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Gob lyrics

Album: How Far Shallow Takes You (Landspeed) [1998]

 01  236 E. Broadway
 02  On These Days...
 03  Self-Appointed Leader
 04  Beauville
 05  What to Do
 06  The Mend
 07  Reign on Your Parade
 08  Suds
 09  Nothing New
 10  Burying Your Past
 11  Naked
 12  License from a Cereal Box
 13  Stand and Deliver
 14  Ok
 15  Together
 16  Things Happen All the Time
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236 E. Broadway
"236 E. Broadway"

it seems so tough sometimes when you face a day with back to back conflict.
when you get pushed around you might stand your ground,
might end up on your back, but...
when you fall do you benefit and talk about it?
when you fall do you get back up with your head above you?
when you fall...?
i choked back tears last night sitting alone in a restaurant, thinking.
how did i get so low? how did i manage to sink to the bottom?back to top
On These Days...
"On These Days..."

every thing's stagnant, inert and i feel so far away.
i've got so much more to accept, i've got so much more to say,
i felt sullen and depressed with thing i needed off my chest.
i've go so much more to accept i've got so much more to say.
i was beat up by the pictures in my mind,
i saw heat and fire come to take your place,
walked thought brilliant light on my way to see you,
i can't move at all with my feet in quicksand.
if you went a million miles away i would be sitting here wondering what to say.
i've seen the out come and i'm hoping that it never endsback to top
Self-Appointed Leader
"Self Appointed Leader"

did you think that i was blind?
did you think i couldn't see?
did you think i'd just dismiss your betrayal so easily?
sick and tired of your negativity.
sick and tired of your contradictions.
you should understand in order to make change more than
just words and ideologies are needed,
you've gotta be down to earth, so get it through your head.
nobody appointed you any kind of leader. and to think i once trusted you,
i used to call you friend.
i can forgive but i can't forget,
i won't be hurt by you again.
you've got it in your mind that you've been appointed as some kind of leader.back to top

i heard your invitation so i got up to bat and i swung real hard,
i think i knocked out the lights when i look back
because you had no idea where i was coming from .
i think i heard your shell break and i could feel your pain.
i had the nerve to put up a fight when no one else could reach inside to you.
here you go this is yours a piece of mind a sort of restitutionback to top
What to Do
"What To Do"

something's on my mind but you know i'm find sit around out here and think.
do you even know what's going on?
cause I sure don't have a clue with you anymore.
some thing's change sometimes that's right,
it's me and maybe i'll use this wasted space this time more and more efficiently.
do you even know what's going on?
cause i sure don't have a clue with what to do with you anymore.back to top
The Mend
"The Mend"

it's time to think about vital parts
and values to start to focus my attention on what makes me happy.
advice and tips on some better way's to keep a friend
straight from your pretty face to make a point of making contact.
i want to share things with those i care about, i've got so much in me.
i want to soak up what's pouring out from those who care about me.
i'm certain this time i'll make the change,
i'll at least try.back to top
Reign on Your Parade
"Reign On Your Parade"

fractured life your silence heard.
it's what you didn't want what other didn't see.
painful past you'd rather die than try to explain how it hurts inside.
don't you think their future's filled with dire problems?
you clench your fist you close your eyes.
don't point the blame you might find yourself the same.
you terrify you dare deny this poor kids life there's not much more
to identify when something's wrong the end is near
there's not much more that i can do.
you took it all their innocence left behind
with scars and shameful tears it doesn't need to be this way
it seems that it will never go awayback to top

this bridge is falling down and just like it was before,
it's bad, and i made it recur.
crossed the bridge and it caught my attention, an ocean,
diluting frustration.
so i smashed it down in search of contentment,
i fell down and into the ocean but now i am wet,
shivering wasted and i recognize my degeneration.
i can see so clearly now that i am searching for simplicity.
i can face the problem now as i look into the mirror i don't hate you.
as a crutch when i am dependent, i reach out and it won't reject me.
like a blanket when you need warmth it surrounds me but it still feels cold.
i can face the problem now that i am searching for felicity.
i can see so clearly now. when i look into your eyes i don't hate you.back to top
Nothing New
"Nothing New"

