a free lifeSo that 's why we are
going to find her reluctanly
But longer is our quest, stronger is our own desire of leaving
O ...Sister we estim your audacity so don 't consider us as your enemies
At last, we 've found you, is a strange aspect cause you became a ghost By
the suicide, away that you chose to rejoin a dead woman you loved
We go back ti the kingdom to say the truth to people knowing a scandal will
There you are so angry, you feeling so comfortable in the ice of conformity
in spite of the new times
The yoke of uprightness is finished, because this freshness break down the
last ramparts of that rigidity
Delight you sister you who has joined your love on the sea
Because it 's here she went calling for you to join her.back to top
Two disturbing souls
Remember my riends these wars that were so viril, so pure.

Remember this joy that made out of us proud carriers of armour.
Do you remember the song of their words the joyfull power of our enthousiasm
? And our happiness seeing the joy and pleasure, raping the virgins of the
conquered countries.
Let 's not speak anymore about the spirits that made peace rule their power
and that prevented any death caused purposly by a being.
And all this in the middle and in between the two kingdoms that had been
before the place of great fights.
And this knight that was the cause of this end.
Oh yes ! I remember him, the idealist who knew the existence of this two
Two small twins who died at an unknown moment, innocent and sweet, charming
and fiery
Killed during a war when they were sleeping
So vengeance of wars was born in themselves.
Little ghostly girls ruling over their castle and their big kingdom,
obliging peace to settle in the fortress, at the country side in the wood,
and over the routes, the mountains and the sites, the hills and the plains.
Little spirits discovered by that knight, accepting this role that was
proposed to them.
This was made the tragedy which is ours for neverthless the arms don 't sing
their joy anymore.
Remember, remember...
But our kingdom is waiting for the fight and victory. Let 's hurry to take
our chess games for this is our new field of wars.back to top
The time of the broken gates part II
Nous voici après de longues errances
Arrivés dans ce monde inconnu
Notre désir de nous y installer est grand
Car las sont nos esprits de travailler
Nous savons qu 'un grand changement se fera
Nous attendons alors ce bouleversement
Afin de pouvoir visiter ces nouveaux lieux
Apparaissant après la venue d 'un brouillard
Nous nous étalerons alors sur ce vaste univers de matière
Rencontrant les peuples qui l 'habitent , communiquant avec eux
Pour les connaitre et pour nous dévoiler à leurs connaissances
Il en est donc fini pour un temps de cette solitude
Nous avons fermé toutes les portes des mondes
Que nous avons traversés dans notre errance
Ainsi leur interpénétration ne se fera pas
Et les univers entre eux resteront finalement stables.back to top
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