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Hellwitch lyrics

Album: Terraasymmetry [1992]

 01  Terraasymmetry
 02  Satan's Wrath
 03  Dawn Of Apostasy
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when with which man consumes all
zymoticize, vile purge
disgorgency, streaming death before us
maculate, suffering

while we wait watching the river of life,
depleted through greeds mind
the one cause seen as the means of the fear
from which misbreeding lies mother's dead
won't hear

mephiticize, man too late fights the lost war
trepidate, nihility
sterilized, by the seas which bred us
exanimate, spiritless, endedback to top
Satan's Wrath
from blackened earth to poisonous skies
the pains and fears are here
once we thought, now we know
now we disappear
searching for the reasons why
what has caused this pain
answers as elusive as his beings never been

satan's wrath satan's wrath satan's wrath

darkening visions fill the minds
of who seek the truth
lasting forgiveness, now just a whisper
in an emminent cloud of doom
atrocious man of evil mind we now know your plan
could it be the work of he
or the one that's never beenback to top
Dawn Of Apostasy
writhing through pain, laying battered insane
reaching forth
souls that surround, a conscious evil compound
consuming me
cost to commit to despairity's sin
measured only by time
as lost as the last in this network of vice
see them deem justice while stealing a life

when the faults of those begin to commandeer
the cause of man

patrol with ways of instigation
selecting ones, discriminate

anxious for the chance to rise, davour dignity,
fustigation insolent demeaning grandeur
dissolved powder, consumed pride

reaching forth, beyond elements of mind
feel past the pain, divine
cast below, the vastly dismal kind
none more forsaken, mankind dies

once forwarned thus stigmatized, social
strangle solidified
now the realm tempestuous beseeching fleeing,
regressive healing
apostasyback to top
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