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Hatebreed lyrics

 1997 Satisfaction Is the Death of Desire
 2000 Under the Knife
 2002 Perseverance
 2003 Rise of Brutality

· A Call for Blood
· A Lesson Lived Is a Lesson Learned
· Afflicted Past
· Another Day, Another Vendetta
· Before Dishonor
· Beholder of Justice
· Below the Bottom
· Betrayed by Life
· Bloodsoaked Memories
· Burial for the Living
· Burn the Lies
· Choose or Be Chosen
· Conceived Through an Act of Violence
· Confide in No One
· Doomsayer
· Driven by Suffering
· Empty Promises
· Facing What Consumes You
· Filth
· Final Prayer
· Healing to Suffer Again
· Hollow Ground
· I Will Be Heard
· Judgement Strikes (Unbreakable)
· Kill An Addict
· Last Breath
· Live for This
· Mark My Words
· Not One Truth
· Perseverance
· Prepare for War
· Proven
· Puritan
· Remain Nameless
· Severed
· Smash Your Enemies
· Straight to Your Face
· Tear It Down
· This Is Now
· Under The Knife
· Unloved
· Voice of Contention
· We Still Fight
· Worlds Apart
· You're Never Alone

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