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Hades lyrics

Album: $avior$elf [1998]

 01  $avior$elf
 02  The Decline & Fall Of The American Empire
 03  Active Contrition
 04  To Know One
 05  In The Words Of The Profit
 06  The Agnostic
 07  Y2k
 08  End Of The Bargain
 09  Fail
 10  The Atheist
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Drowning down and reaching out,
Poor you
Helping handouts,
Now we're drowning too

Stop blaming everyone else
Shut up and save yourself

Dumbing down, we're devolving for sure
Us, ourselves, the answer and the cure

Entitlements you're not entitled to
Promote the problem and distort the truthback to top
The Decline & Fall Of The American Empire
Open your world history compufiles to number nineteen hundred and
ninety eight. Today We're going to look back and bring to light once
again, the mistakes that were made which Caused the democracy
once called America to fall from a great nation to total ruination.
A country spoiled to the point of no return

The Decline & Fall

It's time to reflect on the consequences of shortsightedness and self
defeating ideologies so That we may learn from them, never to forget
that history does indeed repeat itself. There's a Big difference
between assisting the truly needy and throwing the taxpayers' money
at Problems with the noble hope that they'll disappear. Earning
more short term votes all the While. Never once thinking about the
big picture or the future of our children.
$elfish $uicide. $elfish $uicide.

The Decline & Fall

The United States of America taxed and legislated itself both on the
federal and state levels into utter bankruptcy and eventual anarchy.
Anerica the beautifully forsaken. Finished off in Exquisite catastrophe.
Like Egypt and Rome before it, the USA advanced its living
conditions To the point where total apathy consumed its hard working
citizens and government Assistance did nothing but enslave the
downtrodden to the powers that were.
One nation under God, totally divisible.

Our Father

Our father who art in heaven
Hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done
On earth as it is in heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
And please, please lead us not into temptation
But deliver us from all evilback to top
Active Contrition
Tired of penance
and words
Confession is absurd
Cause you
Shouldn't have
Done the deed
In the first place
For sure
Ten percent
Of my check
Get to get my
Head checked
It's like paying
To have friends;
Joining one of
Your sects

Acts of contrition
get me free again
To remind God
I have no regrets
Should he forget

And the madness
Goes on
In his name
There's no wrong
The collection basket
Pass the buck
Right along
Holy wars
What a joke
Bloody hands
Robes are soaked
Rationalize it away
All commandments
On holdback to top
To Know One
Now we don't
Have to worry away
About our future
Dead at four months old

Was it all for naught?
Who would have ever thought?
To know one is to know
Why all our life's blood flows

She always had the time
To listen to you whine
About your problems
Like she had none of her own

When time runs out for those close to us
It seems surreal, a truth you can't trust

When all the dust has settled at last
You pull up your stakes and say good-bye to the past

So now we don't have to worry much
About anything... Anymoreback to top
In The Words Of The Profit
In The Words Of The Profit

Fly out of this world we're on, you'll get a global point of view
Altered consciousness gives a perspective that's untrue

Too late to stop it
It all went wrong
Could not prevent it
With just a song

No profit and no return from the abyss you fell into
This planet is fine for some but that was not the case for you

Too late to stop it
It all went wrong
Could not prevent it
With just a song

In The Words Of The Profitback to top
The Agnostic
(instrumental)back to top
Now is the time to choose
What have we got to lose except all we've worked for?
All of our lives we slave
Headfirst into the grave, without a second thought

Digital Disarray

Impending all time low
Solutions come much too slow in our high tech age
Stopped in our global tracks
By a stupid, shortsighted act
Time will be standing still

Digital Disarray
Two digits of dismay

Countdown to the year 2000
Seems like an insurmountable mountain

In time this may not be a big deal
But right now fear of the future's all I feelback to top
End Of The Bargain
So tell me what the hell sense does it make
To call yourself alive but to be fake?
Cause friendships full of bull cannot be saved
The true ones are the few, the proud, the brave

End of the Bargain

I thought we had a deal, a pact, a bond
To be there for each other and beyond

End of the Bargain

I learned about your talk behind my back
Your whole entire realistic act

End of the Bargain

You have to weigh the good with the bad
Some friendships end and all that's left's sad and I...
I really hope that you understand
That I don't have the time to waste with your weak plan

Guess I can't live up to my end of the bargain

I watch the world around me decay
No matter what I sing or I say or pray
We're lying to each other each day
And I'm out of this false facade with no delay

Cause I'm not gonna rot with your lot
I can't meet my end of the bargain

Time to end, not to bend
Goodbye friend who intends
To pretend truth can bend, in the end
I can't meet my end of the bargainback to top
Grab the good times while and when you can
They are few and far between
Simply glitches, lapses in the gloom
This I know, this I've seen

The Darkess Prevails
It wins without fail
Can't care anymore but when I am
With you it all seems fine

Grab the money, run off far away
Your problems; you'll escape
What does success mean to enslaved clones?
The world is all their's to rape
In darkness

Take these words I spill onto this page
All ideas are now on sale
You can't enjoy wealth
All alone in a cageback to top
The Atheist
(instrumental)back to top
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