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Jimi Hendrix lyrics

Album: Rainbow Bridge [1971]

 01  Dolly Dagger
 02  Earth Blues
 03  Hear My Train A-Coming
 04  Hey BabyŃ. (Hendrix)
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Dolly Dagger
Here comes Dolly Dagger (strong) (it's)
Her love's so heavy, she's gonna make you stagger
Dolly Dagger, she drinks her blood from a jagged edge
Been riding broom stricks since she was 15
Blowing out all the other witches on the scene

She got a bull whip just as long as your life
Her tongue can ever scratch the soul of the devil's wife
Well I see her in action at the players choise
Turning all the love men into doughnut boys

Hey, red hot Momma step aside
This chik's gonna turn you to a block of ice - look out!
Look at burned out superman
Trying to shoot his dust on the sun
Captain Coconut is dead on the run
The words of love, do they ever touch Dolly Brown
Better get some highway and clear out of town

(She ain't satisfied 'til she gets what she's after
She drinks her blood from a jagged edge
You better watch out, baby, here comes your master)back to top
Earth Blues
I see hands and distant faces
Reaching upward, not quite touching the promised land
Well I tasted a whole lot of precious years wasted
Saying please Lord, give us a helping hand
There's got to be some changes, a whole lotta real changes
You better hope love is the answer
You better hope it comes before the summer
Well everybody can hear the sound of Freedom speeding high
Sirens flashing with earth and rockets stoning
You better love me like this gonna be the last time
And tell the child to bury daddy's old clothes
Yeah, they're talking about getting together
Together for love or blood
You better hope love is the answer
You better hope it comes before the summer

Everybody, every sister, every mother
To feel the light, it's shining bright
Everybody's gotta live together
Right on, baby, feel those surf blues coming at you

Don't let your imagination take you by surprise
A queen I'll be one day, visualize
My head in the cloud, my feet on the pavement
Don't get too stoned, please remember you're a man
There's got to be some changes
Get it together, gonna be a lot of re-arranges
You better be ready, Lord Lord Lord
Let's hope love comes before the summer
Together feel the light
You gotta feel the light, baby
You gotta live together
Right on together
Everybody got to feel that surf blues coming at youback to top
Hear My Train A-Coming
I wait around the station, wait for the train to take me away
Lord, take me the hell out away from here
Take me from this lonesome town
Too bad you don't love me no more, babe
Too bad your people cool me down, oh down

Hear my train a-coming
I hear my train a-coming

Get rid of me, get rid of me and my soul
Oh lots of brothers get in there
Get rid of me and my heart
Tears burning me down in my soul
Too bad you don't love me no more, babe
Too bad your people ... Lord, can they be cruel

Hear my train a-coming
I hear my train a-coming

I gotta leave this town, Lord, I gotta leave this town
Gotta go on the road right now, baby
Lord I gotta be a fool to try, baby
Go on your world to become a magic voyage
Come back and buy this town
And give it all to you

Yeh baby, you make love to me one more time
And Lord, I gotta give it - give it all to you
All my love is for you, baby

Hear my train a-coming
I hear my train a-comingback to top
Hey BabyŃ. (Hendrix)
Hey baby, where are you
coming from
Well she looked at me and smiled
I looked into space and
Said I'm coming from the
land of the new rising sun
Then I said hey baby where are
you trying to go to
spin and spread around peace
of mind and whole lotta
love to you and you
Hey girl I'd like to come along
Yes, I'd love to come along
Would you like to come along
she asked me
Yes take me along right now
Hey baby can I step into
your world for a while
yes you can - she said
Come on back with me for
We're gonna go across the
Jupiter song and see all you
people one by one
We gotta help you people
out right now
That's why I'm doing it all about
Hey yeah may I come along
May I come along
Please take me.

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