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Good Riddance lyrics

Album: Ballads from the Revolution [1998]

 01  Fertile Fields
 02  Sacrifice
 03  State Control
 04  Jeannie
 05  Salt
 06  Choices Made
 07  Not With Him
 08  Understood
 09  Waste
 10  Slowly
 11  Without Anger
 12  Holding On
 13  Eversmile
 14 I.S.Y.L.
 15  Years from Now
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Fertile Fields
Sometimes those simple things won't turn the trick no more
and our self-important dreams they all lie shattered on the floor
even the proletariat receives his royalty
and as the battle rages on and on I wish it wasn't me

And it seems so cruel (bis)
the last one breaking up (bis)
until the winter finds it's worth (bis)
as we glide upon the earth

Now the trees are swept aside by wind and sheets of rain
and the fertile fields once glided have now withered and refrained
sah who longs for comfort feels instead a savage thrust
and the ashen sky grows ever darker as dawn gives way to dust

And it seem so cruel (bis)
the last one breaking up (bis)
until the winter finds it's worth (bis)
as we set our dogs upon the earth
feast on the dead until no life remain
forward towards a pointless end we squander never gainback to top
I'd set myself on fire
I'd sacrifice desire
it will be great don't get me wrong
we can forget it won't be long


I can't hold myself
tear this heart away
just a moment then it's gone

Contrary to suggestion
I've answered way too many questions
I feel that chill run down my back
all systems go I can't relax


I'd set myself on fireback to top
State Control
Verse 1 :

A nation in silence too frightened to run
the secret police got you under the gun
at the hint of dissension there's a mark by your name
now you're never alone just a pawn in the game


Call it state control
destroy your mind
you think you're safe boy
you're out of time

Verse 2:

We're all slaves to subversion
a trick of to trade
the ones in control are the ones getting paid
they're stealing your spirit
and breaking your will
with polarized violence they'll train you to kill


Verse 1back to top
Friday night she's not alone
I wonder who's going to drive her home
And walk her to the door
And will she give him a good night kiss
Monday at schoot she says hello
I fight the tears as I watch her go
She'll never know what she means
To this lonely boy
If you'd only take a walk with me
Just give me some time and you might see
I could be your hero if you'd let me in
You can't deny what's in your heart
And you know i'm trying to be a part
You can do better than those other boysback to top
Don't be alarmed please don't take it personally
But you're acting out on everybody here
You're ability your virility's in doubt
So one more time you clench your fists
Scream and shout
You high-five your friends
Like you're jocks at a football
It seems you don't know when to quit
The crowd stares in silence
As you practice violence
To show you're the king of the pit
What now we're sick of it
So now no one goes
To the front at shows anymore
Because we don't want to be
Kicked in the head
Or punched in the nose
We don't care where you're from
We don't care what set you claim
Why don't you get involved
You don't even know our names
Any scene worth it's salt
Would vilify aggression
It seems that aggression's all you know
So stop throwing your fists
Put out your hand
Participate in the show
Here we goback to top
Choices Made
I'm so alone
In the darkest place I know
I'm a prisoner in my mind
And I'm searching for that light
And the faith I left behind
I've tried so hard
To look you In the eye
Time has never been a friend
And once again I've been betrayed
By the weight of what I know
And the choices that I've made
You stood so tall
And I've watched you fall
Looking on the bright side
I've known some peace
Cried on the shoulders
Of better men than me
It's going to take a lifetime
To wash away
If I want to stay clean
I've got to start todayback to top
Not With Him
Out of my embrace
Lipstick on a stranger's face
Do you take him to the cliffs
To watch the sun go down
Now he's sitting on your bed
What's going through his head
As you show him pictures
The same ones you showed to me
You can't be happy
Not with him
He's not the one
He's going to break your heart
You can't be happy
Not with him
You know he's not the one
And can he do the things I'd do for you
Sometimes I lie awake at night
And clutch my pillow
And I wonder if you're lying
Next to him tonight
Soft words & promises
And I wonder what he says
Listening to clean sheets
That used to be our song
Great songs they used to be
But now they just poison me
Could you please not play that song now
It's wrenching at my heart
It's tearing me apartback to top
Have we really lost our way
I heard the people talking but I can't believe the things they say
seems like a million days
since we chose a new direction
tried to find the strength to change

