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Gandalf lyrics

Album: Snakebite [1996]

 01  The Dragon
 02  Forlorn
 03  Marionette
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The Dragon
Higher - I wanna be on the top of the world
Forever - I try to get higher than before
How do we find the thruth? - by searching for solitude?
We sail away from our souls - as we run away from God

In my dream
you lie next to me
You are like poison
a divine, but deadly disease

The dragon
you are the fuel in my veins

I - I would love to hate you
but the taste of death remains so sweet
You are a deadly infection
but someone always wants a trick or treat

When the beast has been awakened - it will stay awake forever
you can't turn back the clock anymore
When it all gets too hard to handle - the dragon is there to heal
but in the end a tear will run on my cheek

In my dream
you lie next to me
You are like poison
a divine, but deadly disease

The dragon
you are the fuel in my veins
The dragon
why won't you leave my brains?back to top
Now enter the hall of infinity, where is no light of day
In this darkened tomb of misery I walk through this haunting daze
I'm out of it, I'm out of it, in these eternal tears of pain
Divine intervention in this unholy land is just a life away

Left alone, in my misery
Forever forgotten, and eternally forlorn

Time after time, I just want to die
I give up all principles in order just to get high

Left alone in my misery
Walking through my mind with no sign of this world
I'm out of it and mentally deceased
Forever forgotten and eternally forlornback to top
A vision of mortality - all spirits reign supreme
Watched and controlled - these emotions are crucifying me

Who can you trust
when you are lost
Who'll show the way
when you're astray
Who tells the truth
to the world and the youth
Don't need an answer to this
'cos I'm in a sacred bliss

When you're a marionette
locked by your lost emotions, dancing to images of clowns
When you're a puppet
looking through the eyes of the dead, on your lost, burning soul

Who is the fool
is it me or you
Do you know the way
when you are astray
try to find out
what life is about
Don't hesitate
before it's too late

You hail to the king
you know that he will win
But in the mirror you see
a puppet with a face of griefback to top
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