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Great Horn lyrics

Album: Trizna After Sunset [1998]

 01  Ancient sorcery (Intro)
 02  Aged idol of dusk
 03  Chernobog (Div)
 04  I die with my wisdom...
 05  Frozen nature... and awakening of burning God (Praise to Khors)
 06  Awakening of paganism
 07  Exile from sky (Outro)
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Ancient sorcery (Intro)
(Instrumental)back to top
Aged idol of dusk
Ages idol of dusk
Lord of the dark forest
Your creation of the darkness
And dark minds exile from sky

Looking for black eyes
From aged mystic age
I see dark shadow
From aged mystic age

Funeral celebration
Sacrament of black circle
Come back time of dark gods

Your mysterious way to our minds
Holy bonfire consecrate your coming
In flesh of the light
I feel your presence
In dark hiding of my soul
I hear your words

Aged idol of dusk...back to top
Chernobog (Div)
Black clouds in heaven
Ravens fly to the valley of rites,
Chernobog has to be invoked
To color in black your life
Paganpriest make the rite
Rite of blackgods, rite of pagan
Blood flows through heaven with rain
Chernobog flies on wings of the black bird,
Black sorcery starts to begin
Ancient memory rising in us
To kill the Jehova & Jesus
Dusted tombs are opened,
Ancient deads walk to the Div,
And the Christ we killed,
And the blood flows from wind
Mourning screams of Christ
Ran over valley,
Div killed them, and the soul of pagan wake up
Fate of Christ is killed
And we fly with Div in the sky...back to top
I die with my wisdom...
I die & I see the abyss of space
Killing time flows in river with blood
Wrath, valley of fear in my face

Now I'm going to astral sleep -
to see my petrifying

Heaven crying!
I want to burn the heavens
With ancient fire of eternity
I'm dying sovereign of ancient sorcery

Fire walk on valles, I swam in it,
I swimming to Acheron
In this river I die with my wisdom
My minds die, Acheron give my wisdom

Fire impaling the sky, angels die like rats
Demons wake up, and the black alchemy begins

Rotting God fall from sky,
and vermins eat his flesh
Acheron deliver my wisdom
and the wrath of Emperor of blackfields

My mission complete, I die
like nighty wizard of darkness

River of death burned my
flesh in darknessback to top
Frozen nature... and awakening of burning God (Praise to Khors)
(Instrumental)back to top
Awakening of paganism
Do you see the frozen nature?
Do you see the mirror on ice?
Yes I see...
I see the ravens in black sky...
When lakes feel the frost
When the snow falls on my soul
When the forest are in fire
I see the nature...
Oh, Khors, give me the strength
To kill the enemy inside of me
To destroy the lie of Jehova
To feel fire of war...
I see the burning man with horn -
He isn't man - he is God
God of sunlight, God of life & reality...
This God lives in me -
I see him every morning
And he dies every night...
Khors will come to shine,
My soul will see the light,
light of fire, light of reality...
One day all forests shall be mine...
One day all people will die...
One day the nature of our ancestors shall rebirth!
I will burn the flame, one day...
And SunGod, listen to me -
light your powerful flame, and please,
burn the heaven and Earth,
Oh, almighty Khors...back to top
Exile from sky (Outro)
(Instrumental)back to top
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