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Hellraiser lyrics

Album: We'll Bury You [1990]

 01  Rocket in the air
 02  I got a power
 03  Dark side of you
 04  I wanna be free
 05  Danger zone
 06  Win the battle
 07  Snakes in the kitchen
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Rocket in the air
Rockets in the air
No plase to turn
There is no shelter
Missiles in the air
Death's riding
Straight inside you
Shells are in the air
You are the target
Bombs will strike it
Do you really care
Surviving or dying

Where will you run to
What will you do boy
There ain't no one to save you guy
Close your eyes tight
And say your prayers
There's no escape

Just wait, Just wait, lust wait

You don't need to run
If s catching you
No need to hide
Bombs are falling down
Missiles fly to smash you
What you gonna do
You see them flying in the air
Nothing left to do
You are falling to despairback to top
I got a power
Looking for you
Waiting for you
I feel so bad without your love
I wanna touch you
I wanna neck you
I wanna lay with you in bed

What about you
What about me
What about making love
I'm looking at you
You're looking at me
In the shade of the setting sun

I got a power
I want your body
I want your soul
Get you Get you

You are driving me mad
You are makung me sad
I want your pinky flesh so bad
I'M ready and strong
Cos I'M a man
I'M firing like a machine gun
I really like you
I really need you
We should never waste our precious time
I'm running to you
You're running to me
We both gonna feel all right

Call on me tonight
I'm waiting for you baby
With the bottle of whiskey
Chilling in my frigback to top
Dark side of you
I'm a devil waking at dawn
I'm a vision drifting alone
I shall fly
I'm a shadow you'll never see
I'm a nightmare get away from me
i'm an evil living in you

I'm just here with you
I just know what to do
What you gonna say
Doesn't matter anyway
I'm a dirty force
I'm a coin you gonna toss
I'm your second side
Raging madly in the night

I'm just another you
Behind your ego I still hide
You will never know my name
I can get you anytime
All the vicesthat you have
I'll preserve in you till death
No ways to scatter me
I'm invincible in thee

You will never kill me
I'm your second side
If you ever kill me
It's a suicide

I will live in you inside
And I will die with you
Cos I'm just the dark side of youback to top
I wanna be free
Sitting in jail so many years
Chains on my hands don't let me moving
Sun can not get through the walls
Watchdog is here
Watchdog is there
Watching every step
You're making
X-raying your body and soul

I want to be free
And I want to break loose

How can I get out of here
Chances are lost
No rays of hope
There is no narrow escape
It makes me sweal
It makes me bleed
Makes me really feel so low
I gotta run run away

Who'll take me gway from here
Hey someone just save me pleaseback to top
Danger zone
Danger, danger u gotta draw aback
Danger zone is geting Wild
Look out you are victimized
Tenacious fingers hold me tight
Pain, Pain my blood is spilling down
Bastards gonna bring me down
Life is a monstrous thriller you know
I nearly die. It makes me die
Fire, Fire gotta burn them all
I watch the desert all around
If s dry no water t be found
Strangers walking 'n the night
Knives,Knives shine so bright
Dirtybitches reach out theirhands
Begging pleading for my wallet
It makes me die
11 makes me cry
Please set me free from this slavery
Gimme a good chance to see

And i'll see

I shall see!..back to top
Win the battle
I' m a fighter
I break through the jungles of love
I never lose always win
But I can't get enough

My life is a battle
I'm a soldier
My life is a struggle with the death
Win the battle /3/

Nothing comes easy to me
That is why I resist
Never say die no surrender
Just fight like a beast

My life is a battle
I'm a soldier
My life is a struggle with the death
Win the battle /3/

Get out of my way
I'm a dangerous guy
I raise up my sword
I'm ready to fight

I gonna conquer the world
Cos I fight till the end
I gonna break all the walls
I got a hammer at hand

My life is a battle
My life is a blood
My life is a battle
I'm a winner
My life is a struggle
With the deathback to top
Snakes in the kitchen
Rats in my bedroom
They're bouncing up high
Shaking their long bare tails
Snakes in my kitchen
They crawl on my floor
I'm scared to death
I'm going pale

Alligators in my bath
Swimming in and splashing blood
Opening their nasty jaws
I'm sitting on the wardrobe
Looking down and watch them go
And hear them roar

There goes a wild and scary tiger
He wants to cut my throat
There goes a huge and hungry lion
He wants to rip my heart

Wild life is flourishing
Right in my flat
Right in the middle of the town
All kind of animals live in my flat
I just can see them around

Rats in my bedroom
They're bouncing up high
Shaking their long bare tails
Snakes in my kitchen
They crawl on my floor
I'm scared to death
I'm going paleback to top
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