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Gone Jackals lyrics

Album: Bone to Pick [1995]

 01  Get Outta Town
 02  Legacy
 03 Let'er Rip
 04 Drop the Hammer
 05  Born Bad
 06 You Don't Know a Thing About Me
 07 Black Is White
 08 Trapped
 09  We Want Our Brothers Back
 10 Love Comes Crawling
 11  Not Buried Deep Enough
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Get Outta Town
I'm tellin' you once
And I ain't kiddin' 'round
You got two weeks to get outta town.
Gonna give you two weeks
'till I break out the plow
And set the scarecrow free
From his stake in the ground.
So long!
Roll on.
The plow is greased
And it's ready to crease -
Better get outta town.

Tell me, daddy,
Are you happy now?
Got yer back to the wall,
One kick sends you down.

That old black magic
Has spun silk in my head.
It's much too late to turn back what's been done and said.

No kind of cash
Deflects the lash.
If you chose to play -
There's hell to pay.
Are you happy now?

The alarm's been set
For the monkey and pet.
You got two weeks 'till -

I know that a man's
Gotta make his ends meet,
But you soiled your sheets.back to top
December '61.
My dad's wages light.
Still on that salary
We, all four, could sleep tight.

Right now if you drank from
That very same well,
You'd need a run of luck
To score a bed in a trick hotel.

Is this the legacy of
Too much for too few
That I see?
The kind of legacy that's
Tossin' some good men
To their knees.

The 'great society's'
Maligned concrete cage
Sits dead and vacant now -
At least it kept out rain.

With all those corners cut
The cracks grow wide and near.
I heard some cash was saved
But where it's gone ain't clear..

Who goes down next I don't know.
I don't know nothin' anymore.
Tomorrow's legacy that's
Layin' in state
Awaits reprieve.

I always thought that when a man goes down
You do your best to pick him up.
But how can the milk of kindness trickle down
When it's syphoned off and cheats the cup?back to top
Born Bad
That's the way it begins -
You try to behave,
Yeah, you try to fit in.

But when you rise and stand
You find a lock-step march -
No room for jazz.

Born bad-
With a slight-o-hand
I go from jam to jam
With a crash, boom, bam.

Born bad -
I dodge a sucker punch
And drop a bomb, like liston,
On an animal hunch.

I've been down.
Yeah, I've spent some time downtown.
I've covered sacred ground,
Soft and slow and round.

I gave up.
Yeah, I learned to give it up,
Thinkin' that's the final cut.
But it turns out I was wrong.

Born bad -
That's the way it began,
Stuffed a young pink lung
Down a rank glue bag.

Born bad -
This is where it all lands
For a bull headed, corner hangin'
Problem child man.

I grew hard.
Over time my scars toughed up.
When gettin' even just wasn't enough,
I had to choke my conscience off.

I've come far.
Yeah, I had to travel far.
Peel through layers sick and raw
Just to taste and touch once more.

Born bad -
Like a synchro-mesh shift
That's stuck in third
Just smokes and burns.

Born bad -
With a cig-hangin' lip.
A talk-back baby on a
Star-crossed ship.back to top
We Want Our Brothers Back
Too many believe
In some 'master plan'
'cause it's hard to accept
What's not shapen by hand.

But here, under the sun,
Where events can't be undone;
Once superstition's spent -
You gotta know,
We want our brothers back.

The hurt came down
From the clear blue sky.
The sands of time
Went rushing by.

It came as a shock,
We'd shut our eyes.
Is this all that's left,
Just a slow good-bye?

The curators frown
And they wax abstract.
But, man, if you've found love
What could matter more than that?

It's a crime and a shame (selfish and vain)
To try to justify this pain.
I guess they'll think what they will -
But before the dawn
They'll want their brothers back.back to top
Not Buried Deep Enough
We must fight
The good fight
Changing wrongs to rights.

Like malcolm x -
Kissed off his slave name,
Kissed off his master's god,
Raised his fist in righteous rage.

And dr. king doesn't rest in peace
Due to the spread of this disease.

The clock
Has struck thirteen
For all us pups in centerville -

'cause this triage
Ain't no solution.
Heaven help the man who can't sing or dance.

Who cast the stone at wwii
'bout the good neighbor turnin' on the jew -
When time will recall us in the same breath,
You and me?

Fight the good fight.

The scope gun of indifference
Is trained on our souls.

The gravespin of heroes
Seeds the cloud with dust and blood.

Not buried deep enough
To distance the thunder of truth.
(better bullet-proof your boy).

Bullys are cowards naturally,
Spin on one and sink your knee,
Right the wrongs of history.

Fight the good fight.back to top
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