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Gore lyrics

Album: Consumed By Slow Decay [1996]

 01  Fetus Jejunii
 02  Incomplete Evacuation
 03  Hysterical Extraction Of Facial Tissue
 04  Intestinal Pestilence
 05  Dissimultated Incubation And Maximum Infection
 06  Phlatulent Manifestation Of Alcaligenes Faecalis
 07  Exposed Guts
 08  Syndrome Of Intensive Regurgitation
 09  Attenuated Mutant Worms
 10  Inquisitive Corporeal Recremation
 11  Unfinished Radiation
 12  Frenetic Fetishism For Human Pieces In Decompsition
 13  Human Limbs Mutilated
 14  Cicle Of Suffocation
 15  Cannibal Zoophilism With Extreme Sexual Aberration
 16  Consummated Cancer
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Fetus Jejunii
The foetus silent screams
Sobers the tenour
The pleasure in his brain
The smell of his ritual
Mucous purulent
Insatiable intent
Effects of virus
On embryonic development
Endopsymbiotic infection
Carrion state suppuration
Persists inapparent
Equilibrium between
Lesogeny activated
When the cells started
Adding new virus infections
Uncontrolled proliferation of humans
The foetal disease process
Development has began...
Disbury with contaminated corpse
Cryptic mutants
Your mind rot
Your pleasure, bizarre
Sexual butcher insatiable
Premature necrofoetisexismback to top
Incomplete Evacuation
A putrid mass is blocked in
Your rectum, it's liquid and viscid
Microbacterial infestation
Hot faeces splatter your dislocated anus
Slowly you excrete your fermenting
Innards, gore seeps from the guts
Chronic dischange from the entrails
Your cancerous viscera come down
Spasmodic convulsion...
Dolorous contorsion...
Incomplete evacuation...back to top
Hysterical Extraction Of Facial Tissue
Psycho-pathetic extraction of facial tissue
With Sick intention of consume
Look deep into my eyes
Feel the mad intent
Pain is worse than death
Sickness is my name
Suffering the old tools usement
Your face in boiling
Your life is linking
In my mouth
Fearing the Fate
Of being mutilated
People that you like
Will never stand your new aspectback to top
Intestinal Pestilence
Cirrhosis, organic infection
I fell, I'm infected
By the high alcoholic tenor
That corrodes my infected organism
Intestinal pestilence
Never will be cured to me
Vomiting stimulates
More ande more my pleasure for alcoholic drink
My liver is going to fuck up someday
I want to vomit, I want to break freeback to top
Dissimultated Incubation And Maximum Infection
Lymphocytic chorimenigitis
Incubated antibies for a long period
Lymphocystic senum visions
Dissiminated inaparent infection
Neurotropic viruses to the nervous
System may reach by transmission
A long nerves as well as septicemiaback to top
Phlatulent Manifestation Of Alcaligenes Faecalis
Duodenal extraction with pain
The pacient alive without drain
Sthomacal geisers in rash
The bubbles with faecal pencents
Faecal disarticulation
Suction catheter is on
Osteoporus faecalis is on
Pyogenic germs proliferation
In the Haemathological circulation
Faecal constipation...
Spasmodic convulsion suffering
Of internal septic haemorrage
Cataleptic decay enter coffin
Faecal disturbance post-mortemback to top
Exposed Guts
Internal disorder...
Desecrate from your coffin
Your visceral organs are
Hanging in my wooden rack
Lacerated organs
Exposed guts...back to top
Syndrome Of Intensive Regurgitation
Your oesophagus implodes
In a forced vomit
With violent spasms and septic
Pierces engulfs your throat
Intestinal disorder spew up
Your decaying guts
Osteoporus vomit
Blocked in your respiration
In your asphixiated thorax
A mixture of phlegm and putrid offal
You cannot stop regurgutating
Your stentching enzymes
Dislocated traquea, coughing up
Your fetid gastric juices
Bile, chyme, phlegm, mucus and gutsback to top
Attenuated Mutant Worms
Attenuated mutant worms
Proliferation of poliviruses slugs
Of cytopatic effects consist
Immorphological mutationsback to top
Inquisitive Corporeal Recremation
I open your casket, I stab your corpse
I cum your fingers, incinerated carbon
I reek the stench fumes of rot ebolution
I'm a incendiary and I like this charred fleshfeast
Your greasy fta's on grill, fried to the bone
My brutality is your symbolic death
I char your dehidrates corpse
The beautiful colours of human pyre
Your inferno beyond the grave
Moltem your tissue... fat's on fire
Human inferno... stoked pyre
Fusing the bodies...fried with hate
Organic carbon...smoked and blackened
Inzymes evaporating, to fertilize my mind
The mortification incites me
Giving way to a cataleptic suffering
Look at me, I'm your incendiary nightmare
Expurge your sins on my barbecue grillback to top
Unfinished Radiation
Bodies in putrefaction
Melted minds on the flow
Innocent people carbonized
By unfinished radiations
Bodies mutilated, lacerated and liquized
Mass in dissolution, dismembement of rancid
Meatback to top
Frenetic Fetishism For Human Pieces In Decompsition
I slide my razor
In its strop
The ratting perfure
Your obtuse scraff
My sweet fetishism
Is frenetically scratched
Your cadaveric body
Necrophilic fetishism

Carnal retails
In decomposition
Perfurating broach
Frenetic fetishism
Carnal retails
In decomposition
My sweet fetishism
Is frenetically scratched
Your cadaveric body
Necrophilic fetishism
Carnal entrails
In decomposition
Perfurating broach
Frenetic fetishismback to top
Human Limbs Mutilated
Human limbs mutilatedback to top
Cicle Of Suffocation
Intoxicating your lung
A respiratory insufficiency
A green putrefied mass blocks
Your oesophagus and traquea
Cicle of suffocation
You go to die
Premature death
Suffocated screams by stifle
Your phlegm was closed
Suffocation and asphyxia
Interrupted circulation
Accumulated toxic gases
Into your lungs
As I dischange you
Expurgate... phlegm, mucus and die...
Cicle of suffocation
You go to die
Premature death
Intoxicateback to top
Cannibal Zoophilism With Extreme Sexual Aberration
The Dead animal, I molest
I minced your carcass on the table
Lingering I cannibalize your greasy flesh
Sexual aberration
I want cadaver
Cannibal Zoophilism
I want cadaver to me
Mince up limbs are rites of my cullynary
Crimson pectorial cavities to mangle
Nothing give me so much pleasure
That slice, chew and jappping... I cum
My pleasure is to devour
Gut munching cannibal
Your suffering is dolorous
My sadic intent laughs...back to top
Consummated Cancer
Ulcerous infection and gore
Intestinal inflamation, complete prolapse
Oozing cancer in your cavities
Consumated cancer
Consumated cancerback to top
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