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Helmet lyrics

Album: Betty [1994]

 01  Wilma's Rainbow
 02  I know
 03  Biscuits for Smut
 04  Milque(k)toast
 05  Tic
 06  Rollo
 07  Street Crab
 08  Clean
 09  Vaccination
 10  Speechless
 11  The Silver Hawaiian
 12  Overrated
 13  Sam Hell
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Wilma's Rainbow
You heard about, "be your own man"
You talk a lot and loud
Illustrate the obvious boy
You're mentally endowed

Watershed year comes
You're flush with fever
The richest junk dealer

Honestly, a book you read once let you
Think in rhyme. The old extreme sits
Pale and molds now for the
Millionth time

Wilma's rainbow of peaceful colors
The richest junk dealerback to top
I know
Water thin
The wall is in
She's chlorine clean and portion fed
Feed the dog
Slop the hog
Shine the Baptist and debark the log

It's all right, I know
You're the only one who can
Show us at all

Get it done
What I hear, fear motivates
So intense
So sensitive
In your head where fashion lives

It's all right, I know
You're the only one who can
Show us at all

It's ok, I know
You're mean and hard and bored
It's always somethingback to top
Biscuits for Smut
Served up in the backyard
Cooked too long on high
Flying out the window
Even dogs have passed them by
Didn't know she was tied up
Better fed than forced
Time to meet the protagonist, boy
He never showed remorse

Choking on the one thing
His tongue had gotten too fat
A barely walking dead man
Seemed to know where he was at
Drive himself to the airport
Getting out of here
Overworking the small town
The law couldn't get too near

Come on smut
You might've stayedback to top
Tell me if you think it's all right
I'll give in to what you know
I don't see the habits that
Become me
I've saved up my useless thoughts

Well means, it works i'm on your side
I said that? Well so I lied
Remember I tried not to be wary
This failed me, once too much

Well preserved
Don't forget, what you heardback to top
The tic begins where's the manned end?
The climate change will never get in
Silent and strong and prepossessed
You never need to make your own mess

Weasel to me in charming to some
Loathsome and glib
Habits like self-love
Wearing slim fast you carve your niche
Lean smug back and work your pitch

And all the way i'm gone, no
Demon race to find
You paint it up and know that
Any face can lie
Affect my greatest style, what
Suits me best of all
Keep my pocket filled, lean right and
Fallback to top
Sorry for myself, I've lost my
Kharmic wealth but
I can take from you with antiseptic stealth
I'll dig my own grave, get my
Front yard paved
There's always a penny earned
Another dollar saved

What lies ahead

I always my point, soak
Bread in dirty oil
"Right's" too strong a word
The neighborhood's been spoiled but
I know what I know, stuck that
Inner glow
I don't have time to learn
I said I know what I know

I'm wrong, I won't admit it
I won't get itback to top
Street Crab
First I'll panic quick and listen
To advice
Agree to anything and try to be
Too nice
Then my skin flakes, another allergy
I'm not making sense, just
Ignore me

Thirst I had at last
Run the water
Shut my mouth and run past
What's the matter?
Street crabs buy it fast
Infect the water

Safe and sound like the perfect food
Ice the beer, it's east to feel good
What was that you said? I thought
I heard my name but
Every street crab will push the
Vowels the same

Thist I had at last
Run the water
Shut my mouth and run past
What's the matter?
Street crabs buy in fast
Infect the waterback to top
Spread you mind the fish feed
Don't ignore my speech my
Heart blees
Make yourself the perfect butt
Some passing thought, I don't know what

Don't remind me, I'll fake
What I need to

Get back in case the door swings and
Don't forget to hide
Your mood rings
Fit to tie
I thought I knew good company
I'd like to be you

You're right behind me and
Mouth all I read

Don't remind me, I'll fake
What I need
You're right behind me and
Mouth all I readback to top
etty news, it's only your bad ear
It might be worth it
To watch what you hear
Feeling great now you expand your view
You can't forget, somebody hates you

Justify my worst behaviour
Search in blood-lines
Exchange a favor

Humble goals
Bad nutrition
Rely on me
There's one condition

Humble goals
Bad nutrition
Rely on me
There's one condition
So adored
The wind picks up
My suit gets tornback to top
Indecisive and deaf or dumb
Tongue-dried in the sun
Nervous speech and your mental health
Drunk on every detail
Loosened up from the moral slide as though
There's nothing to hide
It corresponds with your sevret view and
Never weighs upon you

I'd blame someone but I've got you
Live everyday that bores me
Sleep fine at night and
Wake up to my early speechless morning

It works like crime, asjust your view
Waste your time improving
She's cut so well and lifelike too
You'll bleed to death before meback to top
The Silver Hawaiian
Land sakes alive, the steak's alive
Give him a hug and he drinks and
He drives
Why the long fave Mr. Ed? It's
The hour of darkness and
The hour of dread

Hey Betty

Find 'em and grim 'em and
Never remind 'em
Biscuits and jam and you're
Eating your pie too. Minor legends.

And you're right too
Give 'em a hugback to top
Today's another day you won't deny that
It came so slow you don't remember
When you got so fat
Up above the bathroom mirror the light'll
Make you weak but
It's that pacifying lie that grows now
Every week

And still you hate it, it's overrated

I'll never forget things like, "Who did what?"
Cover old ground and drag
What's useless up
I won't feel guilty about being late again
There's no one to answer to and
No one to hateback to top
Sam Hell
Sam invents the you you want to see
Don't believe in predestiny
Bacon you never need to bring home
Sam Hell gets you redeemed
By grace alone

Sam's the mayor of First Avenue
Nothing goes on the he doesn't want to
A wife that wears his 'in' stocking hat
She's known for making good
Gravy and cat

Heart attack
Time to eat and pay
Cellulite won't wash away
You never knew if you'd been dead or
Just old
Sam Hell never gets that cold.back to top
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