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Hades lyrics

 1987 Resisting Success
 1988 If At First You Don't Succed
 1996 Exist To Resist
 1998 $avior$elf

· $avior$elf
· A
· Active Contrition
· Aftermath of Betrayal
· Colorblind
· Deter-My-Nation
· Diplomatic Immunity
· Doubt
· End Of The Bargain
· Exist To Resist
· Face the Fat Reality
· Fail
· I Too Eye
· In the Mean Time
· In The Words Of The Profit
· King in Exile
· Legal Tender
· Masque of the Red Death
· Nightstalker
· On to Iliad
· Opinionate!
· Process of Assimilation
· Rape Of Persephone
· Rebel Without a Brain
· Resist $uccess
· Second Degree Sleepwalking
· Sweet Revenge
· The Agnostic
· The Atheist
· The Cross
· The Decline & Fall Of The American Empire
· The Leaders?
· The Other
· Throughout Me, Threw Out You
· To Know One
· Widow's Mite (Chapter Eleven)
· Y2k

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