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Gone Jackals lyrics

Album: Blue Pyramid [1998]

 01  Covering Hallowed Ground
 02  Business as Usual
 03  Alone at Last
 04  Crank It Up!
 05  No Sign of Rain
 06 Bustin' a Move
 07  13X
 08  Evil Twin Sisters
 09  That Blows My Mind
 10  Barrel of Crabs
 11  Keep It Under Your Hat
 12  Blue Pyramid
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Covering Hallowed Ground
I was taking in the haight
With a guest from l.a.
Wearin underwears
Like a hat on my head.
The spirit of the sixties
Was all around

From high on hippie hill
We surveyed the sacred ground.
Covering hallowed ground.

Well, I was south of the slot
By closing time
My black leather chaps
Afloat the crystalline tide.
I wheelied down an alley
That shined with lube

Checked the ghost of sylvester
By the light of the man on the moon.
Covering hallowed ground.

When daybreak broke
I hit the beach but found no sand,
Though saints peter and paul
Were close at hand.

A screamer bared his knife
And drew a fleet of black and whites -
A book he d written, way back when,
Had changed my life.back to top
Business as Usual
Well, it is such a useless waste
Filing all those folks away
But it's business as usual, today.

See, they were tryin to get over
On a market that s been cornered
(carved by ol joe kennedy, and his like).

It doesn t have to be this way,
The stigma s built to tilt the play.
It doesn t have to be that way.

Between lorrilard and escobar
The difference is who writes the laws
When genocide s a racket in itself.

There is no debt to be fulfilled
By making people criminals
And turning loose the damned instead.

The competition
Is made the villain.
This market s covered
By bad muthas.

It doesn t have to be this way.
I hope I m free to see the day
When business ain t so usual - one day.back to top
Alone at Last
No time to spare,
Knife the air, kids beware.

Fight off a fit,
Loose my bit, catch my wits.

Alone at last.
Refuge from the smoke and gin,
Time to check what s left within.
Finally, alone at last.

Not built to bow,
Serve no one, live for now.

Part with the past,
Hoist a glass, shake some ass.

Live my days with the night hangin over my head.
A drunk I d tossed was a round tripper sportin lead.
For all this trouble, you d think I d be livin large.
Yet, there ain t no dough to fetch my bomb back from the garage.

Alone at last.
Just in time before I blow.
Latch the door, ascend my throne.
Finally, alone at last.back to top
Crank It Up!
Pipes comin nitrous as I distance my lair,
No drunk bump s raggin can contain this affair.
See, I m sweatin faster than the sky can absorb.
My eyes are buggin like a cesspool frog.
Crank it up!

Lunch don t appeal once I m feeling the flow
I ain t in the mood to break and spark up a bowl.
The sun rakes the blacktop till she wriggles and smokes -
If I don t stop soon, gonna burn my nose.
Crank it up!

Time s flyin by as I reel in the miles,
My front end s shakin s put my speedo on trial.
My pulse keeps a knockin past the redline zone,
This white knuckle day s done rattled my bones.
Crank it up!back to top
No Sign of Rain
Autumn s come
And the leaves are lookin brown and dry.
Sun swings low,
A fruit resists the thirsty ground.
I try to coax a cloud or two.
Searchin the skies,
Knowin there ain t nothing left to do.

Summer s turned to gold,
My garden s tired and old,
The dust swirls round my bowl -
And still, no sign of rain.

I ve tended to my patch of land.
Year by year,
I ve scratched to keep my humble clan.
Now and then
Some thunderheads come out of the blue.
Trouble is,
They ve always been too far and few.

Summer s turned to fall,
The air is thick and cold,
I feel it in my bones -
But still, no sign of rain.

Silence shades my lonely claim -
Though all is gold,
There is no rain.
Still, I hear my singin bones

And I believe
Rain will fall.back to top
One enchanted evening,
As I lay on my bed,
I took two little square mirrors
And placed them end to end.

Then, just to play with the moonlight,
I raised one ninety degrees.
That s when the spokes started spinning -
Sucked my soul from it s eaves.

Thirteen times I ve sipped the wine -
Dispelled the myth of time.
Took the heat of the sacrifice
And returned to ride.

Takes it s toll on the flesh and bones,
This dimensional dance.
If curiousity s killing me -
It s got the seat of my pants.

So, if you re lookin for answers
Or just out for kicks,
Don t be a distant cousin.
You all know where I live.

I ll walk you through where the mirrors meet
To a place
We ll be free to speak.
Between the sadness of sacrifice
To the belly
Of the beast.
The seventh son of the setting sun
Lays a shroud
On all that s black and white.
The narcotic of nightmare
Pulses greyness out
In silvery sheets.back to top
Evil Twin Sisters
Evil twin sisters,
Why you comin on so strong?
I ve lost my freedom
From bein down with you so long.

Don t want to spend my life with you.
But what else have I got left to do?

Evil twin sisters,
Workin on me night and day.
Sunrise and sunset
Wandering your spiral caves.

No time to rest, nowhere to move
Too tired to keep away from you.back to top
That Blows My Mind
I was born lucky, got to be that jupiter trine.
Fate s baddest angels crackin up at all of my lies.

Curled on my carpet,
I bank and I glide.
The ultimate trip,
One dynamite ride.

Everything s sexy,
A bump and a grind.
Heaven s on earth -
That blows my mind.

Kindness surrounds and compensates when I am blind.
A hand reaches down and rights me when I m gonna slide.

No need to rush and join the troops.
Hope offers amnesty for fools -
Why would I refuse?

I ve been down before,
I ll be down again.
Rhythm finds me fore
Trouble closes in.

I ve been down before,
I ll be down again.
Angels guiding me
To my righteous end.

But that s all right,
Whoa, yeah!

In fact it s out-a-sight!back to top
Barrel of Crabs
I was born there,
Before I knew better.
Went to school there,
But learned to avoid that.
Fell in love there,
But love couldn t thrive there.
Picked it up
And I left it behind, said -

Man, alive!
Get me out of this barrel of crabs.

Most our homes were
Depressed by division.
What passed for friendship
Was really protection .
Any work there
Disolved into trouble.
Ate me up,
Livin life on the bubble, said -

Man, alive!
Get me out of this barrel of crabs.

Everytime I d gain some ground,
Another man s scheme would just pull me back down.
Everytime I spied the top.
The next poor sucker s there to give me the drop.back to top
Keep It Under Your Hat
A trippy hipster,
In another time,
Sang that love is all around -
Which sounded
Pretty ridiculous
To a kid who shilled for the house.

I ll tell you a secret
But keep it under your hat:
Two s a crowd when you re
Born to slip through the cracks.

The first decades of life
Rained on my hide
And cured me from lies.
Then, ever after,
Spoke through my caster
And pushed misfortune aside.

I ll tell you a secret
But keep it under your hat:
It ain t worth facin a day
When you re livin like that.

I ll tell you a secret
But keep it under your hat:
There ain t no future
In wrestling with your past.back to top
Blue Pyramid
As the delta mines it's run,
There s no one source, there s just the sum
Of masters, slaves.

The laying bare of tortured souls.
A lonely wail, sensuous moan.
Sober, stoned.

Once upon a time
My fascination grew.
I found myself at the foot
Of a blue pyramid.

Tucked within the mountain s robes
Are jazz and country, rock and soul.
Hip hop, doo wop.

Timeless tones of gold
Haunt a lost plateau.
There is no turning back
On the blue pyramid.

Its power and magic grow
In echos, new and old.
Never may it peak -
The blue pyramid .back to top
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