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Hittman lyrics

Album: Hittman [1988]

 01  Metal Sport
 02  Dead On Arrival
 03  Will You Be There
 04  Breakout
 05  Backstreet Rebels
 06  Secret Agent Man
 07  Caught In The Crossfire
 08  Behind The Lines
 09  The Test Of Time
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Metal Sport
High speed rolling, playing to win
A ball made of hard shining steel
Free for all who enter the field
Human extinction on wheels


Violence and bloodshed rage on the court
The crowd in the arena scream
The metal sport, metal sport

Fight! for the ball, a victim is slain
Warning appears on the board
Race! for the wall, go for the goal
Craving to even the score


Cycles raging, eliminating
The loser dies, the winner remains
Chanting crowd are screaming his name
Lone survivor wins the game


The winner, the loser, the game?back to top
Dead On Arrival
The thrill of risk is all I need
The rush of danger pulls me through
In the passing lane I'll ride
Into the deadly game I can't survive

Dead on arrival, another broken dream
Dead on arrival

Fall into the brink, I'll climb back out
The victims clawing from below
The fire of our hope is growing dim
Is our strength and courage wearing thin?

Dead on arrival, another broken dream
Dead on arrival

The fatal fire, crash and burn
You're bound for glory and you'll learn
In the astral plane you'll fly
Into the deadly game you can't survive

Dead on arrival, another broken dream
Dead on arrival, not what it seems
Dead on arrival, not what it seems
It's just a dream
Dead on arrivalback to top
Will You Be There
I call your name but you're not quite there
You feel the same, who said life was fair
Turn the words around, shattered heart burns inside you

Locked in my dreams it's all I've learned
And from what I've seen it's got to be real
That's when my feelings start to spill

I gave my love, I tried before
To fight those tears, I can't wait anymore

Will you be there, will you be there

It started again, all the love and the time I've spent
It's over and then, you come on strong
Until I give in

It hurts sometimes, I cried before
To fight those tears, I won't wait anymore

Will you be there, oh, to share, my love...

It hurts sometimes, I cried before
To fight those tears, I can't wait anymore

Will you be there, will you be there, will you be there
To share my loveback to top
Locked up inside behind iron doors
Solitary in stone
Taken by force, a prisoner of war
Time lets us know we're alone

Time, wearing my life downm
Inside the walls surrounded
Destined to be damned, by the iron hand


Breakout, breakout
Breakout, breakout

Held in a state of motionless time
Determined to find my way out
Fighting to live I'm fearing to die
The choices are clear but I can't decide

These chains holding my life down
No longer keep me bound
Destined to be damned by the iron hand


Gone is the pain
But still in my mind are the memories
And scars that remain
For once I had lived as a slave, a prisoner enchained
But at last I have found my way out, it's so good to be free!

CHORUSback to top
Backstreet Rebels
Riding against the wind, you're sailing against the tide
Fighting for the cause, do or die
Yearning to shake it off when it gets too heavy
You have the power in your mind

You still believe it and I bet you always will
No time to conceal it move in for the kill


Backstreet rebels, backstreet rebels
Backstreet rebels, backstreet kid

Loner all alone, no heart in the empty city
There's still a place where you belong
Calling from far away hear your anthem playing
The sound will lead you to your home

You're one in a million but you're crucial to your cause
You'll always deliver, you lay down the law

CHORUSback to top
Secret Agent Man
There's a man who leads a life of danger
To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
With every move he makes, another chance he takes
Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow


Secret agent man, secret agent man
They're giving you a number and taking away your name

Beware of pretty faces that you find
A pretty face can hide an evil mind
Be careful what you say, you'll give yourself away
Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow

CHORUSback to top
Caught In The Crossfire
Struck by the feeling that trouble is your destination
Feeling the tension that builds all around the frustration
The warning of danger is calling, the fire of friction is burning
The walls are closing in, you're trapped on the inside


Caught in the crossfire, you're trapped on the inside
Caught in the crossfire

The battle begins when you realize
There's no neutral corners in the arena
The war rages you feel the thunder, you're lost amidst all the confusion
Yopu search for a place of seclusion
The anger will find you once again, you're trapped on the inside

CHORUSback to top
Behind The Lines
Once long ago, I held onto a pride
Something inside me died, cast my memories aside, long ago
Far beyond the dome, where time's wind always blows
Your people chose to run, to breed beneath the sun
They're home

Deep inside the glass I peer out through your eyes
For you I'd compromise, live my life in disguise


We live behind the lines where no one knows
We live behind the lines

Far out from this place, my father he awaits
Not for my life he prays but yet my bravery he raves

CHORUSback to top
The Test Of Time
Don't burn your bridges down again
You'll have no way to get back home
The long and endless road is far behind you
And hearts of ice they melt alone

The hidden message heard between the lines
Is only there to waste your time
The questions' answers are right inside you
Just be prepared to lead the way


The lights are guiding you and the illusions' fading
And with time running out, will you last the test of time?

Too many dreamers write an empty page
When they make the history of the world
But then our leaders try tp steal the rough drafts
So they know what's next to do

The empty threats we hear may never come
It seems just like they're said in fun
The questions' answer is right inside me
Just look around, I'm on my way

CHORUSback to top
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