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Garbage lyrics

 1995 Garbage
 1998 Version 2.0
 2001 Beautiful Garbage
 2005 Bleed Like Me

· A Stroke Of Luck
· Androgyny
· As Heaven Is Wide
· Bad Boyfriend
· Bleed Like Me
· Boys Wanna Fight
· Breaking Up the Girl
· Can't Cry These Tears
· Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
· Cup of Coffee
· Dog New Tricks
· Drive You Home
· Dumb
· Fix Me Now
· Hammering In My Head
· Happy Home
· I Think I'm Paranoid
· It's All Over But the Crying
· Medication
· Metal Heart
· Milk
· My Loverīs Box
· Nobody Loves You
· Not My Idea
· Only Happy Whem It Rains
· Parade
· Push It
· Queer
· Right Between the Eyes
· Run Baby Run
· Sex Is Not the Enemy
· Shut Your Mouth
· Silence Is Golden
· Sleep Together
· So Like a Rose
· Special
· Stupid Girl
· Supervixen
· Temptation Waits
· The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
· Til the Day I Die
· Untouchable
· Vow
· When I Grow Up
· Why Do You Love Me
· Why Don't You Come Over
· Wicked Ways
· You Look So Fine

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