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Jimi Hendrix lyrics

Album: Cry of Love [1970]

 01  Freedom.
 02  Right On Straight Ahead
 03  Astro Man
 04  Angel
 05  In From The Storm
 06  Belly Button Window
 07  Hey Joe.
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You got my pride hanging out of my bed
You're messing with my life, so I brought my lead
Even messing with my children and you scream at my wife
Get off of my back if you wanna get out of here alive

Freedom, that's what I want now
Freedom, that's what I need now
Freedom to live
Freedom, so I can give

You got my heart, speak electric warrior
You got my soul screaming and hollering
You know you hooked my girlfriend
You know the drugstore man
Well I don't need it now
Just trying to slap it out of her hand

Freedom, Freedom, so I can give
Freedom, so I can live
Freedom, that's what I need

You don't have to say that you love me
If you don't mean it you better believe it
If you need me or just want to bleed me
Better stick your daggers in someone else,
So I can leave
Set me freeback to top
Right On Straight Ahead
Keep on pushing straight ahead


Ezy Ryder

Here comes Ezy, Ezy Ryder,
Riding down the highway of desire
The free wind takes him higher
Trying to search for his heaven above
But he's dying to be loved

He's gonna be living so madly
Today is forever, so he claims
He's talking about dying, it's almost tragic, baby
But don't you worry about today
We got freedom coming our way

How long do you think he's gonna last -
Can I forecast?
See all the lovers say "Do what you please!"
Gotta get the brothers together and the right to be free
In a cloud of angel dust I think I see a freak
Hey, look, motorcycle mama, you gonna marry me

(Gonna be stoned crazy...
Love come in kinda easy... stoned crazy, baby)

There goes Ezy, Ezy Ryder
Riding down the highway of desire
He says the free wind takes him higher
Searching for his heaven above
He's dying to be loved

Night Bird Flying

My Friend

Straight Ahead

Hello, my friend
so happy to see you again
I'm so alone
All by myself
Just couldn't make it.
Have you heard Baby
What the winds blowing down
Have you heard Baby
A lot of peoples coming right on down.
Communication coming on strong
it don't give a damn Baby
if your hair is short or long
I said get out of your grave
Everybody is dancing in the street
Do what you know don't be slow
You gotta practice what you preach
Cause it's time for you and me.
Forget about the past Baby
Things ain't what they use to be
Keep on Straight Ahead
We got to stand side by side
We got to stand together and organize
They say power to the people
Thats what they're screamin'
Freedom of the soul
Pass it on, pass it on to the young and old.
You got to tell me the children the truth
they don't need a whole lot of lies
Cause one of these days Baby
They'll be running things.
So when you give them love
You better give it right
Woman - Child - Man and Wife
the best love to have is the Love of Life.
Hello my friend
So good to see you again
Been all by myself
I don't think I can make it alone
Keep Pushing Ahead.back to top
Astro Man
A little boy inside a dream just the other day
His mind fell out of his face and the wind blew it away
A hand came out from heaven and pinned a badge on his chest
And said get out there, man, and do your best

They called him Astro Man and he's flying higher than
That old faggot Superman ever could
And they call his cosmic Nut
And he's twice as fast as Donald Duck
And he'll try his best to screw you up and mess your mind

He's gonna blow out the rest of your mind
If you're looking for a piece of mind
Astro Man, give me a piece of it...back to top
Angel came down from heaven yesterday
She stayed with me just long enough to rescue me
And she told me a story yesterday
About the sweet love between the moon and the deep blue sea
Then she spread her wings over me
She said she's gonna come back tomorrow
And I said "Fly on, my sweet Angel
Fly on to the sky
Fly on, my sweet Angel
Tomorrow I'm gonna be by your side

Sure enough, this woman came home to me
Silver wings silhouetted against a child's sunrise
And my Angel, she said into me
"Today is the day for you to rise
Take my hand, you're gonna be my man
You're gonna rise"
Then she took me high over younder
And I said "Fly on, my sweet Angel
Fly on to the sky
Fly on, my sweet Angel
Tomorrow I'm gonna be by your sideback to top
In From The Storm
Well I, I just came back today, I just came back from the storm
Said, I just came back, baby, I just came back from the storm
Well I did not know it then, but I was suffering, suffering
For my love to keep me warm
It was so cold and lonely, the wind was crying
And the rain was tearing me up
I was so cold and lonely
The crying blue rain was tearing me up
I want to thank you, my sweet darling...
For digging in the mud and picking me upback to top
Belly Button Window
back to top
Hey Joe.
(Traditional, arr. by Hendrix)

Hey Joe, where ya going with that gun in your hand
I'm going out and find my woman now
She's been running 'round with some other man

Hey Joe, tell me what are ya gonna do
Well I guess I'll shoot my woman, that's what I'll do
Well I guess I'll shoot 'em both before I'm through

And there ain't gonna be no hangman's ropes
Gonna be put around me

Hey Joe, tell me what are ya gonna do
Well I think I'll go down to my favourite place - Mexico
Well I think I'll go down to where a man can be free

And there ain't gonna be no hangman's ropes
Gonna be put around meback to top
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