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God Dethroned lyrics

 1997 The Grand Grimoire
 1998 The Christhunt
 1999 Bloody Blasphemy
 2001 Ancient Ones
 2001 Ravenous
 2003 Into the Lungs of Hell
 2005 The Lair of the White Worm

· A View of Ages
· Bloody Blasphemy
· Boiling Blood
· Cadavers
· Christ Carnage
· Coloseum Serenades
· Enemy of the State
· Fire
· Firebreath
· God Dethroned
· Gods of Terror
· Hordes of Lucifer
· Infernal Sights of a Bloody Dawn (Morbid Rites)
· Into A Dark Millenium
· Into the Lungs of Hell
· Intro: Necrosapiens
· Last Zip of Spit
· Necromagnon
· Nocturnal
· Ravenous
· Serpent King
· Sickening Harp Rasps
· Sigma Enigma
· Slaughtering the Faithful
· Soul Capture 1562
· Soul Sweeper
· Subliminal
· Swallow the Spikes
· The Art Of Immolation
· The Christhunt
· The Christhunt - bonus track on digipack
· The Crown for the Morbid
· The Execution Protocol
· The Grand Grimoire
· The Iconoclast Deathride
· The Lair of the White Worm
· The Luciferian Episode
· The Mysteries That Make You Bleed
· The Somberness Of Winter
· The Tombstone
· The Warcult
· Under A Silver Moon
· Under the Golden Wings of Death
· Unholdin of Hewe
· Villa Vampiria

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