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Gamma Ray lyrics

Album: Insanity and genius [1993]

 01  Tribute to the past
 02  No return
 03  Last before the storm
 04  The cave principle
 05  Future madhouse
 06  Gamma Ray
 07  Insanity and genius
 08  18 years
 09  Your turn is over
 10  Heal me
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Tribute to the past
He who found a way to leave to somewhere far from now
Traveling in his timemachine a dream that had come true
For my friend, you will see, something called reality
I feel good, I'm alright, doing what I please - I travel time

Far beyond the rising sun - I ride the winds of fate
Prepared to go where my heart belongs - back to the past again
I just want to save the universe for au mankind
We want to save the future of the earth
Step by step surroundings change as years go passing by
He only stops to gaze a little while
I push the button further on, I just can't get enough
I know I will return again but still I'm movin' on

Far beyond the rising sun...

As I movin' on I see things to come, I see fears and I hear laughter
Curiosity, comin' over me, what is night and what will happen
And I see the lies and I hear the cries and the marchin' of the people
As they go to war, heaven knows what for - God I think I've had enough now

Too late, too late - I can't go back no more! I lost control of the engine
No light, no light - can't see where I have gone can't see where I have come to
Where am I now - stranded in time

Solo Kai

So many years have passed since I had gone I and I have seen who's gonna be
But now I know it is useless to travel on
And I will return to the time and peace I belong to

Far behind the rising sun...back to top
No return
I'm riding the wind, don't need your request
You'd never invite me but I will be your guest
Oh no, no don't be afraid of the reaper
It's time to go I call your name and you follow
Fly with me

Take a look around and say you love me
And I will guide you through the golden door
For everything you'll see there is a reason
The big wheel is turning like always before

There is no return from the other side of heaven
For the big wheel turns and the circle must go on
forever more

How do you like your termination day? So far -
Kiss me good bye, cause I must fade away

Oh no, no don't be afraid of your master
It's time to go it's calling your name now you follow
Fly away
Take a look around...
There is no return...

Solo Kai

Welcome to eternal life, my friend
Now take your seat on your cloud
Enjoy your stay
But always remember
There is no return 3x
No return, no return
From the other side of the heavenback to top
Last before the storm
Who's controlling au the misery and pain
When the error signs are lighted in the masterwall
And from the start the action is in vein
Cause the beast is always careful to avoid the fall

We crawl up to the skies. We'll never return again

We're the last before the storm
Watching the sun going down on us
We wish we had never been born
To be the last before the storm

Who's ever gonna change the world
I don't understand what we are fighting for
The truth is sad, no lying, we are cursed
I don't really know who ever made the law

We cry on for more, we wonder what's next to the world
We settle the score, we never look back


Cry out for the people who don't know the world
They don't understand what they say and they're cursed
Lying for pleasens in search for the truth

Mephisto - we comin' down (repeat)


We cry out for more, we wonder what' next to the world
We settle the score, we never look back

Chorusback to top
The cave principle
I crawl across the floor never see the light
Only shadows on the wall
Somebody said there's reality behind
But I'm afraid to turn and fall - oh no

Set me free - for eternity

And now they talk about my destiny again
I hear their footsteps in the dark
But then again there was the silence and the pain
Uh lord that made me feel so lost

Heal me - get out of here
Save me - my world's an illusion

Bass - solo

I'm still inside the cave imprisoned in on mind
And silhouttoes on the wall
I have to turn around to see what's goin' on
Cause what I saw was never au

Just a move is the solution
it's not enough to stand and stare
Leave the cage and find a reason
For the cross you have to bear

Never return to the principleback to top
Future madhouse
In the morning your try to recover
But you still got the red in your eyes
Then you get up and look at the mirror
And you see the beast arise
Got a big red nose from the overdose
And somebody ease eyes
And you think to thee is it really me
And you have to realize

The prize that you pay for a moment like this
Is never for high 'cause you still doing it
Don't you know that we all stand in line
Our future dreams are just a waste of time

Our future -is a madhouse and we all are movin' in
Cause the world - needs some action and there nothing left to gain

Take your baggy thing anre ready
You only need to come
Join this century's scizoid clan
The rooms are paved and done

The price that you pay for a moment like this
Is never too high cause it perfectly fits
Don't you that we are wasting time
Insanity is just a state of mind

