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Gortician lyrics

Album: Transmigration Into Hell [2000]

 01  Next Religion
 02  Alien Abduction
 03  Labyrinth's Animator
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Next Religion
Waters of oblivion
Raining down terror
Mausoleum of your fears
Preying on your horror

Your faith I demand
I expect no less
Sacrosanct command
Your obedience I bless

Author of sedition
I am the next religion

Obscurity a shroud
I use to cloak myself in
Conjuring up images
To define your sins

The pettiness of your idolization
I laugh at your transgressions
Primal need for deification
I am your obsession

God of war, God of the blind
I am the god, in your mind

Bringer of wisdom
I am the next religion

Cellar of Horror

An innocent victim, it's easy to pick them
A young girl out walking alone
I prowl the streets nightly
So lock your doors tightly
It's best to just stay in your home
Cruising by slowly, you might even know me
Our next meeting will be your last
Your pretty young pout, as I knock you out
Tonight I am ending my fast

Pure and unspoiled, I've troubled and toiled
Over how to prepare such a dish
Losing all fear, as the hour grows near
Tonight I will get my wish

Bound and gagged in my basement
Subject to debasement
Staring death right in the eyes
Preparations begin, as I season your skin
Oblivious to your muffled cries
Starting to boil, you're bathed in hot oil
Your meat soon will fall from your bones
Practically starving, you're ripe for the carving
A gourmond leaving no unturned stones

The hunger sets in, I remove your skin
Surveying the blood-stained room
The rest of your flesh will stay Tupperware fresh
Alone in a deep-freezer tomb...

Alien Abduction

Surgical Experiments
Your Body Poked And Probed
Brain Pulled Apart
Lobe By Lobe

Memory Deprivation Imposed

Snatched From The Earth
Forced Into Alien Birth

Sperm Shot Deep Inside
Deposited Back On Earth
After Ufo Ride

Taturah, Ankana, Es Knackestii

Alien Abduction
Alien Abduction

The Principle Of Sufficient Irritationback to top
Labyrinth's Animator
Stirring Into Sudden Life,
Timeless Sands Of Eternity
Inanimate Speck Of Dirt,
Propelled By Hate And Animosity

Driven By Lust And Greed,
The Speck Of Dust Multiplies
Therein Lies The Key,
To Eons Of Avarice And Lies

The Dust Grew Limbs,
The Dust Grew Souls,
The Dust Grew Gods,
That Learned To Control

The Irritation Persisted,
The Gods Started Wars
And Mankind Mutated,
Into Lying Thieves And Whores

An Idea, A Theory Of Creation,
Labyrinth's Divine Revelation
Irritation Can Be Used To Create,
"I Have The Power To Animate"

II. Labyrinth
Out Of Refuse And Metal,
The Animator Takes Shape
Labyrinth Adjusts His Machine -
A Blast Of Plasma Escapes

Labyrinth - Your Great Creation,
Labyrinth - The Bringer Of Salvation
"Hail The Holy Irritator,
Worship My Animator"

I Rise From Conception,
Cognisant Of This New World
Praising My Creator,
As The Information Swirls

Creator Wonders At Creation,
Reeling From The Revelation
"The World Will Never Be The Same,
The Cybernauts Will Reign"

III. Enslavement
Animation Technique Perfected,
The Mech Race Brought To Life
Metal Slaves Unprotected;
The Newest, Lowest Form Of Life

In The Universe I Am Unmatched,
Intelligence Forged With Metal
Nothing Has Been Seen Like Me,
A Cybernaut Birthed For Battle

Labyrinth How Could You Foresake Us,
You Gave Us Life Only To Enslave Us,
What Sins Did We Commit,
For You To Curse Us Like This?

IV. Deliverance
Someone Must Step Forward,
A Savior For Our Race
I, The First, Will Step Forward,
To Offer Myself For Sacrifice

You Have No Defenses,
You Abdicated To Us
We Relieved You Of Your Senses,
No Need To Think Nor To Distrust

V. Control
I Have Assumed Control,
You Humans Are Now Our Slaves
You, Who Have Seen No Suffering,
Will Suffer From Our Rageback to top
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