Chorus :

Do you remember when 500 stood as one
and reached for the sky
our pride was understood
friendship and brother (sister) hood
gave us the courage to try

Sometimes it's such a lonely road
despair is everywhere
so much anger to unload
but I'll fight with every breath
in my heart I still believe
we can make a difference somehowback to top
Who will be their voice
Who will hear their cries
The ones who cannot speak
As we dehumanize
Incarcerated innocents
Their sentience ignored
Slaughtered by the millions
For the pseudo-carnivores
What a waste of our time
Of our land of our humanity
Blood-spattered carcass it wets your appetite
Don't you fucking get it
Eating flesh it isn't right for you
For me our children the world
Destroy their machines
Burn their staughterhouses to the ground
Now it's time for us all to defend
The oppressed
Meat is murder
Still we consume the dead and rotting
Products of violence
We've got to make that change
For you for me our children the worldback to top
She called me up all excited said she had a date
With him Saturday night and she just can't wait
I thought about his reputation & the things that he's done
I woudn't wish him on anyone
I said to her when you're with him better watch your step
Because I know this boy he's got a pretty bad rep
I only hope he doesn t end up bringing you down
He's been breaking hearts all over town
Slowly you can pick yourself back up
When that situation's got you down again
Slowly you can pick your self back up
Girl you've got to save it for another day
Because you don't need him anyway
It's just a game they play
I know this won't come easy girl
I know that it's hard
And deep down inside it leaves an awful scar
And to say I told you so
Won't help to ease the pain inside you so
Just remember that there's plenty of boys out there
Who could treat you much better
And remember I care
it just won't do to see you hurting so bad
I knew that boy was going to leave you sadback to top
Without Anger
There are some things I can't appreciate
And when they're gone I won't deliberate
Without heart we'll never make it work
Accusing the world but you're playing the game
Scream 'till it hurts but it's always the same
Wake up in a fog can't remember my name
There are those who pin their faults on me
Don't give a fuck about sincerity
I've said enough but when it all comes down
Don't try to tell me that it makes no difference
Don't place conditions on what's inside
Our similarities are torn apart by pride
And it seems like everything's
Coming down on me
And I can't tell right from wrong
Fate from tragedy
I've got to find that fire
That defined me once so well
There's so much talk so many empty lines
I see no reason for their selfish lies
Without the anger resistance can't break these chainsback to top
Holding On
I've thought it through & I think you're right
And you're not missing much
There's something pure
That you can't hold against a simple touch
So many choices and the pressure
We all bring to bear
Your strength works miracles
And touches those who try to care
I believe in you
And I hope you see it through
Your resolve is inspiration in my life
It takes alot now
So few who feel the same
When it means enough
Not to give it away now
Finding it hard
Not to think in terms of yesterday
Finding it strange
That somebody else could feel that way
It must be hard sometimes
To stand behind your chastity
And I wish that I could be the one
But it's not me I'll never set you free
Hold on because you've got alot to believe inback to top
Remember when I saw you
Sitting on the rocks yeah
I didn't want to find out
That there was nothing to do
Out here with you
So cold we're going to catch the flu
Got the keys to your car
Everything's so good so far
So do you ever smite
And will you stay awhile with me
It's been about a week now
It feels like a lifetime ago
Have I begun to bore you
Could you at least drop me off
At the showback to top
Years from Now
Years from now
Will this mean everything
Or just another song we used to sing
When our common goals seemed crystal clear
In those angry days we were so sincere
Now I look back in my mind
Have we wasted all this time
I can't forget the past
It seems like those days went by too fast
Now what we've shared
It's gone somehow
Will it matter years from now
Once were friends
Have we grown apart
I cant find the words to say what's right
Years from now
Will we still take pride
In the things we've shared
And the strength inside
When I took at you will I see a friend
Did we make the most of the time we've spentback to top
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