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Hades Almighty lyrics

Album: Alone Walkyng [1996]

 01  Unholy Congregation
 02  Hecate (Queen Of Hades)
 03  Alone Walkyng
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Unholy Congregation
Into The Darkest Forrest They Go
Dressed In Black
Dressed In Coats
Women Of Evil Lust

Unholy Congregation

At The Darkest Hour
Their Torches They Light
Witches Hour
Infernal Silence
They Wait Before The Altar
Chanting Invocation

In A Blaze Of Fire He Stands
Some Horrid Shape Of A Goat
Each Of Them Pay His Hommage

Osculum Obscenum

White Skin Freezing In The Moonshine
Dance In A Circle
Wait For Turn
Wine Like Black Clotted Blood
Drink!!!!back to top
Hecate (Queen Of Hades)
Hellish, Earthly And Heavenly
Goddess Of The Crossroads; Guiding Light
Queen Of The Night, Enemy Of The Sun

Friend And Companion Of Darkness
You Who Rejoice To See
Blood Flow
Ou Who Wander Amidst In The Hour Of

Thirsty For Blood And Terror Of Mortals
Moon Of A Thousand Shifting Formsback to top
Alone Walkyng
Alone Walkyng, In Thought Planing,
And Sore Sighing, All Desolate.
Me Remembryng, Of My Livyng,
My Dethe Wishyng,
Bothe Erly And Late.

Infortunate, Is So My Fate,
That Vote Ye What? Out Of

My Life I Hate, Thus Desperate
In Soche Pore Eslate Doe I Endure.

Of Othir Cure Am I Not Sure
Thus To Endure Is Hard Certain.

Such Is My Ure I You Ensure:
What Creature
Maie Have More Pain?

My Truthe So Plain Is Take In Vain,
And Grete Disdain In Remembraunce;

Yet I Full Faine
Would Me Complaine
Meto Abstaine From This Penaunce:

But In Substaunce None
Of My Grevaunce Can I Not Finde:

Right So My Chaunce With
Doeth Me Avaunce
And Thus An Ende.

Written By Richard Chaucer Anno 1572.back to top
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