another dollar fifty another ride on the bus the seat left alone
is still warm the person next to me talks to me as if he knows me
but that's ok i don't mind i look out the window while he talks
on i do the usual try to figure out what these people do.
in their own solitude some seem so plain some seem so lonesome
lost depressed and true it's all inside of you.
wandering and waiting all your life for something new to change you
but it all seems to turn in circles nothing's new finding
and learning all you need is something to guide you nothings
stimulates no inspirationback to top
Burying Your Past
"Burying Your Past"

you used to shine like a diamond all the time
but now you forgot all your dreams forgot the times
that you had gravel in your knees and i raised you back to your feet
and now you're watered down there's nothing left burning inside
so many times i fell on my face and you lifted my spirits back to place
i hope the pieces are all around the puzzle of you burying your past
and if that perfect smile isn't the perfect lie you're faking again
wake in the morning bleeding from my back and dying
because you neglect your heart i have so many emotions,
passions burning in my heart.back to top

it seems so hard to find a decent place outside
with no need to hide you can speak your mind you can be honest
and you don't have to pretend you could brave the day
and wear a naked face but why do you loathe all your friends?
making cracks at their expense if you choose a reason
why it would probably make you cry while you fight
with the still small voice inside. you can read me like a book,
i guess there's nothing to hide. there is nothing to hideback to top
License from a Cereal Box
"License From A Cereal Box"

it seems every time we're driving down the trans-canada #1
the traffic's growing worse everyday it doesn't really help
when there's a bozo at the wheel slowing down cutting people
off i don't think it's funny. hit the gas, hit the brakes,
in a traffic jam i think i'm late for work got your license
from a cereal box you don't know how to drive you're just a fucking jerk,
it never fails getting on there's always something going
wrong a lot of cars a lot of smog (well, not as much as l.a.)
it's pretty hazy when a blowout in a tire becomes
such a big desire for idiots to watch, slow down it makes me crazy.
think you know how i feel what i need is a new automobile
like the game spyhunter i could enjoy anyone
who would annoy set the missiles seek and destroy.back to top
Stand and Deliver
"Stand And Deliver"

where it all began cause i don't even know
but the shit keeps piling on top you don't make amends
and i don't understand and you don't even really know me.
someone's holding on to me i think i really should calm down
i can feel my adrenaline running thought my veins and blood.
sometimes you can lose control and they don't understand they take you
for a ride and then they want to hold you hand.
you fought you screamed and they don't even know
what you really have in store you hear all the shit
and you don't fucking care you just have to ignore
where it all began cause i don't even know but the shit keeps piling
on top you don't make amends and i don't understand
and you don't even really know me. someone's holding on to me
i think i really should calm down i can feel my adrenaline
they feed you full of shit that you already know they take you
for a ride and then they want to hold your hand.back to top

i break the bones to pieces in my hands my clenching fingers,
were you the same all along? did i just get bored?
why did i push you away?
i still sit plagues with questions, your actions, your intentions,
why couldn't you just talk to me?
was it that i just couldn't smile anymore?
tired of keeping it inside so i failed at you
and now i pass out every night i associate the worst things
with your face and i know you're at a loss from what
you threw away i just wish that you had left my innocence.
even now i still wonder how you are truly concerned
that you're well even though you put me through this
because i see that it's better off this way
when i think that it is right and i know that i'm ok.back to top

hard times and getting harder still but together we can make
it through these days hold on and take hold of this hand
we turn to each other to find strength there's nothing that
we won't beat together there's nothing that can stop us.
help me, help me face my fear because i don't want to have to walk alone
and i make this promise to you to stand by you support you
to never let you down.back to top
Things Happen All the Time
"Things Happen All The Time"

one day i went out my door two men grabbed 'em by the throat
mixed up with another guy couldn't fight they were way too strong
beat me down threw me in the trunk what the fuck is going on?
why do things like this happen all the time?
they took a left, then a right, hit a bump, the other day,
walking down the street four men carrying bags of cash ran me down
and then they lost a bag and i was happy until the cops showed up.back to top
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