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Gehenna lyrics

Album: Seen Through The Veils Of Darkness [1995]

 01  Lord Of Flies
 02  Shairak Rinnummh
 03  Vinterriket
 04  A Witch Is Born
 05  Through The Veils Of Darkness
 06  The Mystical Play Of Shadows
 07  The Eyes Of The Sun
 08  A Myth...
 09  Dark Poems Author
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Lord Of Flies
Above the earth swarm thousands
On the ground they run by the sign of the sun
In the wastes summons a voice
A voice of destruction, the calls for stavation
Abomination towards the sun
Now there is nowhere to run

Foul and cursed
A home of ugliness, torture and pain

Take me there

The horror that hides behinds this supernatural being
Foul and cursed

The stench of this desert
What have I done?

He is Lord of Fliesback to top
Shairak Rinnummh
All this is seen in black and white
This storm, this sea

A violent inferno, out of nowhere

"Devil, painting my soul black
Your blood flows in my veins
Master of rats, leader of bats
You are the sun, you are the moon
You are the wind that sweeps this land"

I will cross with glory and pride

"The sunset that never ends
The wave that never stops
The tree that never grew old
Darkness and pain forever reign
You are my brigtest star in the sky, o Shaitan"

I gave my soul and I will burn
A river of madness, a path of sin
The pit of horrors that you showed me
Is where I will dwell and stay in commandback to top
Monotant landskap strekker seg endelst og skjuler mange tapte liv En hel
tidsalder av onde minner glemmes ei, glemmes ei Er det sorg i luften? Er
angsten sdd i frossen grunn? ...Fortvilte trer... I dag er det kun ruiner
tilbake Som jorden arr str de, tause Sten p sten, dekket av sn Aner dere
hvor vondt det gjr? English: - WINTER REALM - Monotonous landscape
stretches endlessly and conceals many lost lives An age of evil memories
will not be forgotten Is there sorrow in the air? Is anxiety sown in frozen
ground? ...Tears of anguish... Today only ruins are left As the earths own
scars they stand, silent Stone by stone, covered with snow Do you know how
it hurts?back to top
A Witch Is Born
In a crooked house as old as the forest
A child was born in fire

Her hellish voice, her furious screams
In my crystal that night I could hear

Ten thousand childrean: The dau she was born
Suffered and died in their crypts

A witch is born (repeat x 4)

With eyes of lightning, raven black hair
She was a beauty

She came here to rule us all
With her cruelty

I admire her beauty, and
The madness that she brings
Singing in awe
Hail o new born witch

A witch is born (repeat x 4)back to top
Through The Veils Of Darkness
I leave this world behind
in absencee of my body
Where trails of troubled souls
shall lead the way

I swore to return to this place of suffering

And when I see the demons eye stare at me
I know my time has come
and all I could do has been done
Brought to the end of my tail
I stop and behold all the different worlds
I am shapeless, dead and lost for words...back to top
The Mystical Play Of Shadows
Every night a darker one
A time of death and slaughter
A change of light, a darker night
I saw the last dawn
Elder forces around me
Of the mortals left behind
Lead me again to this shrine

The wolves in their midnight speeches
Scream my name out loud in torment
As they haunt you, haunt you all
Forever (so eveil, so dark)

The dead scream and writhe
In pains they feel post-mortem
The throne of thoughts stands
This is the end of both fiend and friendback to top
The Eyes Of The Sun
My eyes close and I sink
From this existence to a point of bliss
The silent shadow seems to come my way
Now I see
Pierced are the eyes of the sun
Though I see a black dawn rising
For centuries it has given you hope
But it is slowly fading
Now draining you of life
Granting you death, the darkest
Life gave you solace but not any more
Life only shows you the horror
Horror...Gods ownback to top
A Myth...
Tonight our endless hunt begins
A storm of endless flames
The moon, the stars, the killing fields
Only the darkest souls will walk this ground
Shadows racing through the night
Like the hordes of ancient times
Grim faces, hearts of stone
Armageddon, the final war is on

A legion of forgotten souls
An army of heathen flesh
Riding hellion horses
The midnight sky is our home
We are possessed, we are immortal
We are the torment that you feel
Our journey goes through magic moonlight
On a path of broken bones

On a path of broken bones
We are back, forever
(chorus: repeat x2)

Streams of blood on the frozen snow
Howling wolves, in their forest home
Torches burning, in a thousand hands
As we await our ancestors of the darkly sky

Tonight our shadows will fly
Tonight the sky will cry
Tonight the ravens fly
Tonight the final war, the shadow war

We are the northern light, against clear black sky
With armour of silver and helmets of bone
The lifestorm is coming, and will slaughter and kill
As our cloven hooves echo forever

Through endless forests
You are haunted, you are forlornback to top
Dark Poems Author
Served was his head but still he could see far, far away
Their open plains, their open fields

Where rivers ran with bloos they lifted his body
Drenced in summerian black waters of sin

Clipped are the wings of this angel
His voice has been silenced
Stripped he has been limb from limb

The passage lies open, they are all written down word by word
their author, lord of cryptic seas

Celestian guardian of their tale and scriptures
Lead them to the fire burning
and they shall grow

When all this had been done his sight was still upon them
Neither day nor night his eyes would shutback to top
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