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Godflesh lyrics

Album: Slavestate [1991]

 01  Slavestate
 02  Perfect Skin
 03  Someone Somewhere Scorned
 04  Slateman
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Jesus, Weeping
Hold on to me, Drown me in


Taught me hate, Feel nothing but pain
Exchange my mind for it, Pure forever


--Repeat 1st verse:

Bloodback to top
Perfect Skin
New-age appearance, He didn't like
Her cheap skin, Like you and me...

And you abuse, But you can't see
And you abuse, Cause you can't touch

I hold your touchback to top
Someone Somewhere Scorned
Someone somewhere scorned
Never will forget
Someone somewhere scorned
Never can forget

Burning, No desire
No friends, Inside my mind

I'll never change, Yet still you burn
I'll never change, And I feel scorned


Burning, In our mind
Inside my mind, Burns desire

--Repeat 2nd verse:



Burning, No desire
Your mind, Inside my mind

I'll never change, And I feel scorned (?)
I'll never change, I must be burnedback to top
Your blood on my hands, Your blood on my hands
Grey machines, Dying ocean


With your hand on my heart, I need air
With your hand on my heart, I'll still survive


--Repeat first verse:back to top
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