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Good Riddance lyrics

Album: Phenomenon of Craving [2000]

 01  Cages
 02  One for the Braves
 03  Uniontown
 04  Calendar
 05  Start at Zero
 06  Undefeated
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Every time I turn around
I feel it close behind
My fear and insecurity
You know they're gonna find me

Cages lined with eyes
Laughing telling lies
Hiding on the rooftops
In my twisted mind

Sleep is like an atom bomb
Exploding in my head
Black cats and silver bells
I'd be better off dead

Those flashing yellow lights
Blind me once again
I'm falling through the blackness
Towards the bitter end

My time is running down
My heart begins to burnback to top
One for the Braves
Verse 1

sometimes it seams so tough
good friends are not enough
and im powerless to help
when you take it all upon yourself
feels like you just can't win
the whole wide world keeps closing in
and its so hard not to think the worst
when your the centre of the universe


i see you struggling with the weight of the world
remember im always by your side
too many problems for one little girl
ill be beside you when all your tears have dried

Verse 2

I lay next to you at night
I know somethings just not right
But theres nothing I can say
when you feel ten thousand miles away
I dont have the answers yet
but i get scared when your upset
and your heart feels like an empty hole
you feel so scared and all alone


Think everybody's talking about you
and conspiroring to bring you down
your thinking that nobody loves you
ever wonder why Im still around

Thats it folks. This is probably one of the dopest songs
there for all serious punk fans.
Peaceback to top
When lies serve as substitution
A new twist on an old solution
No cause no choice
They took your freedom away

The new rights gotta keep you guessing
A Quick close with a signed confession
No rights this fight
Is how you're gonna pay

A child's tear froma broken heart
Another family's ripped apart
And the streets are empty
Down in Uniontown
Just don't let them catch you out at night

Nobody gets to have it all
The lucky ones only take the fall
It's a game and they picked your name
And now you've been had

You're just a player in a house of cards
Pleading guilty to a lesser charge
You're no good to anyone
When you're doing time

It's hard enough to stay alive
Eighteen to twenty five
Another town's locked into a slow decay
With all it's young men they're locked awayback to top
I'd never thought I'd reach another end
When all I want is to be myself again
So why so soon we were having so much fun
Sometimes I wish I'd never learn to run

Ask me why I'm sad I'll say it's not so bad
I've done too much growing up today
Excuse my bitter half
He's too disturbed to laugh right now
I'll find you when it's done

I wrapped regret around the chance I'd never take
Discarded dreams for too much time awake
Now where did it dissapear to
Youth I fought my way out of
And it feels like I'm running out of timeback to top
Start at Zero
In the freezing rain
Waiting on the last train
This is how we live
How we fall in love
Last time that we spoke
The room was full of smoke
I watched the clock
And watched you walk away

Time's fade
Until there's nothing to remember
Just empty promises we made
When words fade
Memories lose their meaning
Until it all fades...

We are vain
We are full of fear
We cling to our possessions
For another year
Blame takes those we love
Leaving only one
terrified we bar the gates
And load our shiny guns

Time's fade
Until there's nothing to remember
Just empty promises we made
When words fade
Memories lose their meaning
Until it all fades...

Feels like I'm running out of days
There's something inside me
And I don't want the world to see
And it feels like it's closing in on me

Time's fade
Until there's nothing to remember
Just empty promises we made
When words fade
Memories lose their meaning
Until it all fades...back to top
I've been at odd's with a restless soul
I've felt the pain whenI lost control
I said the words but could not explain
The hurt fades but the scars remain

Got myself into situations
Ignored the threats and ministrations
Guilt choked by my last breath
I scared myself to death

So take my tears take all my fucking pain
I hope you're entertained

I fell prey to my own theatrics
Been diagnosed by the psychiatrics
Mistakes that i have made
I've left myself betrayed

I've lied to those i love
I'd medicate but there's never enough
No tears for the lives I've wrecked
I've lost my self respect

And now I'm reaching back
And I'm trying to make things right
And through my past I've gained a deeper sight
I'm less than proud of what I've done
But I know I've got to change
Somehow I know it's only just begun
Begun to change it's all on me
There's no one else to take the blame
But I'm still caught up in this gameback to top
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