Our - future - is a madhouse

Solo: Kai/ Diry/ Kai

Our world - is a madhouse, in the gutter, come on in
Our world - needs some action satisfaction 'til the end
Our world - we need sex and crime to supply our minds an amazing time
Our future - and we party on 'til our life is done
Just to waste on time - 'til the endback to top
Gamma Ray
The world's desperated with irony, hunger and corruption
The eastern world and the africans, too
Are going to repeat the history of all wars
And our industry supplied them with arms
Everybody knows but nobody can do anything against it
The fall of society is on the make

Well sometimes, sometimes I try to drop a list
I try to find out what they have done
I thought of honorable murderers you know
Like Jonah's hand must ??? around us

And anytime, everywhere in the whole world ...
Gamma Ray, Gamma Ray, Gamma Ray, Gamma Ray,
Made of you egsistence, Gamma Ray money and our failing
I've waited for to fire gamma ray.
Without body I could fly around the world
Destroying arms, destorying rockets
Mixx all complexions of the whole human race
We all would turn to swallow people

Everybody, everywhere in the whole world
Gamma Ray...back to top
Insanity and genius
Therefore I'm laying down in laughter
Mighty, the mightiest life hereafter
The trip we started hasn't finished here
And while we think there's nor a shade of fear

Black points jump in crossing lines
Insanity's a state of mind
Both two sides are what I find
And I know they're mine

Sometime my womb beats an acteur
Your mind - creating tragic factors
You've got knowledge - stolen from the sea
You've got wisdom - just stolen knowledge

Back points jump in crossing lines
Insanitty's not far bejind the genius inside

Close before - insanity and genius (repeat)

Solo Dirk

And everyday a dreamer dies
To see what's on the other side
And everyday more dreamers die my friend
While black points jump in crossing lines again

Companions in approaching time insanity and genius
Good old friends in common life. Insanity and genius
Close before - insanity and geniusback to top
18 years
Are you still satisfied with the situation
That you've into for many years now?
Time is movin' on your childhood it's gone
But you don't realize that the game it isn't won
Blind you think that you're safe at home
But the fall is near if you carry on

18 years of freedom - where have they gone?
Try to understand - you must search to take
Before you old - you must learn to live your life before you're old

Break out the change is drawing near
Decisions to stop, to turn and stare
Solutions my thoughts are getting lighter
I'm leaving and I no longer care
Spread my wings and fly among the clouds,
I feel so free, I left the world behind
Now I know what I have missed
I'm never give it back, my life's just begun
Throw it au away, I'm not ever gonna be the same again
(repeat 4 times)
Throw it away, turn it au away
I'm not gonna be the same again.back to top
Your turn is over
We're go
Think I better keep an eye on you
'Cause you're a liar that's whayt you can do
I'm gonna take you down to hell
And I don't care just what you do or say

You find yourself in the dead end, there's no way out
Poor pityful bastard, your turn is over
And I'm finished witth you

Your turn is over (repeat 4 times)

Solo Dirk

I'm feeling free - you can't stop me
You can't hold me - I'm so restless
So you think you can escape your fate
Tell me sucker it's too late
So I know you gonna make my day

So you think you can save your life, if we are gonna wreck for you
Better look at your size, you're nothing more than a little pos
It doesn't matter what you do, I know I'm comin' over you
You haven't got a single clow
Your turn is over I'm finished with you
Your turn is over (repeat 8 times)back to top
Heal me
When I wake up at the end of the day
Now comes out sun fades away
I get myself out of my ned and cry
Is it really me now - could this be the real thing
Is there someone else to ease the pain
So easy, so easy now, has it really gone too far

It don't matter anyhow, something I feel like an
Echo in the wind, that's not coming back again
I look inside my head and what I see
Are the reflections of the world.
Am I see genius and insanity

You're alive - you're part of the show
You come to foresee the sanna quit it
No way, Iis that okay
No don't you dare, don't you dare
to touch it with your fingers
You sneak around, pull me down
Gimme no, gimme no, gimme no more bullshit
I know there's something goin' on
You better leave my life alone
You gotta take it a matter of fact. No step aside

We are brothere in rock we won't let go
We got our music and we got our soul
And with the sisters of rock we can change the world
If we try

Cool down, no move around
Someday, maybe you will understand it
My way, okay feels so good, feels so good
To be with all in good friends
Don't you realize you talk too much
I got an easy way of life, don't touch
You gotta face it as a matter of fact no step aside.

In the concrete jungle we play rock'n'roll
To set us free, to loose control
In the concrete jungle we can break the walls
That hold us down and keep us small.back to top
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