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Good Charlotte lyrics

 2000 Good Charlotte
 2002 Young and the Hopeless
 2004 The Chronicles of Life and Death

· Change
· Complicated
· East Coast Anthem
· Festival Song
· Ghost of You
· Girls and Boys
· Hold On
· I Don't Wanna Stop
· I Heard You
· I Just Wanna Live
· In This World (Murder)
· It Wasn't Enough
· Let Me Go
· Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
· Little Things
· Meet My Maker
· Motivation Proclamation
· Mountain
· Movin' On
· My Bloody Valentine
· Predictable
· Riot Girl
· S.O.S.
· Say Anything
· Screamer
· Seasons
· Secrets
· The Anthem
· The Chronicles of Life and Death
· The Day That I Die
· The Story of My Old Man
· The Truth
· The World Is Black
· The Young and The Hopeless
· Waldorfworldwide
· Walk By
· We Believe
· Wondering

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