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Hipnotic Face lyrics

Album: Written By Life [199]

 01  Train
 02  Destiny Song
 03  E-Power
 04  Written By The Life
 05  Hangover
 06  0603/478077
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Memories wake you up
you don't know how to escape from them
You're turning your brain round
you cry, cry from a dream

Sadness and hate
you commemorate where runs the...
train, train, train

Her letter on the table
you know her dismals
you don't understand the contiguities
only and only one word

Sadness...back to top
Destiny Song
Once upon a time another fucking day
we live at a dragon's mouth gone of our earth
this is not a fairy tale living like a slave
so tell me something tell me the truth tell me why I am

O.K. O.K. destiny is the only way
So O.K. O.K. we can't go away

Passion and love leaving us destiny is cruel
hatered greed and violence all that bad things rule
sorrow rules on this place forever dark and cold
why do we live in this world which is already sold

O.K. O.K. destiny is the only way
So O.K. O.K. we can't go awayback to top
This is my way of self-realization,
you must feel that inner strenght from me
I have one guitar and only six strings,
one of them is fucking called "E"

That is me and that is you
this is E...power

Listen to E-power, don't you like it?
so fuck you, you can't be with me
So watch our show and you will see,
everything is written in our faces

That is me and that is you
between us is E...power

Insanity, energy, iridescent lights
screams and motion, it's our E-power

This is my way...back to top
Written By The Life
This song I sing is written by life
it's about disappointment and other stuff
I am fed up with this way of life
nobody understands what you like

The question is
what's wrong and right
I heard "with us you stay"
I said "no fucking way"

I can't beat the feeling that I'm too weak
to live my goddamned life and to be in
I feel fucking jealousy and greed
hungry for something what you don't need

The question is...back to top
I know something wanna kill me, but too slowly
headaches are my only true friends almost daily

Oh my god look at my fight
with a bottle with a passion
what's the pain so close to my heart
it signs my own destruction

Confused senses aren't working as they should be
maybe I'm waiting for you so please free me

My feelings my pride everything's destroyed
just the pain, just the pain
living in the circle I can't get out
just the pain, just the pain
nothing left to say

Life On The Wheels
Wheels of mine are my legs
how people look at me it's a strange way
I don't want to remember that day
when I lost everything, oh bad day

Civilization makes me so sick
I am bleeding, crying
I wanna see another sunrise

What do you think? I'm not an animal
give me little time I'll show you my show
forget my motion, hear my speech
once I am stronger maybe I'll say fuck you all

Civilization...back to top
This song is dedicated to the biggest asshole
we've ever seen!!!
Everyone can dial this number.back to top
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