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Hellwitch lyrics

Album: Syzygial Miscreancy [1990]

 01  Nosferatu
 02  Viral Exogence
 03  Sentient Transmography
 04  Mordirivial Dissemination
 05  Purveyor Of Fear
 06  Pyrophoric Seizure
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as I lay in my darkened cold grave
I envision death, hot blood that I crave
awaiting darkness, your god cannot free you
my bloodlust relentless for I'm nosferatu

condolent seduction of your mind
psychotic stare leaves you blind
immortal life within his blood
voracious craving unwithstood

nosferatu nosferatu nosferatu
he will possess you

nosferatu nosferatu nosferatu
he will possess you

nocturnal evil shifts through space
accretiv bloodlust sets his pace
instinctive spiral, helpless prey
transcended legacy, soulless sectary

nosferatu nosferatu nosferatu
he will possess youback to top
Viral Exogence
laying within a body without
a mind, a soul, a will, a doubt
no searching, no seeing, no finding, no being
feelings once felt, a distant dream

kept within a place unknown
bred for blood, you're not your own
injected pain your only sense
physical reactions, their science

sadistic knowlede, now furthered for
the good of man, god must deplore

listless life, unknown self
experimental malediction
desired truth they now find
authorized atrocity of mankind
viral, exogence, neomortality, the cardinal sin

diseased, inflamed, carcinogenated
bloated, burning, inundated
decrepit, rotting, degenerated
of living death you've created

syringe prepared to carry forth
the heinous cravings of the cause
trained in medicine to aid the weak
instead their minds diabolically reap

sadistic knowledge, now furthered for
the good of man, god mjust deplore

signed away, your soul remains
transcending venture, incarcerate
embodied spirit purgatorized
confined in you, anatomical cage

molecules so arranged
pristine structure grossly changed
life support, maintained
to feed the seething, breeding hate

laying within a body without
a mind, a soul, a will, a doubt
no searching, no seeing, no finding, no being
feelings once felt, a distant dreamback to top
Sentient Transmography
led astray from sovereign tranquil ways
sinful usurper emotionally manipulates
all is seazed by the gleam in her eye
misguided pawn silently cries
prevalent untruth indignifies
lying, cheating, unrevealing
sets her sights on malicious misleading
pushed to insanity through he evil

acceptant servant must not question what
the treacherous plotting holds for him
for in her mind deceit is the only way
brainwashed, will lost, emotional holocaust
torrential anguish fills your soul
many more days of one more death
one more level of torment you'll know

praying for your past
before the dark times
visions of the last
mementos divine
treading in a sea
consumed by the wake
a current of sorrow
drowned in your mistakeback to top
Mordirivial Dissemination
crionic sleep
endless fathoms hold the past
soon unleashed
now our time to be his last
structured futility
man adheres to make a stand
reaching forth
bleeding hands of the damned

seismic slaughter
obliteration just a step
exhaling will
radioactive death
unafflicted unsurpassed
quantum voltage
feel it's strength amass

worldly time
hour zero marks the end
archaic evil now ascends
summoned savior
shrieking cries unto the lord
bruned alive

the prince's planet now restored

irradiated conjuration
upper cretacious abomination

neutronuclear world cremation
is it's mordirivial dissemination

stone and steel become ash
global furnace
all is now the pastback to top
Purveyor Of Fear
the creations of his mind
persistent in his quest
admonishment of life
obsessive viscious death
monuments of fortune
remnants in the past
destruction comes unto thee
ino fire all are cast

existing in torment and knowing the fate
a now lost world stricken with hate
al is forgotten, powers felt near
reigning almighty, purveyor of fear

pervasiveness of fear
necrolatry now law
instillment of the end
ubjugation unto all
strength among the masses
now within his grasp
destruction comes unto thee
into fire at all are cast

the planes of neutrality
in mind, on earth, condemned
clutching for reality
no life, no time, no end
malevolent starvation
deciduous decimation
populous extinction
for he, forsaken man

fear!back to top
Pyrophoric Seizure
of elements unknown to thee
consumation, initial plea
burning within, burning out with
highest degree, death your gift

strainging heat, critical mass
painless life now is your past
internal cremation, organic ignition
disintegration, chronic submission

pyrophoric seizure
existence burning within
pyrophoric lesions
to ashes your soul commits

befalling fusion, begetting fission
molecular mines, cellular revision
organic host, harnessed prey
fleeting consciousness, soul betrayed

what shall circumvent spirit's plea
a final cry, the way is set
all have gone, arisen to the past
transgressive sentience, steps of death

of elements unknown to thee
consumation, initial plea
burning within, burning out with
highest degree, death your gift

pyrophoric seizure
existence burning within
to ashes your soul commitsback to top
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