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Holy Moses lyrics

Album: Finished With The Dogs [1987]

 01  Finished With The Dogs
 02  Current Of Death
 03  In The Slaughterhouse
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Finished With The Dogs
Ignorant I took my key - open that green iron doooooaaarr
Look around where is that dog - close the door nothing than sorrow

What kind of royal court - I want to safe my holy princeeeeessssss
Here I have to change my life - didn`t think he took his kniiiieeefeeee

Dogs - everywhere
Fear - in my brain
Pain - In my head
High - voltage in my heaaaaaadddddd

In the land of one black rasquill
Something wrath into my eyes

Andy Part Gesang

Finished With The Dogs

Dogs Andy


Now I`ve got to fight alone - only here to safe my bones

Dogs - everywhere
Fear - in my brain
Pain - In my head
High - voltage in my head

Andy Gesang abwechselnd mit
Dogs - everywhere
Fear - in my brain
Pain - In my head
High - voltage in my head

Finished with the dooooogggssssback to top
Current Of Death
Waahhhhhaaaa sofort

About a world so brave and wise - The rising sun sublime
After years back from the war - a new age of time
But they haven`t learned a thing - the cold war`s going on
It`s an old nightmare of mine - the fight it can`t be won

Current of death (3x)
Solopart sofort dann rein
In their minds there is no right - they say my brain ain`t right
Leaders, madness in their eyes - give orders to the blind
The fishes in a waves their swimming with the stream
I`m creeping in the desert, drowned in the sea

Break mit Solo und Ubergangsbreak zum chorus

Current of death (3x)
Peace and freedom everyday - humanity decays
Is god dead or has he gone - the devil is amazed
Sadness fear in any thoughts, you will die, no way out
They survived the hellish breath, to live on in the....

Current of death........gezogen direkt rein

Current of death (3x)back to top
In The Slaughterhouse
Break 2x
Waiting for the bestial death - in that bloody slaughterhouse
Bull`s approaching feel his breath - blood`s streaming out his mouth

Break 4x ran
Rough he takes me to the rack - his battle cry sounds in my ears
The axe is falling down my neck - nobody knows the feaaaaaaar hoch
I will be reborn - to be free again.....

Break the----auftakt
The shamble becomes red in blood - raw meat was eaten up
Blood shreds this sacrifice - it was not a sign of gooooood
I`m waking up in horror fright - I know I`ll never win this fight
There`s something hanging over me - the butcher`s axe - no time to flee
I will be reborn - to be free again.......
You are the next victim - the blood I bleed was not in vain
The butchercompany will come - to lead you to the slaughter
I will be reborn - to terminate my exercise
Minds are rolling down the streets - blood is dripping from the trees

Endeback to top
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