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Hecate Enthroned lyrics

Album: Upon Promeathean Shores [1996]

 01  Promeathea - Thy Darkest Mask Of Surreality (Intro)
 02  A Graven Winter
 03  Through Spellbinding Branches
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Promeathea - Thy Darkest Mask Of Surreality (Intro)
"The darkest clouds are forming,
Remove my mask of serenity from my tortured face,
We are as one desire,
Beneath the infinity of the majestic sky,
Arise my darkest entity,
From the domain which I dwell,
Our time has come,
This is our kingdom,
We are the essence of warm winters."back to top
A Graven Winter
Through the Darkening Tranquility,
the Entwining of Twin Passion in Deepest Love,
of one Vision of the Immortal Graveyard.
Centuries of Sleep on a Journey to my Rapture,
as I gaze up through Spellbinding Branches the Deepest Snow
falls thick Scorching into my Heart.
The most Supreme Vision of all, for the Sharpening of Deepest Midnight
in the Essence of Perpetual Winter... is my Journey complete?
The Breeding of Witchcraft shall Consume the Night, to Unite as One -

A Living Immortal Monument...back to top
Through Spellbinding Branches
(Instrumental)back to top
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