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Golgotha lyrics

Album: Caves Of Mind [1994]

 01  Lake of Memories
 02  Immaterial Deceptions
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Lake of Memories
Like it was wrote
You appear in a place
And not knowing why
Your dreams comes true
Fighting too much to get it [yeah]

So many walls to jump
So many questions to answer
So many problems without solution
So many pain without pardon

And you understand how difficult is
That your eternal dream comes true
And you understand how difficult is
That your eternal dream comes true

I'm caught in a magic spell
In spite of the long distance between us
Day after day
Night after night
My head is going on circles
That makes impossible to me to forget

Although I am
Who denies his help

The image of the dark ceiling
Makes me think in everything I've lived
Makes me think in everything I've had
And now I haven't got

And I feel a current through my dorsal spine
That shakes all my being
Like a void eating my soul
Later I breath, keeping the air,
Keeping the tears, keeping the screams
I unleash it all!

And a descomunal rage invades my eyes
Flooding them with a lake of memories
Happens what happens, they'll always be mine
And will be in my dreams
Which I'll never forget and help me to keep waiting keep waiting

[yeeeah]back to top
Immaterial Deceptions
Always that you find somebody
In a critical moment of your life
Always that you need a friend
And he's the first who comes to help you
Always that you feel content
And he's with you to celebrate it
Always that they abandon you
And he's with you to give confidence in yourself
Always that all is falling over you and
Covers you with a hope's big top [big top]
Always that you believe you've got everything
That you desired to be happy

Think that sooner or later
Though you don't believe it this will be over
Think that when you esteem someone
Harder will be to leave him
Think that feeling's refuges
Are the weakest ones
Think that the columns where they lean
Are like sand with the greed

Later he's not with you
And you're alone again
With no one to hear
And understand you
Your soul will turn in black
And inside of you
That emptiness will grow on you
And will make you to feel powerful
And impassive more and more
More and more and more and more
[more and more]

So never leave anyone
Who wants to open
The doors of your confidence
Not even when you think it
Will never happen again
Never trust anybody
Never trust anybody else
Just in yourself
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