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Hammerfall lyrics

 1997 Glory To The Brave
 1998 Legacy Of Kings
 2000 Renegade
 2002 Crimson Thunder
 2004 One Crimson Night
 2005 Chapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken

· A Legend Reborn
· Always Will Be
· Angel of Mercy
· At the End of the Rainbow
· Back To Back
· Blood Bound
· Born to Rule
· Child Of The Damned
· Crimson Thunder
· Desinted For Glory
· Dreamland
· Dreams Come True
· Fury of the Wild
· Glory to the Brave
· Hammer of Justice
· Hammerfall
· Hearts on Fire
· Heeding the Call
· Hero's Return
· I Belive
· Keep The Flame Burning
· Knights of the 21st Century
· Legacy of Kings
· Let the Hammer Fall
· Living in Victory
· Never, Ever
· On the Edge of Honour
· Remember Yesterday
· Renegade
· Riders of the Storm
· Secrets
· Steel Meets Steel
· Stone Cold
· Stronger Than All
· Take the Black
· Templars of Steel
· The Champion
· The Dragon Lies Bleeding
· The Fallen One
· The Metal Age
· The Templar Flame
· The Unforgiving Blade
· The Way of the Warrior
· Trailblazers
· Unchained
· Warriors Of Faith

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