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Grinspoon lyrics

Album: Repeat [1997]

 01  Repeat
 02 Pedestrian (Roadkill Mix)
 03  Ambulance
 04 Champion (Live)
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She looked so pretty, pity, perfect stranger
Sold connections for the buy in major
Lobby fucking with the bird board terf board
Need a licence to observe
And I swear they'd never lie
Just shows how much that

She goes, she goes, she goes
Round round round round
She goes, she goes

Ugly race day and a rain face loser
Printing money on parole beats loser
Your hands stuck in your pocket
Digress, confess you offered
But you burnt the house down
Just like the movies

She goes, she goes, she goes round and round
She goes, she goes, yeah

Pretty past you forgot my story
Lost a kitten on the road to glory
I know I could have been there
But I wasn't so it does'nt matter
Patch me another line
We'll laugh about it

He knows, he knows, he knows nothing now
He knows, he knows, he knows nothing now
Seagulls, seagulls, seagulls fly around
She knows, she goes, yeahback to top
They don't need an autobike
Someone, plastic
Stick around, stick around
Selfish liars wanna cheat

Your insecurity
I know I've gotta get away

Ambulance, ambulance
I really need you bad
Ambulance, ambulance
I reallly need you bad
Bring him back, bring him back
I really need you bad x 2

So long down

Father funeral at your door
Contradiction that I know
You've heard it all before

Repeat chorus

So long down
So, so, so, so

Repeat chorusback to top
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